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So here we are with just over a few hours remaining before an eventful 2011 comes to an end. What did we not witness this year, from violent political upheavals and overthrowing around the world; to the wedding of the year between Kate and Prince William; to also very personal turmoil too (I am sure!) and to top it up we lost 3 great entertainers; Elizabeth Taylor, Sam Loco Efe and Amy Winehouse as well as the pioneer Prof. Victor Anomah Ngu. May their souls RIP.

As a celebration of the ending and beginning of a new year, we decided to ask a few Cameroonian talents around the world what their highlight for 2011 was and what they hoped for in 2012.

Happy reading y’all!!

Personally, I lived healthily through the whole year. That's amazing!
Professionally, my movie previewed on MTV ACT

HOPE 2012: I hope that I will continue to be healthy the whole year through again. I hope to continue my work,  I am writing a Vegas style theatre show which I hope to launch in New Orleans called “THE SKINNY How to Lose 100lbs and Change the World Too” which will be my next phase of using entertainment to educate the public.


Highlights for 2011:

- Learning I was given the award for being The best Artist in Brent
- Solo Exhibition at The Tabernacle in London’s Notting Hill which saw Mr Rudolph Walker and Richard Blackwood coming to the exhibition.
- Faith Evans acquiring one of my pieces on the 8th of Sept in DC - Maasai Tone 4/500
- Exhibiting at the Houses of Parliament for BAAC. 7th Nov 2011
- Exhibiting at the Commonwealth Secretariat on the 6th December for Human rights week - Empowering women through art
- Painting of Pastor Alex Omokudu
- Painted, '1.1.11 Baforchu celebrates', '1.1.11 Baforchu big men celebrates', 'Rose' and 'The gift of a Rose'. I am glad the new and unique method I have developed this year is working out well and people are really appreciating this new 'mixed media' art.
- Reading messages such as this:
'Nurture' is nurturing a middle-aged baby. Art Therapy to a new level. Thank you!. Dorethea Linder 17/12/2011

What do I hope for in 2012??

-Travel further within Africa to portray the other cultures I am yet to explore through my art, to present to the World.
- Finish collection of works I am working on for huge exhibition end of 2012 or in 2013! Watch out people.
- More fabulous exhibition opportunities, and more articles and newspaper features, blogs interviews etc
- Combine both my Architectural background with my Art - something in the pipeline I hope its comes together!!!
- A few assistants!! Selling in UK, USA, AFRICA and’s getting very hard on my own... I pray this continues and please people do keep spreading the word about me and my art.
- Time to dedicate a huge part of my everyday to the Lord, to worship Him, Praise Him, Thank him and get to know Him more and more each day.

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2011 has been a thriller for me as a musician and for my record label, Lolhiphop Records. Signing a label deal with Universal Music, through which Lolhiphop Records is now able to mainstream Nigerian artists such as Flavour and Dontom in South Africa and worldwide, has been really exciting.
I also joined Good Morning Africa on Africa Magic as a TV host.

In 2012, I hope to expand Lolhiphop Records as a brand in Central and West Africa. We have already scheduled the worldwide release of two compilations of top artists from Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea for early 2012. We are also planning to spread our wings into the Western market by signing and releasing our first US act - fingers crossed.
Personally too, I will be growing my brand as a musician. I'm already releasing new commercial singles, including a few collaboration with well-known artists such as Krotal and Dontom; a lot more will follow in 2012.


My highlight for the year 2011 was winning the Miss Africa USA pageant and stepping out of my comfort zone. I grew up very shy and I never tried to grow out of it until I realised that I was missing out on a lot of opportunities.

For the year 2012, I hope to remain a first rate version of myself and not a second rate version of someone else. I want to always journey towards enlightenment and use my Miss title to bring about change in Cameroon as well as in Somalia.


2011 pour moi a été une année de "confirmation" pour la mode Africaine de manière générale, et personnellement, des événements comme la MTN LAGOS FASHION WEEK m'ont permis de me dire que le Nigeria est devenu un acteur INCONTOURNABLE dans le milieu, et je vois un monopole en construction.

Concernant 2012, j'ai véritablement hâte de voir comment les différents e-shops qui vont ouvrir leurs portes vont s'en sortir. La distribution et la vente par correspondance est un énorme challenge donc j'espère ne pas être (trop) déçue. J'espère bien évidemment aussi que 2012 sera une bonne première année pour Fashizblack Magazine print.


