Monday, May 31, 2010


SkiNs is a Photography Installation art project that aims to address the issue of “different” in today's society.
Segregation, and its various degrees of separation, seeing ourselves as ‘different’ or better than the other/next – all fosters the growth of the narrow gap that once bound us together – we quickly forget we are no different from those whom we judge.

"We are all Brothers under the Skin, and I, for one would be willing to skin humanity to prove it." Like Ayn Rand, I want to skin humanity in order to bridge the gap that so often divides us; White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Old, Young, Woman, Man etc. Create a realm within which we can see past our differences.

Catch the exhibition at this venue, day and time:
East Gallery
214 Brick Lane
London, E1 6SA
Tuesday 1st June 2010
From 6 – 10 p.m.

This project is brought to you by:
Quest & Schwerin
Creative Arts Ltd.

For more info visit / email:
mail: skins@qs‐

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Fellow Macase lovers, if you were not aware of the new album from this fabulous five (Ruben Binam, Serge Maboma, Roddy Ekoa, Roger Minka and Corry Denguemo) well here is the gist!

"Fly Away" their new album which came out early this year and which explores topical issues such as social problems, immigration, peace in Cameroon as well as their private artist lives is now available to buy on all Mboa locations within Cameroon. For those out of the country, do not fret! They are actually working on a way for the album to be sold online.
You will also be able to catch the group on a tour date soon to be published. Dulce Camer will keep you informed.

Stay tuned

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today, May 20th is a national day in Cameroon and this will be marked too around the Cameroonian communities in the world. What makes this day super special is that we are also celebrating our 50th Independence from our colonial masters - France and England.

During this festive period a lot of people keep asking what the celebration is all about. According to them the country is still in deep economic crises, there are no jobs for the many qualified students out there, the system is still extremely corrupt from the government downwards and many only see the solution to be a change in government.

Okay yes, this may be the current situation that Cameroon finds itself in after many years of bad governance. Like most African countries, we are no exception but the key issue is that we are known to be a nation of "blamers" and "complainers". If we exerted the same amount of energy we put in ripping things apart into putting things together, we could actually move one step up in changing the face of our nation forever. If we also decided to join hands together, Francophone / Anglophone, Bayangi / Banso, Mbororo / Bamileke, Muslim / Christian - and put aside our differences then Cameroon will be able to slowly move forward.

The simple message DC is trying to share is that we all have to fight the current system no matter how small our actions may be, as they say every little helps. It is afterall our nation and though many of us live abroad or many are seeking to leave to go abroad, our final resting place is Cameroon. That is where we belong, it is our home.

Nevertheless, Dulce Camer is very optimistic that there will be significant changes in our beloved nation in the coming years. With the current trend seen around most African countries being the influx of their younger generation back into the country from abroad, change is bound to occur. Brain drain now means brain gain with a mentality that sees solutions and opportunities in problems rather than a setback or an obstacle. A mentality that is also very creative and innovative that aims to bring back Western experiences to fuse them with traditional resources. A mentality which is driven by self belief, assertion and a go getting spirit. A mentality that understands the principle of networking and making use of their contacts (the man know man concept is worldwide). A mentality that is not afraid of failure because they know if they don't try they will never know their capabilities. A mentality that follows their passion and puts their talents to greater use.

We are this young generation and let us stand up and do all we can do to make our nations - Africa a better place for us and our children. We sure have the power and know how to achieve this. If in doubt, adopt the Obama message "YES WE CAN"!

Dulce Camer would like to take this opportunity to salute these young Cameroonians around the world doing so much to keep the Cameroonian machine rolling, Alex Quest, Soraya Sone, Isabel Bezeng, Ngum Ngafor, Cynthia Anduhtabe, Shiri Achu Morcho, Anrette Ngafor, Kibonen Nfi, Kelen Ndzelen, Sophy Aiida, Liz Oton, Dennis Angafor, Valery Chifor, Mr Daddy Black, Sylvia Mbuta, Frances Ekiko, Brice Bertin Nketcha, Arlette Ngo Badjeck, George Eko, Paola Ndengue, Menoosha Susungi, Olivia Mukam, Denzyl, Wax, Steveslil, Mambe Nanje, Sama Ndango, Stephanie Mouapie, Maryanne Mokoko, Amabel Niba, Dinene Divine, Charlotte Mbatsogo, Rodrigue Tchatcho, Martial Tapolo, David Nso, Suzan Agbor, Ashu Tabetando, Debra Bilikha, Kilian Ateh...add your name to the list if you are doing something great for Cameroon!

