Friday, August 31, 2012


So it is here, the day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Thank God for Friday, the most anticipated day of the week because it is just the right time to kick off the party mood!

So as usual here on DC, our regular Friday posts are music based as we aim to get you in the right attitude just for you to start your weekend as you please.

If you didn't know, this week and especially the last 2 days has been #JoviFever all around Dulce Camer and other blog sites as well as Facebook and Twitter. It'll only be wise then to bring you all a Jovi track today!!

So without further ado, here is one of his effortless track in his debut LP Humanity Is Vanishing (HIV) that fuse the old with the new in the title song Pitié featuring Rochereau Tabu Ley.

Catch the video below!


Stay sweet

Thursday, August 30, 2012


HIV; Humanity Is Vanishing the debut LP by Cameroon based rap star in the making JOVI is HERE. The album has been causing quite a stir and a buzz on social mediums Facebook and Twitter right from yesterday.

This morning, the social mediums went into overdrive with tweets and Facebook posts about the newly launched LP.

Feedback so far has been awesome with even Pit Baccardi, the rapper cum X Maleya manager saying this about it "Je trouve que pour une fois c'est un album de rap Camerounais."

Other reviews include "Great work of artistry from Jovi…." and "It's time you all bought this album...Congrats to MuMaK and Jovi for amazing production, dope beats, and lyrics that truly represent Kamer. Jovi, Jules, Renise, Feb. 16th, Rachel, Elad, and the rest of the crew--Props out for an amazing album!"

It is definitely evident that JOVI has gone where many have failed to reach and it is only his debut!

The LP is available in major online stores such as iTunes and Amazon and will soon be available on Spinlet for Android phones.

To purchase, click these links below:

In UK:

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Welcome to the Dulce Camer blog. Today we are very excited to bring you the review of an upcoming album from a humble artist who is currently the hottest product right out of Pays. If you didn't know, you better get to know and read the below!

Ndukong Godlove Nfor aka JOVI, is a prolific emerging rap artist from Cameroon whose versatility and immense talent has been gaining worldwide attention with even Akon’s US based Konvict Records label getting hooked on his style.  

30.08.2012 is the date that the music history in Cameroon is about to be re-written and JOVI will be the perpetrator and at the centre of it all.  The much talked about rap star is about to make a landing, a landing with a big bang to be felt not just in Cameroon but eventually within Africa and far beyond in the release of his much awaited debut LP. 

Humanity Is Vanishing or H.I.V is a classic 13 track debut LP somewhat autobiographical but also a masterpiece for our listening pleasure, filled with references to mankind’s evolution from a natural state to a rather dysfunctional and artificial lifestyle

The LP has been carefully produced with a pain staking emphasis on the background materials of each and every track. From JOVI’s melodic and catchy simple rap style to his signature bell sounds as a producer under his sobriquet Le Monstre; the traditional gong sounds from the grassfields area of West/North West regions of Cameroon heard in tracks such as “Achombo House” featuring Krotal (another legend within the Cameroon hip hop scene) add a soothing yet rhythmic element to the album as a whole.

From the very first track “Don 4 Kwat”, the scene is set for us the audience to expect more from this LP and its artist and he sure does not fail to deliver. JOVI introduces himself as the “don” and a don he is. Just like Che Guevara, a similarity made on the album cover art, he is at the helm of this new style revolution which is about to completely change the face of music production and artist management in Cameroon.

From track to track thereafter we are led through a beautiful musical journey where the production quality speaks for itself, where the old and the new sit side by side effortlessly interfaced especially in tracks such as “Pitié” featuring Rochereau Tabu Ley and “Bush Faller” featuring Eko Roosevelt, Cameroonian pidgin, English and even French are magically juxtaposed and married together to create musical orgasms in the listener in tracks including “Man Pass Man” “Lapiro” “Nothing to Something” “You Never Know”.

The LP also draws us to the everyday lifestyle in Cameroon with references to the expectation the women place on their men to how the young men hustle to get by and street slang references “...a di lop, a di jong, a di vamouse, a bi di bolo, wepe, peter, “truckey like boxing but e hand short...etc” added to everyday Cameroonian products such as “Mambo”, “Cerelac”, makes this album a celebration of the beautiful and the unclean in Cameroon.

The album also introduces us to the MuMaK family with collaboration from label mates Elad, Magasco, Rachel, Will Kan, DeeCey and gospel singing artist Renise whose vocals gives us a pleasant end to the LP.

H.I.V is an LP designed to not only draw in the younger crowds but also create awareness amongst the older music lovers. JOVI is a new star right out of Mabanda, Bonaberi with a bright future ahead. With a debut LP like this, we definitely know JOVI and his team are capable of a lot more.

H.I.V drops on 30.08.2012 on iTunes and other online music stores and Android. Parental advisory is a must, explicit lyrics!

The revolution is here, the revolution is definitely now! So don't get left behind.....Join in!!

Watch out for more promo here on DC.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hello DC readers, I just had to share this fab fashion video entitled "Mannequin" shot by photographer Ernest Collins featuring designer pieces from our extremely talented Alain Martial Tapolo.

Martial Tapolo's Paris based haute couture brand creates fairytale pieces that dreams are made of.  The brand and it's designer are steadily gaining ground and a reputation as one of Africa's best design talent.

Think Alexander McQueen, think Martial Tapolo; craftsmanship and detailing being at the forefront of every piece.

Check the short video below.

Until then, stay sweet

Friday, August 17, 2012


Hellooooo fab DC readers!! It's Friday and we want to start off the weekend with something mellow mellow right here on Dulce Camer.

Our tchuune of the day is from the awesome trio X Maleya making the Bassa language soooo cool!

So without further ado, here is "I go Tell"....roulez roulez roulez et allez allez allez!!!


Bon weekend!
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Monday, August 6, 2012


For all those kinky hair fashionistas seeking more ways to wear their hair au naturel, well seek no more because help is here at last!!

Embrace Your Roots, a new book launching soon by Nahbila Sonia Tutuwan Thames features topics ranging from hair types, textures, hair loss, transitioning to natural, nutrition, style choices for men, women & children to summer care for your hair, numerous natural colour recipes and much more.

It launches as an ebook this week and in print the week after. For more information and to read a sneek preview, go here.

Go get your copy!
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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Here goes a little teaser of what is instore for you from the swaggalicious afrobeats star in the making; Denzyl.

Press play when you manage to lay your hands on this free 3 track promo CD featuring collabos with MuMak's finest Jovi LeMonstre.

Enjoy while you await the full album coming soon!

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