4th anniversary of the no1 TV hip hop show "Wickid Tracks" on STV2 Wednesday 4pm rebroadcasted on Saturday 3.30pm
Founded "Trusoul Entertainment" an event management company that is aimed at networking talents across all fields. We co-organised the “Douala Hip Hop” festival which was on the 29th & 30th December.
I participated on an art project called “Art Chronicles” as a photo artist.

Launching the comeback art urban show "Trot Art" that will premiere on STV2 in January.
Organising through “Trusoul Entertainment” the first talent search for Cameroonian entertainers in all fields with a grand showcase in August.
I also have planned two solo photo exhibitions for October.


This year I launched the Africa wide job search engine.
I got featured on Yahoo news, as the developer of one of the best tech business in Africa right now.
I expanded my business operations to 7 African countries and counting.
I got an investment deal for my new venture from a Canadian company.
I got outsourcing partnership with a Canadian company working with major clients like Chelsea FC, and other English Premier League and American soccer League clubs.
I developed solutions for African state governments like Adamawa state in Nigeria.
JCI nominated me as one of the 10 young outstanding people in Cameroon.

My hope for 2012 is to take to all African countries serving 1million users per day worldwide.
I also hope to grow AfroVisioN Group double its size to over 20 full time employees.


2011, has been a hectic year for me, filled with ups and downs and lots of challenges but I tried my best to accomplish a lot of things..

I have done collaborations/features this year such as:-
A feature and performance on Good morning Africa on Africa Magic also featured on the top 5 countdown with DJ Waxxy.
Released collabo singles online which can be downloaded on the following links:-
Far Away -

Marry Me -
She don Jazz me by CI Jizzle feat Denzy-
"MIMI" Written by Denzyl and Onezeal ,you can listen and download here

Well in 2012 first thing by Gods grace I will want to do is conclude the remix for “Mimi” with Don Tom, shoot the music video for it, and put it on major radios and TV stations in Cameroon and across Africa.
I hope for a major promo of my single and I look forward to releasing an official international album for my fans.
I will like to put a mark and set my name as a brand in the Cameroon, African music industry and I hope God blesses me with the favour to conquer!


My highlight of 2011 was having a successful camp again in Cameroon and I hope to play in the playoffs this coming NBA season.

2011 has been a turbulent year for me. The ups and downs were very rocky but achieving the very first print of FabAfriq Magazine just after one year of operating on-line is a great achievement. Moreover, the opportunities I have made to ensure business continuity has guaranteed a successful 2012.

My hope for 2012 is to continue with business as usual and to give employment opportunities to my entire community.


The most memorable events that made 2011 a great year for me started on the 3rd of January, with my feature in Vogue Italia.
Next up was my interviews of the cast of the famed comedy show "The Game", Lil' Romeo, Common, and a host of other Hollywood stars on the red carpet in Hollywood, during the NBA All Star Weekend. 

Then came my sit-down exclusive 30minute-long interview with Jackie Christie from the reality TV show, "Basketball Wives L.A"; designer, producer, philanthropist, best-selling author and wife of former NBA star, Doug Christie.
Following my interview, I landed a role in an independent film called "Sex Coach" which is in post production at the moment.

Up next was my gig as the muse for Chucrallah Fattouh, an internationally acclaimed painter and sculptor who did very unusual and fast live paintings of me while I posed in front of over 2,500 people during the Orange County Art Walk on August 3rd, which resulted in paintings inspired by me currently being exhibited in art galleries in some major cities in the US.A, including New York. Moreover, some of Mr Fattouh's sculptures of me with my name inscribed on them, which were also exhibited during the Orange County Art Walk, are now permanently on display in Fullerton University, California.
Gracing the cover of Fabafriq Magazine's first print issue in October was definitely a major high spot. 

Then came my appointment as the first Global Ambassador for the Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child, CAPEC.
To top it all off, I just got made the face of an unlimited international calling service which will be revealed soon...
As exciting as all the above sound, what takes the cake for me is the unbelievably incredible and thoughtful gift I received as a surprise on my birthday; it was a picture of a group of underprivileged kids in a village in Cameroon, whom CAPEC sponsors, holding a large cardboard paper with the words "Happy Birthday Our Ambassador Joyce Mandy" written on it. That literally brought me to tears!

