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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Founded in 1939, Tout Puissant (All Powerful) Mazembe, formerly known as Engelbert based in Lubumbashi, DR Congo, have made history in front of a crowd of over 42,000 football fans at the Sheikh Zayed Sports City in Abu Dhabi, and guess what? The team boasts 3 Cameroonians amid their squad!

The club made FIFA Club World Cup history today by becoming the first club team from outside the traditional continental powerhouses of Europe and South America to enter the final with Inter Milan after beating CONMEBOL's the mighty Internacional of Brazil 2-0.

Although losing to Inter Milan by 3 goals, they should be applauded for their determination and courageousness for delivering when it mattered the most. Their coach, L N'Diaye as well as their president will be very proud of their team effort.
Well done TP Mazembe!!

Cotonsport de Garoua, TAKE NOTE!
And that's it from DC today!
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Sexy South African-based Cameroonian soul singer and producer, Nde Ndifonka aka Wax has released a new and exciting urban album entitled, ‘Reloaded’. The album subtly lashes back at his critics and also reveals the romantic side to this renowned social activist.

Originally scheduled for release in May, this fourteen track album blends R&B with elements of house and dance and has already produced three hit songs, including ‘Miss Real, Mr. Regular’, a groovy ballad that continues to grow across the country since it was first embraced by METRO FM and YFM. 

Two new tracks have also taken off on the airwaves – ‘Candy Girl’ and ‘Rainbow’ offer ‘house-heads’ something to jive to while savouring smooth, romantic lyrics effortlessly delivered by a succinct love story-teller. 

Recorded in Cape Town and Johannesburg, the album boasts an array of talented musicians and producers, including Omen, Rowick Deep, TP, Azure Green, Blackwolf (Nigeria), Kaez Ngoreta (Zimbabwe) and Eccentrix. Canada-based and Zimbabwe-born Nyasha was able to produce one track, ‘Bring back love’, thanks to electronic file-sharing technology.

However, the soul and acoustic flavour for which Wax is known is not lost in the album, and his persona perhaps comes through strongest on “Thursday” where he showcases his dexterity as a pianist, guitarist, arranger and engineer.

Besides the song ‘Keep on’ which addresses the reservations of his critics about his musical path and personal exploits, the album bears a love-bound theme, a subliminal reflection of the transition Wax has undergone over the past couple of years from a reserved playwright and social activist to a firebrand entertainer, record label owner, and growing public figure.

“I wanted to expose more of my softer side; the sweet-talking, effortlessly charming, helpless romantic – vulnerable and predating at the same time, ready to give and ready to receive – sometimes shy, but perennially addicted to love. The songs are not just about love – they are an incision into the aspirations, realities, and emotional peaks and dips of every lover.” States Wax.

Wax recently headlined South Africa’s Africa Day concert broadcasted live on SABC2 and was a winner of the Gauteng Songs Competition. In May this year, he was named by American magazine, LADYBRILLE , as Man of the Month for his use of music to spread social awareness. Last month he  also joined international NGO, Save the Children to launch a Music Therapy programme for children in South Africa, and he has this December joined forces with the United Nations to combat xenophobia through urban music. His growing appeal to new audiences has come with new challenges in meeting the demands for songs that not only have an international appeal, but also local relevance in urban South Africa.

He will be promoting the album in Cameroon this festive period as well as travelling to Ghana and Namibia next year for more promotion. For a bit of Wax experience, catch him on tour in South Africa! 

Check out the sample song for Candy Girl below.

The album is available to buy in stores countrywide in South Africa. For US and European fans, grab your copies at (mp3 and CD)

Follow Wax on Twitter: @WaxNde

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


It is nearly that time of year again since the KiRette Couture girls; Anrette Ngafor and Kibonen Nfi, launched their fashion show Bamenda Rocks in Bamenda, North West Province last year December.

This year's show is about to kick off in about ten day's time and the KC girls have lots in store for you!

We caught up with Kibonen and this is what she had to say.
Happy reading y'all!

DC: So the time has come again for the Bamenda Rocks show. How did this show come about?
KN: Bamenda Rocks is a show we organise that is very dear to us. It is a corporate social responsibility project that KiRette Couture carries out and considering the culture of this region inspired our designs we like to share this with the community. Also BR came about as a result of trying to further inspire young people to be more creative and to think outside of the box and to feel they can do different things. From our last year’s show we realised that we definitely can make that difference in our community and we are truly happy about that young creative people can definitely create economic development within their community.

DC: Why did you choose Bamenda to be your host city?
KN: Everything fashion happens in Douala and Yaoundé. We are trying to decentralise it and we think Bamenda has too rich a culture to be ignored. We are ready to make Bamenda the fashion hotspot it is well deserved to be.

DC: Give us a sneak preview into this year's show. Tantalise us ;-)
KN: Bamenda Rocks II is going to be a one of a kind show in Cameroon. We are having it in 3 parts. The Pre party and wine tasting which is for VIP’s only and here the VIP guests and the media will have a chance to chat more intimately with the participating designers while diligently sipping wine and champagne. Also they will be able to know more about the products and where they can purchase them. While this will be going on, the designers’ assistants will be showcasing the designers’ pieces at the entrance of the event area.

