Sunday, December 13, 2009


On the thirteenth day to Christmas, DC brings to you...

Name: Ngu Mbandi aka Mbandi

Age: 30

Location: Washington DC, USA

Label: Graffi records


DC: Hey Mbandi, thanks for talking to DC. Describe to us your sound.
Mbandi: The best way to describe my sound is "relaxing yet uplifting instrumental music" My music embraces gently flowing melodies on a bed of exotic gentle rhythms. The string orchestra is very prominently featured in my compositions and of course piano which the only instrument I play.

DC: In your opinion, why do you think music can be so uplifting at times?
Mbandi: I think humans are biologically wired to have an emotional response to music. Sad songs make us sad and happy songs lift our spirits. In addition to the genetic aspect to our response to music, there is also the nurture aspect of it. Throughout our lives, we associate certain sounds or rhythms with a certain emotions. So whenever were hear these sounds, the associated emotions are evoked.

DC: Who or what encouraged you towards music?
Mbandi: Well not many people encouraged me to do music as a career, as a matter of fact I was discouraged. The only thing that kept me going is my passion for music.

DC: What inspires you to write or compose?
Mbandi: Different emotions as well as everything that the senses can capture. There isn't one thing that inspires me. every song is inspired by something different. It could be a person, place or just an emotion.

DC: How would you describe yourself (as a person)?
Mbandi: I am silly after spending time with me you will be shocked to find out that such music comes out of a clown like me...(he laughs)

DC: Are there any artists you would love to collaborate with? If so, which ones?
Mbandi: Dave Koz

DC: What is your opinion on music reality shows like American Idol?
Mbandi: I think they help introduce great talent to the world; however, I don't think they are true music competitions. The producers have to create an entertaining TV show so they cast accordingly. They look for entertaining characters so I don't think the winner is necessarily the best singer, just the lucky one who happens to be able to sing.

DC: Who in your opinion gains from these shows, the talent looking to be spotted or the people behind the shows?
Mbandi: both

DC: What do you hope for in 2010?
Mbandi: I want to build a new recording studio, embark on national concert tour and record 2 new albums. I know, that's a lot!

DC: How do you hope to spend Christmas?
Mbandi: This year it will be with my family in Pittsburgh, PA
Check out a little something from Mbandi below...kick back and relax!

Stay tuned for more talents here on DC...
Stay sweet

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