So what are we celebrating? We are celebrating you and me and the bright future that lies ahead for Cameroon.
Let the celebrations begin!!
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Monday, May 17, 2010


Over 20 years ago in Italy, Cameroon made history by being the first ever African team to reach the quarter finals of the World Cup. The highlight of this event was Roger Milla who, apparently the oldest player in that year's World Cup changed the face of goal celebration for ever by dancing each time he scored a goal. That simple dance snowballed into an incontrollable madness where fans and players alike just let go.
Roger Milla initiated a sense of freedom in celebration and he definitely showed a way to live!
Check out his collaboration with Coca Cola below.
Allez les Lions! Allez les Lions!

DC can't wait for the World Cup! We hope more history will be made.
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Sunday, May 16, 2010


For those who missed the launch of Soul Seduction 1 at the Marrakesh restaurant last month, brace yourselves as another has been planned for Friday June 4th at Bistro Latin in Bonapriso, Douala.

The theme for this evening will be "Mo Better Blues" in homage to the 1990 Spike Lee movie starring Denzyl Washington and Wesley Snipes.

The music on the night will be jazz (ofcourse!), neosoul and RnB played by DJ Emdi and guest DJ Louda all the way from Paris!

So, if you want to be part of this nouvelle vague of partying go and grab your ticket now at a cost of 20,000 FCFA which includes some nibbles and drinks. Don't miss out!

Love Jones Entertainment are definitely the new boys in town.
Catch Jean-Yves little chat with DC here.

For the football lovers, see our World Cup team here.

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Friday, May 14, 2010


With only under a month to go before the 2010 World Cup premiers in the African continent, a lot of preparation has been going on behind the scenes to mark this eventful occasion and music is taking centre stage.
We reported a few weeks ago that Shakira was chosen to sing the official song which incorporated exerpts from the Zangalewa song by the Zangalewa group from Cameroon.

Here is the official video

For some of you who were wondering if the group's consent was sought before this track was made, check out their press conference by clicking here to find out. Also check out other videos containing this track. How popular is this great song of the 80's??

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Thank heavens, our brother Nde Ndifonka aka Wax has found his lost sister Maforsceneh "Sceneh" Ndifonka who disappeared after visiting an aunt.

She was found safe and sound in Johannnesburg and she is now home with the family.

Thanks to all those who joined him and his family in prayers and who sent them well wishes.

Great news indeed!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The Cameroonian High Commission in London will over the course of this weekend and next week play host to a variety of events organised to mark the upcoming 20th May national day and 50th independence celebrations.

The message the High Commissioner, HE Nkwelle Ekaney wants to put out is one of integration and unity amongst the Cameroonians in the UK and the High Commission which as he states is there to serve them.
Like it or hate the idea, you have to commend HE Ekaney for trying his best to change things though with very limited resources available.

The first event to take place is a cultural festival including music, arts exposition, football, food and kids entertainment scheduled to take place this Saturday, May 15th at the Ashton Playing Fields in Woodford Green. All events will be free so come one come all and experience a great family day out!

For more information, please contact us here at DC or email

Hope to see you there.
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Sama Ndango is a certified talent coach and the brains behind the Sama Ndango show, a show which aims to inspire people to self confidence and belief, and Mora Moda a model talent agency also responsible for the Face of Mora Moda pageants.

Currently, he is working on a reality type beauty pageant entitled Miss African Beauty 2010 which will be held in London and in Germany with the aim of inspiring, educating and entertaining young Africans, training the contestants to develop their natural born potentials thereby equipping them for life as well as raising money for homeless children in Malawi.