As to what concerns the year 2012, I hope to impact the world in as positive a way as I possibly can and help make it a better place for the entire human race.


For 2011 the album “La BO de nos life” has been completed and ready for release this coming year.  We've completely finished with putting the infrastructures of our label “Ndabott” and getting all our artists’ down on our books . 
So great expectations from us for 2012 with concerts planned across Africa, Europe, and United States of America.
So we're saying here, "we're together!!!"


2011 has been an amazing here for Yummy Spoonfuls

Here are a few highlights:

- Yummy Spoonfuls debuts on national television as Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) showcase healthy eating with new mom Phaedra Parks feeding her precious baby yummy spoonfuls
- Tia Mowry, star of “The Game” and mommy of baby Cree is our new celeb mom.. she can’t stop tweeting about how fabulous our meals are!
- Yummy spoonfuls was honoured with the Real Foods Moms Seal of Approval.
- Readers at Red Tricycle (there were over 100 thousand votes for us) honoured the brand with a totally awesome award for “Most Awesome Prepared Food on the Go.”
- Yummy Spoonfuls carries the coveted “Ashley Koff” stamp of quality nutrition for optimal health.
- Yummy spoonfuls expands distribution to all Whole Foods market in the South East Region
- Most importantly we just landed a national distribution contract with Kehe to take our brand nationwide, this deal will bring our brand to over 7500 hundred store in the US and Canada.

Our goal in 2012 is to secure funding to help with our national distribution endeavours.


Man where do I start with 2011...
I guess my Highlights this year was to have had a movie in theaters in Nigeria and soon to be in Ghana and Kenya "Unwanted Guest" as well as making my very first National TV appearance on the "Afrotainment Channels" in New York City covering the Red Carpet for the "2011 Afrotainment Museke Awards".

For 2012 I hope for success all around. I have laid the foundation now I have to build the walls and then the ceiling...
I have a few big announcements to make next month Jan. 2012 I'm hoping that this will be the start of something big and exiting in my career.

My foundation "The Nakande's Project" is also starting a new challenge next month. So it looks like 2012 will an eventful year!

I now live it to God to guide me on the path he wants me to take to achieve those goals.


My highlight for 2011 was to see the release of my new album “The One & The Many” with Warner Jazz label after they just signed me.

I hope and dream to see a better world with less violence. Also I hope to have a bigger exposure with my work in 2012.


Where do we start! 2011 has been an amazing year for me with regards to my artistic development. I participated in 5 successful group shows, the highlight of which was the London Design Festival which took place at Earls Court 2.
Under the banner of BEDG (British European Design Group) one of my paintings; 'The Dream Chaser' and 2 of my hand painted stools (with collaboration with the amazing sculpture, Gary March) were proudly exhibited in the AACDD (African and African Caribbean Design Diaspora) 'Reloved Lounge'.

2012 will be even more exciting! The publication of my book, 'The Therapeutic Magic of Arts' will coincide with my solo show in London on a date to be announced soon.
There will be 23 pieces of my work in one of the most prestigious galleries in London. This will be a great event and I will keep you updated with the development.

This will be followed by another group show in New York's most prestigious design festivals in May and another group show in London in July!
More shows will take place later in the year but I will update!


My biggest highlight for 2011: nomination at BEFFTA awards for "Best International Act"
What I hope for in 2012 is maybe a duet with Angelique Kidjo which will make me win a BET award in 2013!


My highlight for 2011 was definitely the celebration of the 10th anniversary of KREYANN: K-WALK 2011. I enjoyed preparing this event so much as I was surrounded by people who made Kreyann a success the last 10 years.

For 2012 and beyond, the sky is the limit!


My highlight of 2011 was the release of “Hongo Calling” in May. It was also my journey as Lenine, Margareth Menezes and Banda Eva's guest in Bahia and Recife during the carnival in Brazil in March.
I spent a great moment with Orlando Moraes in Brazilia for his DVD recording.
Finally doing my first show in November in Douala and Yaoundé, meeting my Cameroonian fans was a great highlight for me.
For next year, I hope it’ll get better; I’ll be recording new music, doing some shows, collaborations and releasing an album with DJ Jonny Montana from London which we are recording now. I also hope to do some worldwide touring.

