Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Do you love your job? Are you looking to change careers? Dreamt of working within brand management and the communication field in Cameroon?

Well see below job specs!

1) Le Projet LOM PANGAR recrute un Chargé de Relations Publiques et un Expert en Communication:
Le Chargé de Relations Publiques et Logistique doit avoir un diplôme universitaire de base en Journalisme ou en Communication, une expérience minimale de 5 ans avec 2 années d’expérience dans la communication d’entreprise. Quant à l’Expert en Communication, il doit avoir un diplôme universitaire de base en Journalisme ou en Communication, une expérience minimale de 10 ans avec 5 années d’expérience dans la conception et la mise en œuvre de programmes de communication utilisant des supports diversifiés adaptés à des publics variés et dans certains cas analphabètes. Le lieu d’engagement est à Bertoua. Les candidats doivent déposer une demande manuscrite avec lettre de motivation, un CV, les copies certifiées conformes des diplômes, les certificats requis pour le poste sollicité, un extrait de casier judiciaire au plus tard le 24 Septembre 2011 à 12h au service du courrier de EDC Avenue Charles de Gaulle Yaoundé.

2) Des Brands Managers recherchés:
Une multinationale basée à Douala et en pleine expansion recherche des Brands Managers avec un minimum de Bac plus 4 ou 5 en Marketing/Communication avec une expérience probante de 3 années minimum dans la fonction. Il faut être âgé de 40 ans maximum, avoir travaillé dans un groupe international et être aguerri à l’élaboration et à l’implémentation des Brands plan, Stratégie de marque et Brands Profitability. CV et lettre de motivation sont exclusivement envoyés à l’adresse : avant le vendredi 30 Septembre 2011.

3) Une Assistante en Communication, un Chef de Projet en Communication et une Responsable Commerciale recherchés:
Une entreprise spécialisée dans la Communication, la Formation, la Production Audiovisuelle ouvre 3 postes à Douala à l’attention des professionnels. Une Assistante en Communication avec un minimum de Bac plus 2 en Communication, bilingue, âgée entre 18 ans et 30 ans ; Un Chef de Projet en Communication avec Bac plus 3 ou 4, une expérience dans l’Audiovisuel, l’événementiel et le Commercial, capable de mener à bien un projet de communication ; Une Responsable Commerciale Bac plus 3 ou 4 minimum, avec une expérience en Audiovisuel, excellente présentation physique et bilingue. La Responsable Commerciale est sensée vendre les produits et services de la boîte. Pour les 3 postes, les candidats doivent envoyer leurs CV et leur photographie entière à l’adresse

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


It's been 10 years since Anna Ngann Yonn, the head designer at one of Cameroon's top fashion label Kreyann, followed her passion and delved into the world of fashion designing.

During this period she has graced many high quality fashion events including showcasing at the launch show at Arise Africa Fashion Week in South Africa in 2009 as well as the much talked about Labo Ethnik in Paris.

Her collections have included nude and vibrant colour shades and are not only fluid, chic and elegant but also very feminine and contemporary.

Her 10 year anniversary will be celebrated with a well planned fashion show dubbed "The K-Walk" in Douala, Cameroon on 4 November 2011.

The show produced by the renowned fashion event producer in Africa Jan Malan, will have an audience of up to 1,000 guests where Anna on the night will unveil 60 different pieces based on 3 themes with an after party for 300 VIP local and international guests. Apparently an international artist will perform! Okay, so waiting for this one hee hee!!

Here is her teaser video below...

This show is definitely the event of the year and DC is so looking forward to attending. Hopefully the elections will pass without a glitch!

Happy 10 years Kreyann and here is to many more!!

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Monday, September 19, 2011


YooMee (4G Internet) is the first high speed wireless network in Cameroon based on Mobile WiMAX.

What is 4G?
YooMee is building the fastest 4G network in Cameroon - and they keep expanding from city to city. YooMee 4G Internet is a high speed wireless access to the World Wide Web via Mobile WiMAX technology.
It provides the freedom to move within the network's coverage area, allowing for instant access anywhere.

What makes YooMee different?
All you have to do is experience the speed of 4G for yourself and you will know. It provides freedom to move within the network's coverage area, allowing for instant access anywhere.