Then we will have the second part which is the Fashion show proper and the music show. Six talented young designers will showcase their holiday collections. This will be the highlight of the event. We are all looking forward to seeing designs especially from Rodrig Tchatcho who has been in the business longer than us. We hope to pick up some tips from him too. The artists we picked are young and vibrant and have pertinent messages to the young people. Valsero is one of the artists we are looking forward to his performance just as much as the BAAM group.

We are equally using some high profile models from Douala who will be on stage with their counterparts from Bamenda. The more experienced models will inspire the younger ones. We look forward to having a blend of energy here.

The red carpet will also be a vital Q&A session and will be a highlight for the paparazzi! Our MC who is the former Mr Nigeria 2008 will rock the mic together with Miss Blandine Mbanwie, a well known microphone lover whom the people of Bamenda totally adore.

The day after the show our show photographer extraordinaire Mathias Koch will do a photoshoot with all the designers exploiting Bamenda's rich culture and scenery. BR II is the only place to be, we are super excited and we urge you not to miss this show!

DC: Who are the designers this year?
KN: This year we have one designer who was with us last year - Syl Anim based in Nigeria. We will also be having Nuvi Designs based in Bamenda, 2 Young designers from Buea, Tia-MacRen and Dilisious Coucou as well as us, KiRette Couture and Rodrig Tchatcho from Douala. This year we decided to add more flavour to the event by shopping around but keeping the basic concept.

DC: And the music artists?
KN: For the music artists, our headlining act will be the general Valsero whose music is a key message to all the youths of Cameroon. We will also be having BAAM who won the Nescafe African Revelation competition as well as Excel and Landry Njapa who are all young and all upcoming stars.

DC: How hectic is it right now behind the BR camp?
KN: It’s crazy, totally crazy. Not everything will go as planned but we are determined to deliver to our guests and to let the world know that BR is here to stay. Between Anrette and I we have lost our heads already putting every single thing together but in the future we will love to outsource this to an events production company because at the end of the day we are designers not event producers. We already have the concept going we need professional creative minds to jump in with proposals for this show so we can take it to the next level.

DC: And how is KC been doing so far?
KN: 2010 has been one heck of a year for the KC team. We went down very deep, we did not think we will be rising back any time soon. We did so much work especially in Cameroon but we did not materially see the fruits but God knows we are looking at the brighter side and working extra hard for a great future. After our experiences of 2010 with deception and individuals letting us down, I am sure more than ever that this job is a calling for Anrette and I. We did not lose faith for a second and we have been more energised than ever. Sometimes it is such a shame when you get the feeling you cannot trust your own people and you cannot be supported by a nation you fight so hard for. It is heart breaking but we are determined to do it and we are more than certain we will succeed. A quick advice for anyone looking to do business in Cameroon; remember to be super alert, get your lawyers on standby and consult them before making any decisions. I am not trying to scare anyone but trying to prepare the minds of anyone who has to move back for business reasons.

Next year looks extremely promising though and we are totally ready for all the good things it will bring. We are finalising negotiations on acquiring our machines for the factory, we are setting up a showroom in Douala too and our website will be totally hooked up with ecommerce so it is going to be totally fabulous for KC. We are happy and we feel blessed because we know our fans and our clients love what we do.

We are doing lots of shows next year too around the Fashion Weeks and we are looking forward to it. We are still working on the details of doing a tour but will get back to you on that but trust me I am excited about next year.

DC: When is the new collection due?
KN: We are working on our Fall (autumn) 2011 collection which will be out in Febuary.

DC: How can potential customers get their hands on KC pieces?
KN: For now check out our website and email us for orders. We are getting tons of orders from Facebook too.

So that's it from KC, Bamenda is the place to be on Sunday 26th December 2010 at the Ayaba Hotel.
Tickets are priced at Standard 10,000 CFA, Classic 15,000 CFA & VIP 25,000 CFA
To purchase, contact 7442 83 40, 7754 51 51, 7740 19 38, 7796 59 58

What else can DC say? Be there!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Friday November 26th was a great day not only for Madeleine Glatz but also for Cameroon as despite the debate on the eligibility of Cameroon as a participating nation in the Miss West Africa UK pageant our representing beauty went on to steal the crown and the show! Held at the Royal Regency Hall in Manor Park, East London, the show was well attended by a diverse crowd as well as compered by two renowned stand up comedians Gina Yashere and Nicholas Boomting Brown. 

Dulce Camer caught up with the fab lady herself for a little chat and this is what she had to say.
Happy reading y'all!!

DC: What made you take part in the MWA pageant?
MG: Destiny, I would say! I heard they were looking for candidates from Cameroon and I seized the opportunity to represent my country.

DC: Had you taken part in any beauty pageants before?