J'ai passé l'année 2011 enceinte! Donc a part l'arrivée de mon bébé, je n'est pas d'autre moment inoubliable!

Pour 2012, j’espère développer la marque Olivia Ervi avec une ligne encore plus accessible au public via un e-shop avec des lignes flou et facile à porter, et une ligne d’accessoire, qu'on pourra acheter sur le site.

My main highlight of 2011 in the African music scene will be the marked impact of Nigerian artist in the music scene. Six years ago, no one would have bet a dollar on them but today, artists like Dbanj, Timaya, P Square, Flavour N'Abania, Wizkid etc, virtually leave no one indifferent. While I have an issue with their over-dependence on the auto tune which tweaks their voices, I acknowledge that they have written their names in the golden annals of African music.

I also noticed a marked improvement in the Cameroon music scene with singers like X Maleya,Charlotte Dipanda, Blick Bassy, Muntu Valdo,Kareyce Fotso, Simon Nwambeben and Yvette Bassega redefining its aesthetics and daring to present something fresh and new. This is very important for the survival of our brand of music. I hope this trend continues in the coming year. I do believe that Cameroon music can still become as big as it was in the 80s.

Hopes for 2012? Firstly, I hope for peace. The African continent has had an unfair share of wars and unrest. I hope that our leaders will have the humility to know that peace is a collective victory. In war, no one wins because even the winner loses a friend, family member or colleague.

I also hope that piracy is curbed. We don't talk about it much but if an artist produces an album and doesn't get rewarded with proceeds from the sale of his CDs, it's a disincentive for him to produce other albums. So we must always remember that each time we ask a DJ to burn a CD for us, it's unethical and hurful to this art.

I also hope Dulce Camer grows bigger and gets more readership because I believe very much in what you guys do. Let's have FUN in 2012.

So that's it from our talents. We hope you too had some great highlights this year and 2012 will be even greater and more fab and fulfilled for you all.

See you in the new year!!!

Have a great one.


What a great news for Blick Bassy! When Le Monde newspaper rates your album as top 5 for Christmas then you know you are doing something right!!

Good luck to Blick in his blistering musical career.
Stay sweet

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Yesterday, the suspended Cameroon captain and Anzhi player Samuel Eto'o was on the couch for an interview with Philippe Bonny about his suspension, Fecafoot association and Cameroon football in general.

Catch the interview here,14573.html

Stay sweet

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Good morning DC peeps, it's me again with another post! This time I would need your help please. I am currently searching for interested writers/contributors for the blog.

What is Dulce Camer about?
Dulce Camer is an online portal for all things Cameroonian. Since 2008, our blog has been going strong showcasing Cameroonian talents worldwide through interview features, campaign posts (the annual Dulce Camer Top 50, being our most popular), with the aim of educating, inspiring, motivating and encouraging other Cameroonians and non Cameroonians alike to believe that nothing is impossible to achieve as long as there is a will, a hard working spirit and the determination to succeed.

We are currently looking for writers to contribute to the blog so if you:

·         Love to write
·         Are proud of your Cameroonian roots
·         Are tech literate
·         Have some spare time
·         Know about the happenings in your Cameroonian community
·         Are Anglophone or Francophone

Then Dulce Camer needs YOU!!

Email us a short reply (no more than 150 words) in French or English about why you want to write for us. Also include what you do in life and what inspires you daily.

Send email to Cynthia at:

Thank you!

Stay sweet


Hello DC peeps! It's been a while I know but I am trying to keep up with it all. A girl's gotta fight huh?!
Anyways, today's post I wanted to inform you about the new happenings within the Cameroon scene.

First news, papa Samuel Eto'o registers a new telecom company in Cameroon named Eto'o Telecom SA (how original!!).  According to sources the 100 million fcfa deal will be situated in Douala and will involve research, concept, import, export, sale of telecommunication services, equipments and networks. So MTN and Orange, you better watch your back!

Second news, Sidney Tum aka the artist Sine who stormed onto the Cameroonian music scene by winning the Africa Star music show in Gabon in 2008 has just dropped a new track and video called "Koh Koh". The video shot by February 16th (what an alias!) featuring Jovi. with its clean, crisp and fashionable casts shows a gradual step up in video quality by emerging Cameroonian artists.   Check out the video below.

