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The Cameroonian music scene has very much evolved from the days of Makossa.
Nowadays, due to the rapid growth in modern technology it has become possible for the younger generations to be able to witness the going ons in European music and these happenings are now playing a major role in shaping their creativity and giving them a platform to experiment.

We continue with the Christmas campaign and today, the seventh day to Christmas DC brings to you...

Name: Nabil Fongod aka Nabil4real

Age: 26

Location: Europe (Belgium, France, Germany)

Label: Signed to 3rd World Survivor label


DC: Hello Nabil, thanks for talking to DC, first of all, what made you go into music?
Nabil: I found myself in music, it was a passion. I didn’t choose music, it chose me!

DC: Describe to us your sound.
Nabil: My music is real African inspired, it is Afro Hip Hop and it is all about surviving. The music depicts a true story of survival. Since as music and entertainment has always been what I wanted to do and I didn't get pushed towards it because it is not seen as real career by our parents but I believe that I will make it and so my music encourages people to do what they are passionate about and to believe in themselves even if no one does. It is also about partying and having fun too, that is what entertainment is about at the end of the day.

DC: Which artists would you say influence your music?
Nabil: A lot of artists influence my music. Hip hop artists like Mase, Fabolous, Wyclif Jean. On the African side, Prince Nico Mbarga because he was the first artist I ever saw live. He was my motivation. Artists like Tom Yom as well as other Makossa artists from the 80’s like San Fan Thomas, Guy Lobe, Petit Pays.

DC: Who is Nabil, the person?
Nabil: I am a father, a hustler who tries to work hard and a simple individual. I am also a radio presenter, TV host and DJ. Whilst in Cameroon I worked with STV, Canal2 and CRTV as well as RTM 106 FM owned by the late Tom Yom’s and wife. This is where I launched my Hip Hop show called Lay Low Show which included me doing some freestyling as well talking to guests.

DC: Which artists would you love to work with?
Nabil: I would really love to work with Lil Wayne, San Fan Thomas, Manu Dibango, Rasyn and D’banj.

DC: The video for the track King in the Jungle, where was it shot?
Nabil: It was shot in the foot hill of Mount Cameroon in Buea.

DC: What is the message behind that track?
Nabil: Basically it carries a survival message. It says I am the king of the jungle because I survived every situation and drama. When I talk about the jungle, I am referring to Cameroon. It has a message of hope, a message of encouragement and motivation.

DC: Do you think it is important for an artist to write their own songs?
Nabil: Of course! I think it is primordial. You have experiences and it is essential you talk about them as an artist. Nevertheless these days, we have fabricated artists with no real talent!

DC: Talk to us about the record label 3rd World Survivor.
Nabil: Basically the label is mine and my brother’s vision. It is still a work in progress but the label also consists of a clothing line with the same name. The artists we will sign onto this label will have to share the vision we have they will have to be proud of their African heritage. We currently have 2 artists in the pipeline we hope to sign.

DC: What do you hope for in 2010?
Nabil: That Cameroon wins the world cup! (he laughs). My plan is to be able to establish myself and get to my destination. I have a lot of stuff that I’ll be concentrating on.

DC: How do you plan on spending Christmas?
Nabil: (he laughs), I hope I can spend it with my daughter who is currently in Cameroon at the moment. I also hope to spend it with my sister and brother.

New album to be launched soon..

Album to be released: January 2010.
Title: Two way dictionary of broken language.
A bilingual (French & English) duet album with Jack Napier another Cameroonian artist and it also features Sidney Tum.

Check out the King in the jungle video below!

Watch out for a feature on the 3rd World Survivor clothing line!
Hope to see you tomorrow!

Stay sweet

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Anonymous said...

This is really inspiring to read now!! especially everytime i watch the video! it is inspiring because i know how passionate you are about what you are doing! keep up andi am so proud of you bro.lua