He is also working on the Miss Supranational show which will be taking place in Cameroon and Nigeria with the international show to be held in Poland.

What you get from these shows seem worth the participation so join the competition if you fancy winning:

Crown of Miss African Beauty worth £1000
- Direct entry of (1st, 2nd and 3rd) to Miss International 2010
- Interview at The Sama Ndango Show; helping you find your uniqueness
- Feature in a reality show program; showcasing your beauty and talent
The winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) will then go forward to their international World Finals to represent their countries with ¥1,000,000 prize money

Prices include;-

¥2,000,000 (£15.000) PRIZE MONEY
¥1,000,000 (£7.500) First Runner-up
¥ 800,000 (£6.000) Second Runner-up

USD 25,000 in cash for Miss Supranational
USD 5,000 in cash for the First Runner-up
USD 3,000 in cash for the Second Runner-up
USD 2,000 in cash for the Third Runner-up
USD 1,000 in cash for the Fourth Runner-up

Please accept their terms and conditions to qualify before application. Also check your email for casting details.
The schedule is as follows for the Miss African Beauty:
Entries: 1 May 2010- 30 June 2010
Castings: 3rd and 4th July 2010 @ 9am at The Exclusive Solar Bar, 2 Linton Road, Barking, London, IG11 8HG
Final Auditions 17 July 2010 at the location above.
The Reality Show will take place in August
For more information email

You have to be in it to win it so send in your application form!
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Monday, May 10, 2010


With 20th May fast approaching and events being planned worldwide within Cameroonian communities to mark the national day and 50th independence, Harambe Cameroon have got you covered!

Organised by a group of students wanting change in Cameroon, the Harambe Fundraising Evening to be held on the 20th from 8pm will be jam packed with great prizes. From auctions to raffle sales with great prizes including appearances from the players of the national team, fabric from womens day to being serenated by the wonderful voice of Sidney, the 2008 Africa Star winner!

Wanna be part of this? Then get your ticket. By buying a ticket you will be offering a chance to a young Cameroonian to "transform our country's problems into opportunities." There will be an event organised where a young Cameroonian will be able to propose a social innovation project, during "The Problem-Solvers' - 90 seconds to convince" Competition. This project will concretely help advance our development.

Ticket cost:
5,000FCFA (Student Price)
10,000FCFA (Professionals)
15,000FCFA (Couples)
25,000FCFA (VIP)

Venue: Nfinyo Mabu's residence, opposite Lycee d'Anguissa

+(237) 70135705
+(237) 777052464
+(237) 22667123

For those abroad, you can contribute via Western Union or MoneyGram. Please send an email to for more information.

Get supporting y'all!!

While we are on the subject of celebrations, check out how the people in Kumbo do!!
Filmed by our very own Penjo Pete

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Ohh myy this is hotter than hot and the excitement has reached fever pitch! If like us here at DC you couldn't keep your eyes off page 5 of the Evening Standard newspaper last night or maybe you missed it totally, here goes just for you and don't say we don't share!

Samuel Eto'o (Cameroon), Sulley Muntari (Ghana), Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast), Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Kaká and Pato (Brazil), Landon Donovan (USA) and many more stripped off to their most skin tight shorts displaying their national flag and showed off their best package on next month's issue of Vanity Fair magazine shot by the famous Annie Leibovitz which is on sale from tomorrow.

We foresee this issue flying off the shelf very fast!

Oh dear, can't wait for the World Cup to start!
You like?
Photos from Vanity Fair Magazine.
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Monday, May 3, 2010


Soul Seduction, a new club venture in Douala by Love Jones Entertainment aims to seduce its stylish clientele by providing soul, jazz music in a chic and luscious upscale setting.

A concept borne in London, DC speaks to Jean-Yves Mbome, the leader of the team.

