Tuesday, June 30, 2009


According to reports today, a former diplomat by the name of Philemon Yang is Cameroon's new Prime Minister following the government reshuffle by President Biya.

No reason was given for the removal of Ephraim Inoni who had served as Prime Minister for four years.

More updates pending.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Micheal Jackson, dubbed the King of Pop is no longer with us. He passed away last night at 10.26 British time at the age of 50.

It was about midday LA time when paramedics were called to his mansion after allegedly suffering a heart attack.

He was transported to UCLA a few minutes from his mansion where doctors battled for over an hour to save his life but later pronounced him dead.

The cause of death is still unknown but his body has been flown to the LA coroner's office by helicopter for a post mortem. It is suspected that he may have overdosed on prescription medication.

Michael Jackson was due to headline a 50 date comeback tour at the 02 Arena in London starting next month. This tour was meant to restore his status as the ultimate and the only King of Pop and it was also a chance for his fans to see him one last time on stage. Tickets for the shows sold out within hours.

Michael Jackson lived his entire life in the glare of the media and this continued right to his untimely death.....LONG LIVE THE KING OF POP. Fans and stars pour in their tribute.

Feel free to share with Dulce Camer your thoughts.

His music will surely live on...

You died too soon, may you Rest in Perfect Peace.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


From Kumba town to Milwaukee city, there is a rising MC doing his thang and doing it BIG!

Unveiling his second album today entitled “African Juju”, DC hereby brings you Sona the Voice as he is popularly known.

He speaks to DC about his new album and his scheduled tour in Cameroon after summer.

Happy reading y'all!

DC: So how did you get into this genre of music?
SONA: Growing up, I heard a lot of hip hop music whilst in school and I got into this music and started copying the way the artists were rapping just as fun. I also then began to listen to Tupac a lot as his music was getting popular in Cameroon.

DC: How did you then venture into your own lyrics?
SONA: I started rapping to my own music from one day while my brother and I were playing a video game and an instrumental track came on at the end and my brother just looked at me and said do your thing! I just started freestying to the instrumental song and the rest is history.

DC: What did your parents have to say about this?
SONA: I have reached a stage where my parents are taking me really seriously though this was not the case when I first told them that I was venturing into music..they wanted me to get a degree, my masters and have a normal career. Nevertheless now they are joyful and proud even including my grandmother!

DC: How easy was it setting up your own record label?
SONA:It is not an easy task, I tell you that. You need a lot of resources, dedication and hard work to get it together.

DC: How do you get your fans to believe in your MC style?
SONA: [He laughs]...there is something about my records...I have to tell you that each artists discovers themselves over time... so for my fans, I just connect and put my heart into what I do. I tell them stuff I have seen and experienced whilst growing up in Cameroon. My music is not make believe!

DC: "African Juju" is the title of your second album, why that name?
SONA: Well, erm I chose it because I wanted to show my worthiness to represent my motherland and it has nothing to do with masquerades or anything.

DC: What is the general message in this album?
SONA: A message of struggle, victory and of Africa in general.

DC: Any collaborations on this album? Who are they?
SONA: Yes, I collaborated with Emphasis E on the track entitled "Go". I also had a production company in New York called Uprising Production collaborate as well as Jason Samanik engineering the music sequence.

DC: What do you hope to achieve with your music?
SONA: To reach the 4 corners of the world. My music is a movement which will seek to showcase Africa.

DC: When is the tour in Cameroon?
SONA: The tour will take place this autumn in Cameroon and I will be working with Timaya, a Nigerian artist. We will also be working with local artists in Cameroon.

DC: I hope to get the schedule once you release them!
SONA: Mos def!

DC: Will you be touring anywhere else?
SONA: Yes, there are other stuff in the working. I have been travelling here in the US alot doing shows..more will come. I was in Europe from early May doing shows as well. I may return to do a couple of shows again.

DC: So what will be the first single of this album and why that choice?
SONA: The first single is “It’s all about Money”. I chose this because I talk a lot about what money can and can’t buy in the song and how society treats you because of your plenty or lack of. It shows the dual side, the pros and the cons of money.

DC: What is your idea of a successful life?
SONA: Having peace of mind, having no worries, that’s my idea of a successful life!