What can I do with 4G?
4G gives you the bandwidth to do all those things that the previous technologies made so painful. The speed provided by the technology allows their customers to listen to online music, watch online videos with no delay, and download heavy files with no problem.

Why is YooMee’s 4G Faster?
Since they built the nation’s first 4G network, they have the coverage and capacity to deliver a super-fast version of 4G. It is like a freeway, the more lanes you have, the more traffic you can have moving at higher speeds. They have the widest breath of 4G spectrum, which means fast 4G speed unlimited usage at low cost.

Where can I use YooMee?
With YooMee , you have the connection you need and the freedom to move. Use it at home. Fire it up on the road. No more battling for bandwidth on insecure wi-fi hotspots. No more searching for coffee shops, just to find an Internet connection. No more paying for Web access at hotels. YooMee goes wherever you need it in your city. And their 4G network is arriving in more cities all the time! See their coverage map here.


YooMee is a brand mark of 4G Cameroon, a Subsidiary of 4G Africa in Cameroon.

4G Africa is an innovative company, founded by a team of telecom entrepreneurs who have been actively involved in emerging countries for the last decade. Together they possess broad experience in establishing broadband wireless and mobile networks.

The company is focusing on targeting countries in Sub-Saharan Africa with the overall aim to reduce the digital divide.

Their mission is to provide affordable, reliable and state-of-the-art internet access, voice communication and multi-media services to all people and businesses in sub-Saharan Africa. These efforts and values aim to help close the digital divide.

The goal of 4G Africa is to offer a large variety of services using broadband wireless networks, based on the globally standardised 4G technology. Sub-Saharan Africa has one of the world’s fastest growing economies, yet lacking the proper copper infrastructure. Broadband penetration serves only 1% of the total population.

The services of 4G Africa are designed for both the residential and Small-to-Medium size enterprise markets. The product range of 4G Africa includes internet access, Voice over IP (VOIP), and hosting among other services. The network design will fix wireless connectivity in the home and office as well as provide mobile services to customers. Subscribers will not only benefit from extensive roaming within 4G Africa coverage areas, but will be able to use their 4G services when travelling throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.

Find out more on their website here.
Also catch them on Facebook.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011


FabAfriq is proud to announce the official launch of FabAfriq magazine its introductory print version. The event is scheduled to take place in Birmingham UK on the 8th of October 2011 at the very prestigious venue, The Drum, located at 144 Potters Lane, Aston Birmingham, B6 4UU.

FabAfriq is currently an online African lifestyle magazine, with particular emphasis on African inspired contents, contemporary  fashion, culture, cuisine, health and tourism, development, art, book reviews, etc.

In celebrating its first anniversary and to thank their readers for this amazing journey, they plan to host a fabulous launch event for 300+ guests. The theme of the night will be "Fabulous African celebrating Black History". They will use this opportunity to pull together exciting activities to keep their guests entertained. The programme will include among other things;

·         A fashion show
·         An Art Exhibition
·         A live Entertainment
·         A silent auction

To be part of the fan event, tickets are as below:
VIP Ticket: £40
Standard Tickets: £25

£5 extra on tickets prices on the night so book now!

For tickets, promotional hotel reservation, and other information, please contact them @


Tel: 00447950194420
Tel: 00447863465431
Tel: 00447985630495

Facebook: FabAfriq magazine
Follow them on twitter: @FabAfriqmagazine

Well done to Adeline and her crew.
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The presidential election is fast approaching with a date of 9 October 2011 set as the d day.

Aside the current president, Paul Biya who is able to stand for another term due to a change in constitutional law that abolished term limits in 2008, there are currently 50 more candidates scrambling for the Etoudi post!

Seems like this is the big post of the year then as there seems to be a scramble for it!

Some of the candidates are new to the election process whilst some have been there and done that before like Ni John Fru Ndi.

We wonder why the opposition does not just regroup and come up with 4 great candidates rather than 50!

Anyway peeps, what are your thoughts on this upcoming process?

*So common sense finally kicked in alas and the 51 candidates has been brought down to....(update)

To see the full list, please go here.

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