Third news, our talented Nguti boy - aka Steveslil has also dropped a wicked party track especially suited for this festive season. The track entitled "Panjo" (slang for crazy), is available to download by clicking on the link provided below.

News number 4!! Are you in the London area and looking for something to do tomorrow? Look no further because KiRette Couture in association with Organo Coffee, bring you a great fashion event "Coffee & Couture". The venue is at Ze & Findi's boutique in Woolwich. Time 12-8pm. All information as per attached flyer.

Watch Sine's new video below

Download Panjo by Steveslil by clicking on here.

Don't miss the fashion event!!

Stay sweet

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Debra Debs is a UK based Neo-Soul artist originally from Cameroon who has slowly been causing a storm in the underground music scene.

A music aficionado influenced by artists such as Musiq, Erykah Badu, D'Angelo. She has supported 90's boy band group Next, performed in Mau Mau, Vive Bar, Proud Camden, CamerCouture and Blessed Souls events.

With a deep soulful voice adding to her versatility as an artist, the main themes in her upcoming album are love, family, social inequality and corruption in Africa. The album which is full of energy and an intoxicating rhythm has been produced with brilliant precision by herself, Oscar "Ozkeyz" Stieler (who has played for Dwele, Tayo Cruz, Mario, N’Dambi, Yolanda Brown and Glenn Lewis), Precious Obindi and Dwight "Donyea".

It has taken a few years for Debra Debs to solidify her soulful vocals and songwriting skills but alas here she is! Come, relax and bask in the comfort of Debra Debs’ testimony with tracks that are uplifting, soulful, inspiring and enlightening.

Friday, November 25th is the date! See you there.
Stay sweet

Friday, October 21, 2011


Colours, colours and more colours was the flashcard for the day at Kreyann's show on the 3rd day of Fashion Business Angola 2011.

The collection definitely had elements of the Kreyann personality but lacked some wow factor. DC is wondering whether the difficult task of creating 60 different looks for the upcoming K-Walk show in Douala has taken its toll on the designer's final output - we hope not!!

We wait to see what else she has in store for us in Douala.

Check out some of our fav of the Angola runway below.

Pictures by Simon Deiner

Stay sweet

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So there I was going through my usual lunch time routine of checking Bella Naija whilst having some food. I stumbled upon a post about the Ibrahim Index and thought to read it as it seemed quite interesting.

What did I find out from the post? That Nigeria came 43rd within this index while Ghana was 7th and South Africa 5th. No surprise for these 2 I thought.

The next thing that came to my mind was Cameroon! I instinctively knew that we would not even have made the list and I thought if Nigeria was 43rd then were would Cameroon be?

Okay before we get to that part, let me tell you a bit about the Ibrahim Index produced by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

About the Mo Ibrahim Foundation:
Established in 2006, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation supports good governance and great leadership in Africa. The Foundation works to:

  • Provide a framework and tools by which citizens and governments can assess and measure progress in governance.
  • Recognise excellence in African leadership and provide a practical way in which leaders can build positive legacies on the continent when they have left national office.
  • Stimulate debate on the quality of governance and major governance issues in Africa.
  • Develop leadership and governance capacity in Africa.

About the Ibrahim Index:
Established in 2007, the Ibrahim Index is the most comprehensive collection of quantitative data that provides an annual assessment of governance performance in every African country.
  • is funded and led by an African institution.
  • is Africa’s leading assessment of governance.
  • provides a framework and tools for citizens, public authorities and partners to assess progress in governance.
  • compiles 86 indicators grouped into 14 sub-categories and four overarching categories to measure the effective delivery of public goods and services to African citizens.
  • uses indicators from 23 data providers.
  • is made up of over 40,000 raw data points.

The Ibrahim Index is currently compiled using various international and African sources. Many crucial indicators of governance, such as poverty, could not be included as the data are not sufficiently comprehensive. The future provision of robust data, including poverty statistics, from African sources is a core priority for the Foundation.

So would you like to know if Cameroon features on the index and if so at what number?
Well, ok, ok! See below!!

I am shocked at how possible we came a whole 3 places above Nigeria, the leading force in West Africa?!!
With Mauritius topping the index and Cape Verde, Botswana, Seychelles and South Africa coming 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively, Cameroon has a long way to go.

Well done to the rest of the countries topping the index, well done to the President of Cape Verde, Pedro Pires, for wining the $5m good governance prize and as for the bottom ones, please do more!