"African Juju" is available for purchase today! To grab your copy go to http://www.amazon.com/ or http://www.itunes.com/ and search for "African Juju".
You could also check Sona's Myspace here http://myspace.com/sonathevoice

Visit his record label here: http://www.intercessionsrecords.com/

Right...now is COMPETITION TIME on DC and here are the details:
Question: Based on this post in which town in Cameroon does Sona hail from?
Answer: send your answers to: brownschuga@googlemail.com
2 lucky readers will win a signed copy each of "African Juju"....what are you waiting for???? On your marks, get set, go!!!!!
The competition will end on the 9th of July 2009.

Buena Suerte!

Stay sweet

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Muleyma "Love for Fashion" is brought to you by the fashion label Cote Minou and is scheduled to take place at the Hampton Conference Center, 207 West Hampton Pl, Capitol Heights, MD.
The show is the 27 June 2009 from 6pm.
Get your tickets here: www.groovetickets.com. Keyword is Paparazzi 2
Support y'all!


The Black Summer Festival is hosted by Cabaret Sauvage and it is a festival in Paris that celebrates music with a black origin which includes Funk, Soul, Reggae, Afrobeat, Jazz, Hiphop, Blues, Salsa etc.
It will feature artists causing waves on the underground scenes of New York, Bamako, London, Kingston etc. Blick Bassy and Sally Nyolo will also be taking part.
The festival starts from 1st July up until 8th August 2009 at le Parc de la Villette, 75019 Paris, France.
For more information of dates and ticket prices, go here: http://www.cabaretsauvage.com/programme.php?evenement=980



Samuel Eto'o in conjunction with the archbishop Desmond Tutu are fundraising in aid of the Charity ONE Movement which combats racism and xenophobia in Africa.

The show will feature a music contribution from our very own brotha of soul, Wax (http://www.waxexperience.com/) and DJs TBo Touch and Fistaz.

Tickets cost: 300 Rand. Get them at the door or via http://www.computicket.co.za/

Address: 41 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Jo'burg, South Africa
Time & Date: June 26, 8.30pm till dawn.

If you are in Jo'burg, go support!

Stay sweet


Date Released: May 2009
Title: Massango et la bulle géante
Author: Hélène Tchinda
Genre: Bande Dessinée
Price: 6,500 F CFA (10 EUR)

Date Released: Jun 2009
Title: Guide de la littérature au Lycée
Author: Roger Kaffo Fokou
Genre: Parcours Litéraire
Price: 17, 000 F CFA (26 EUR)

Date Released: May 2009
Title: A travers le Cameroun du Sud au Nord
Author: Curt Von Morgen
Genre: Livre de découverte
Price: 16,000 F CFA (24,50 EUR)

Date Released: May 2009
Title: Sous le charme d'une prostituée
Author: Careen Pilo
Genre: Roman
Price: 8,500 F CFA (13 EUR)
Get reading...bonne lecture!
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Monday, June 22, 2009


There is always an exception to a rule and this time it had to be done! DC only showcases Cameroonian talents but we are going to show our solidarity by promoting an African talent!

Paul Sika is a 21 year old Ivorian new phenomenon causing waves in the photography world by his new art form of photoshop filters whereby he uses emotions, colours and these filters to express his message.

A chance discovery by Kanye West and a feature of him on his blog has catapulted this very talented African dude to stardom.

Here are some of his work and to find out more check out his website http://www.paulsika.com/

Talented not so?
Stay sweet

Sunday, June 21, 2009


...and the winner is BEMO ZINNIA a Buea based songstress who fought through stiff competition from the likes of Jerry, Bebey and Leaby to grap herself this amazing prize amid 3 million viewers who tuned into Canal 2 International to watch!

Organised by Les Brasseries du Cameroun, this year's Mutzig National Song competition sees Bemo winning a brand new Peugeot 206 Sedan, a record and promotion deal worth 15 Million Francs CFA and a cash price of 1 million francs CFA.

Dulce Camer salutes and congratulates her on her amazing success. Hopefully, there will be an interview from her on DC soon too.....promoting Camer talents is what we strive to do....!

(All information courtesy of http://nexdimempire.com)

Stay sweet


With Cameroon's talents venturing and conquering all parts of the music industry, well MCing is by no means an exception!

