Saturday, December 19, 2009


Baby Audrey has been FOUND!!
Read the full story here

Thank God for this!!

This is the sweet little face of an innocent 18 month old Ghanian baby who was taken away from a police station in the Southwark area on Thursday by a woman claiming to be the baby's mother's friend.

The woman who took the baby is also claimed to be of Ghanian descent, medium build, with short black hair and was last seen wearing a bright red coat and dark knee length boots.

Audrey, the missing baby was last seen wearing pink trousers, a pink coat and a pink and white hat.

Does this ring any bells?
Do you have any information?
Has your neighbour or friend turned up with a new child?
If someone has told you anything or if you have any doubts about anything, please please please contact the police and let us give Audrey's parents a great Christmas to remember.

For more on the news, please go here and to see the face of the baby snatcher go here

Do something this Christmas, help solve a case.
Stay sweet

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Anonymous said...

well done DC! ur human touch is amazing. for all you know, you helped solve this mystery.