For more info about the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, go here. For the index, go here.

Stay sweet

Monday, October 10, 2011


Close your eyes and imagine.....imagine that within the hustle and bustle of the streets of Yaoundé or Douala that you checked yourself into a sumptuous cool retro chic hotel that looked like THIS...

Vibrant, eclectic, well coordinated interior.

This makes us think, why are all the hotels in Cameroon so plain and boring and lack creativity?
Even the Hilton Hotel in Yaoundé which is meant to be the best and the most luxurious, the furnishings look dated and its presence lacks a great deal of the "umph" factor!

The so called prestige and executive rooms we are presented with look like the cheapest motel suites we have seen.

DC dares a new hotelier in Cameroon to be different! To create a luxurious setting that is chic, elegant, retro, vibrant and truly represents our "Africa in miniature" heritage.

Go on, you can do it! Give us something different!

Stay sweet

(images from Charrington House, UK)


78 year old President Paul Biya is likely to extend his 29 year rule and his tight grip on power in Cameroon after the elections yesterday are proving to give his party CPDM/RDPC an upperhand amidst claims of low turnout and early closure of some polling stations.

The President stood to contest his 6th year term in power against political rivals such as Ni John Fru Ndi and Kah Wall.

Read more of the story here.

What are your thoughts dear readers? Would you say Cameroonians are apathetic in the face of our political situation? Who is the best candidate to rule Cameroon? What would they do differently? What can Cameroonians do?
Have your say!!

(Pic: AFP)

Stay sweet

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, today on the blog DC would like to bring your attention to a very beautiful and gentle sister based in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Her name is Ghyslaine Tchouaga but everyone calls her Gigi (how FAB!!) and she is 5'11 in height. She was born and raised in Yaoundé where she spent 17 years of her life before relocating to the US. Guess what too? She is a Miss Cameroon USA!

She is one of 5 children and is very close to all the members of her family. Her first love is God and to keep busy in her spare time she does ceramics, as well as cook, sing, learn about different cultures and do a spat of modelling whenever she can.

She is humble, gorgeous, intelligent, confident, God fearing and likes to treat people exactly how she would like to be treated.

This year, she is representing Cameroon at the Miss Africa USA beauty pageant and DC caught up with her for a quick chat!

DC: Thanks Ghyslaine for talking to DC. Is this your first pageant or have you done something like this before?
Gigi: No, 2011 marks my first year ever entering into a pageant show.

DC: Okay, so why did you decide to join the Miss Africa USA pageant?
Gigi: Beside from the fact that a Miss Cameroon has never won the Miss Africa USA crown, I aim this year to be Miss Africa USA not for the spotlight but to use the spotlight to both raise awareness and funds for my campaign "Fight Against Hunger" in the Horn of Africa. In addition to that, I would promote the Miss Africa USA pageant. I believe that the future of the Miss Africa USA pageant relies extensively on the message the next queen will deliver to the general public. Furthermore, I will do all I can to  preserve the pageant's core message which is that young African women can be and do whatever they want to to make a positive difference.

DC: Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you hope to do or be in future?
Gigi: I will describe myself as an achiever, ambitious, confident, focused, open-minded, positive, pro-active, results oriented, and an African leader. My past is molding my future and my experiences are used as blessings and lessons. I love to challenge myself and a few months ago I decided to challenge myself by running as a contestant for the Miss Africa USA 2011 pageant. I was blessed to be representing the Republic of Cameroon this year. Through this challenge, I am hoping to inspire all the young girls and women that as long as we keep breathing, “The sky is the limit.”

I am currently working on my Bachelor degree in Nursing and later on, I will specialise in Anesthesia. Over the year, my interests have grown. The most important of all is my commitment to God. In addition, giving back in every way, shape and form has also been a priority in my life. My love for fashion has grown also and I model whenever I have the time. I would love to use my skills later on to help my beautiful country Cameroon and Africa in general.