I hereby bring you SONA, the star MC creating waves down in Milwaukee. Sona moved to this state to join his father who had left Cameroon before he was born, in pursuit of a better life.

After enrolling at the University of Wisconsin, Sona decided to pursue his passion for music by founding his own record label, Imperial Records and producing and releasing his debut album "Man in the Mirror". His first single "Dreams" climbed to number 2 on the CMJ new music report for the hip hop genre.

Sona is currently working on his second album, "African Juju" under the changed name of his label, Intercession Records which is due to be released June 25.

Sona’s goal is to bring about a positive change in the Milwaukee hip-hop community and help the scene achieve national recognition through his music.

He is planning a nationwide tour in Cameroon after summer, catch him if you can and I hope to bring you the tour schedule.

For more information, please go here: www.myspace.com/sonathevoice

(All information courtesy of http://nexdimempire.com)

Stay sweet

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Ok folks here goes, more pictures for your eyes!

Chrystalix by Louise Njamen

Kaba with a twist!

The fab designer herself!
Wowww, fluid, girly, elegant, I love the choice of fabric and colours as well as the mish mash in some of the designs...good stuff!
All pictures courtesy of Simon Deiner of SDR Photo
Stay sweet


Here goes as promised pictures from the fashion show in Jo'burg which began this week.

Kreyann by Anna Ngann Yonn

The fab designer herself!
Her designs are fluid, chic, elegant, very feminine and contemporary and I love her choice of fabric...wow, Camers are doing it BIG!
All pictures courtesy of Simon Deiner of SDR Photo
Watch out for Chrystalix pictures soon!
Stay sweet


Hey peeps, I brought you the story regarding the US president, Barack Obama's personal signed, sealed and delivered letter to the US ambassador to Cameroon advising him not to issue or suspend US visa's to some politicians who in his eyes were corrupt because of the size of their US bank accounts.
Ok, so as I was browsing the net, I came across the names on the list...
My question is, are these people the most corrupt in Cameroon? I know there are a few more names I would love to add!

Check out the list here: http://www.camernews.com/news/124/ARTICLE/1511/2009-06-18.html

What do you think?

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Born in France to Cameroonian and Martinique parents, Véronique N. Doumbé was raised in Cameroon, Ivory Coast and France where she studied law at the University of Paris X, Nanterre where she obtained her "License en Droit" before moving to New York City in 1981.

She soon turned her attention to film and video where she produced, directed, and edited several shots.

Since 1990, she owns and operates a studio where she has edited numerous Independent, Corporate and News productions.

At the Cannes Film Festival 2009, she unveiled "The Birthday Party", a short film about a family with a father in Iraq and a mother who has been left to single handedly deal with the pressures of being a parent.

Check out her website for more information: http://www.ndolofims.com

Stay sweet

Friday, June 12, 2009


Following on from my previous post on the 2 Cameroonian fashion houses at the Arise Fashion Week 2009 which began today. Here is a detailed profile on one of the fashion house, Kreyann.

Kreyann is the exquisite clothing line created by Anna Ngann Yonn who after enrolling at the Paris design school studied women's ready-to-wear and haute couture.

After graduation, she went on to become a stylist and later decided to open an art studio / showroom specialising in tailor made clothing.

The Kreyann style according to her website is pure and simple with a special touch that makes every piece unique.

See below some of her fabulous creations.

For more info on her, please check her site: http://www.africanconsciousness.com/AnnaNgannYonn_KREYANN.html
I hope to bring you pics of her stuff from the fashion week as well as info on the other Cameroonian designer taking part.
Stay sweet


Happening July 4th in Paris is this Cameroonian music festival which hopes to keep you on your feet from 11.50 pm to dawn!

Organised by the promotional group Meganet, this spectacle seeks to bring you Cameroon's current and biggest musicians such as K-tino, Jacky Kingué, Mathématik, Nguea LaRoute, Dina Bell, Douleur, Dora Decca etc.

Should you be in Paris on the 4th of July, go and check it out!

Ticket: EUR 39,60 in advance, EUR 45 on the door.
Contact: Le Duce Armand Nlend, 00 33 1 43 46 82 88 or 00 33 6 69 93 05 10
Email: anlend@yahoo.fr

Happy friday!
Stay sweet