DC: What inspired you to venture into events management in Cameroon?
J-YM: Events management is a venture that I started pursuing about a couple of years ago in London. The main purpose of my events is to provide quality, stylish and exclusive parties for young professionals as well as others. After investigating the lifestyle of young Cameroonian workers in Cameroon, I noticed that besides clubbing and eating out there wasn't much else to do. Also, I saw that most of the companies needed some live communication to expose their products and image. So I found out that it could be a great opportunity for me to establish my trade mark here in Cameroon.

DC: How easy or difficult was it to convince the owner of your venue to lease it to you?
J-YM: It was very easy to deal with the owner of the Marrakech restaurant, which is a year old Moroccan restaurant located in the heart of the Douala residential area. They had previously organised private parties and they were willing to give a go to this new and original type of concept. We had some meetings and we came to a fair agreement and the deal was done.

DC: How did you get people to turn up? What promotional strategies did you undertake?
J-YM: I am not supposed to reveal my strategies but it has worked very well so far. People turn up to an event for many reasons and I just made sure that every single person understood the concept and got familiar with it before the event and this was seen in the way we designed the flyers, the message we were giving out as well as the music policy. All that added to the image I had of the event.

DC: What makes your event unique?
J-YM: My event is tailormade to the product launches or the profile of the clients targeted. We will always try to bring something different at each and every edition. The focus is on the attention to detail and creating the wow factor to make it a sensational and well organised event.

DC: What should we be expecting from your events?
J-YM: The style and quality of the music will be carefully selected, the interior design will be fabulous, the atmosphere will be very nice and friendly, the customer service of our friendly team will be second to none and most of all the crowd will be beautiful.

DC: When is the next one?
J-YM: We are still working on it, probably sometime in June.

DC: What was your overall opinion of this first event?
J-YM: I am very proud of the hard work that my team and I put on the first edition of “Soul Seduction». The feedback from our clients was more than what we expected. Everyone had a fantastic time.

Some pictures from the event below!

Tito & Jean-Yves Mbome

The boss himself, Jean-Yves Mbome

Party people, Love Jones Entertainment is your one stop shop for all your stylish party needs!!
DC hopes to be at the next one ;-)
To keep abreast of all future events, please email:

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Please join in and help us find Maforsceneh Ndifonka (usually called 'Sceneh'). She is fair in complexion, about 1.6m tall and of average build. She has a small inverted V-gap on her two front teeth.

She was wearing a green polo jersey, black pants, and blue high-heeled sandals when she left. She probably has no money on her.

She is 26 years old. She has a mental condition that she controls with medication, but with no access to her medication she will relapse. So she is very vulnerable.

She normally lives in Germiston with her uncle, who is also the relative of our own very soul brotha NDE "WAX" NDIFONKA. She traveled to Pretoria last Friday to visit an aunt in Sunnyside. She left the aunt that afternoon saying she was going to Sandton and, since then, she has not been seen. She is not familiar with the area and has no friends in South Africa.

Please anyone with information about Sceneh - or anyone willing to help with the investigation or with prayers - contact NDE "WAX" NDIFONKA at (+27) 082 667 2776; or the cousin Genesis at (+27) 082 642 2844; or Belle at (+27) 0846644115. You can also contact the Sunnyuside Police Station: (+27) 012 422 3600. The case number is 58/05/2010.

Help, help, help!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


There is a new womenswear brand in town and it is Deenola. A brand created by two friends Deena Dee from the Comores Island and Olafemi Bella from Cameroon.

The concept of their brand is about going back to the roots whilst embracing the present through the fusion of interesting African fabrics and contemporary silhouettes.

Deenola's philosophy is about creating a line that would be effortlessly elegant but at the same time very comfortable to wear.

Their first collection is called "Versatile" because of the different moods in all the pieces of the collection and the designs which were made to cater for all women of all sizes.

Fresh from debuting at the Dublin African Fashion Weekend last month in Dublin, they also gave Londoners a taste of their fashion style by showcasing at the Ethnik Fashion Show which took place on Friday at the African Centre in Convent Garden.

Check out some pics below.

Olafemi bella of Deenola

The Deenola brand speaks comfort, style and versatility.
What do you think?
Join their group on Facebook here!/group.php?gid=56777307223&ref=ts

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