DC: Why did you choose to campaign for "Fight Against Hunger"?
Gigi: I chose to join the International Rescue Committee and fight the cause in East Africa because:-
  • Famine is an emergency and according to the Washington Post, it has killed tens of thousands of people, mostly children.
  • Images coming from the Horn of Africa are sad and depressing. While in the U.S we are fighting against obesity, in Somalia, there are 3.7 million people suffering from drought crisis.
  • I usually go where the need is and I am working hard to raise awareness and funds to fight against this disaster.
DC: How can the public get involved in this campaign? How can they vote for you?
Gigi: I am begging the public to help me out this year by giving monetary donation to my campaign for the urging Fight Against Hunger. Donations can be received online by clicking the link Any donation amount is always welcomed.

DC: When is the Miss Africa USA show and in what city/state?
Gigi: This year, the Miss Africa USA 2011 coronation has been scheduled for Sunday, November 13, 2011 at the Hilton Hotel, 8727Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD. If you are in the area PLEASE come and support me. Voting started on October 1st and anyone can vote daily by clicking

So dear readers, there you have it! A fabulously intelligent sister who also strives to fight for something she believes in. There is no doubt that Cameroon has some beautiful girls and for DC, Gigi could become a top model representing Cameroon the world over!

Are we kidding? Just check some of the pictures below and make up your own mind.

What do you say now?
Gigi for top model?
Please vote for her, she needs to become the first Miss Cameroon to win this Miss Africa USA crown.

Stay sweet


MTN has launched an app development competition where it is challenging the developping community around the world to come up with apps inspired by Africa and the Midlle East.

Your creations can deal with any facet of life in Africa and the Middle East, from solving some of the regions' most pressing challenges to lifestyle, entertainment and even social networking.

All apps must be built using Android operating system and must be functional in the English language.

The big winner in this competition is a chance to win a trip to Barcelona next year from 27th February 2012 to 1st March 2012.

The competition started 1st August 2011 and is runnin up till 31st December 2011.

Click on link below to register and get yourself in it to win it!

Goodluck y'all!
Stay sweet

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Do you love your job? Are you looking to change careers? Dreamt of working within brand management and the communication field in Cameroon?

Well see below job specs!

1) Le Projet LOM PANGAR recrute un Chargé de Relations Publiques et un Expert en Communication:
Le Chargé de Relations Publiques et Logistique doit avoir un diplôme universitaire de base en Journalisme ou en Communication, une expérience minimale de 5 ans avec 2 années d’expérience dans la communication d’entreprise. Quant à l’Expert en Communication, il doit avoir un diplôme universitaire de base en Journalisme ou en Communication, une expérience minimale de 10 ans avec 5 années d’expérience dans la conception et la mise en œuvre de programmes de communication utilisant des supports diversifiés adaptés à des publics variés et dans certains cas analphabètes. Le lieu d’engagement est à Bertoua. Les candidats doivent déposer une demande manuscrite avec lettre de motivation, un CV, les copies certifiées conformes des diplômes, les certificats requis pour le poste sollicité, un extrait de casier judiciaire au plus tard le 24 Septembre 2011 à 12h au service du courrier de EDC Avenue Charles de Gaulle Yaoundé.

2) Des Brands Managers recherchés:
Une multinationale basée à Douala et en pleine expansion recherche des Brands Managers avec un minimum de Bac plus 4 ou 5 en Marketing/Communication avec une expérience probante de 3 années minimum dans la fonction. Il faut être âgé de 40 ans maximum, avoir travaillé dans un groupe international et être aguerri à l’élaboration et à l’implémentation des Brands plan, Stratégie de marque et Brands Profitability. CV et lettre de motivation sont exclusivement envoyés à l’adresse : avant le vendredi 30 Septembre 2011.

3) Une Assistante en Communication, un Chef de Projet en Communication et une Responsable Commerciale recherchés:
Une entreprise spécialisée dans la Communication, la Formation, la Production Audiovisuelle ouvre 3 postes à Douala à l’attention des professionnels. Une Assistante en Communication avec un minimum de Bac plus 2 en Communication, bilingue, âgée entre 18 ans et 30 ans ; Un Chef de Projet en Communication avec Bac plus 3 ou 4, une expérience dans l’Audiovisuel, l’événementiel et le Commercial, capable de mener à bien un projet de communication ; Une Responsable Commerciale Bac plus 3 ou 4 minimum, avec une expérience en Audiovisuel, excellente présentation physique et bilingue. La Responsable Commerciale est sensée vendre les produits et services de la boîte. Pour les 3 postes, les candidats doivent envoyer leurs CV et leur photographie entière à l’adresse

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