MG: Never! I am a total beginner in fashion and beauty shows. I only just started in the middle of September this year.

DC: What did you have to go through to prepare for the show?
MG: Personally, I had to build on my self confidence and I also had to rehearse a lot. You always need to think that you are capable of doing something and you need to do it as perfectly as you can because you do not want to have any regrets.

DC: How did you feel on the day of the show?
MG: I felt great but it was a long week. At the end of the day you feel satisfied to reach your goal and the fatigue you feel is a good one!

DC: Did you think you could win it? Why?
MG: No I always thought that I looked very different from the other candidates and that my English was not good enough...but when I start something I put all my effort into it and I am glad I did.

DC: How did you feel when your name was announced as the winner?
MG: Actually they needed to repeat it like 3 times before I realised that it was me they were calling! I actually saw my friend in the crowd calling me to step forward and then I was shocked. I guess from then on I just took things as they came along.

DC: You worked with MsMi designer, Frances Ekiko, how did you feel in her clothes?
MG: I felt amazing! She is a great designer. I fell for her style a long time ago and I was really glad that she accepted to sponsor me! She is definitely a part of my victory, she helped me win this title!

DC: Would you be taking part in more beauty pageants?
MG: No, I don't think so. Miss West Africa was really something I felt I wanted to be involved in and since I was 13 years old I have had big hopes in representing my country in something and this was an opportunity to make things happen. To me it is the only international African pageant I could see myself in as it is a great platform in showcasing the African beauty.

DC: So can you tell us the roles and activities you are lined up to take for winning MWA?
MG: So many things have been organised but I cannot tell you now!! But stay tuned!

DC: What do you think about the lack of Cameroonian girls in top beauty pageants?
MG: I think our community is smaller so we get less exposure and also the language barrier might be the reason but when I see Cameroon represented in a beauty pageant I think it is great because it shows the beauty and diversity in Africa.

DC: Any advice to any girl out there wanting to be a "Miss"?
MG: Chase your dreams in anything you want to do! And beauty is not about the way you look, it’s most of the time about the way you are!

Totally well said Madeleine!!
Check out some of the pictures of the night below.

The girl totally rocked it in her fab MsMi pieces. She definitely was a Miss in the making and we are all so proud that she took the crown home.
Well done Madeleine!! You have made Cameroon proud.
All pics courtesy of MWA UK show.

Stay sweet

Monday, December 13, 2010


Saturday November 27th saw the CNPS at Buea, being brought to a standstill by the Tia-MacRen spotlight fashion show which also hosted a number of local fashion designers such as Touch of  Dilisious, LG Mbeng, Messanga Clothing, Peggyline and more. 

It all started on the 20th of March 2010 in Buea. Initiated by three friends; Tia, Macbailey and Reneta, who shared the same ideas in fashion designing they decided to share these artistic ideas with the entire world and thus the Tia-MacRen fashion label was born!

Dulce Camer caught up with the Tia-MacRen girls to find out what they are made off.
Happy Reading!

DC: Who are the people behind the Tia-MacRen label and what are their responsibilites?
TM: The people behind the lable are:
Winnie Khamal Macbailey: Founder and CEO
Reneta Ndisang-co founder: Founder and Public relations officer and Sales agent
Enjoh Eunice: Creative assistant
Leroy Sanyi: Marketing and advertising agent
Susan Ngende: Consultant.

DC:Who is the Tia-MacRen customer?
TM: The everyday woman is our customer and we are targeting people from the ages of 20-40

DC: What do you hope to achieve with your fashion label?
TM: We are hoping that the label will gain world wide recognition and also that people will not only talk about the label but will also wear it.

DC: Is designing something you all wanted to do?
TM: Yes!
Reneta: Designing has always been something I wanted to do from when I was a young. I always loved creative things as well as playing with colours in terms of dressing up.

Winnie: Growing up, I started using sewing machines on my own to sew my clothes. I love colours and creating new designs so designing has always been something I wanted to do from when I was a kid.

DC: Did any of you learn to design? That is go to a fashion school or did you teach yourselves?
TM: Well it is inborn and we never went to school to learn to design. It is a passion from birth and we both learn from each other.

DC: Who deos the actual sewing?
TM: Winnie and I do the sewing although I (Reneta) am still learning though! I do a little of hand sewing and we also have another tailor come in when we have a lot of orders.

DC: How do you decide which style to sew on which fabric?
TM: What we do is we bring our designs together and place them alongside the fabrics. We then look at the colours and the designs of the fabric and see how the designs we have put on paper match the colours of the fabric.

DC: Where do you buy your fabric?
TM: We buy some from Buea, Cameroon and others from other parts of the world like Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria

DC: What are your dreams?
TM: TIA-MACREN is dreaming big! The sky is more than our limit, we are hoping to grace so many runways around the world and also to teach others such as the youths of Cameroon to follow in our footsteps.

The spotlight show seemed a success and we at DC were extremely proud and impressed by the detailing these fashion debutantes unveiled at their first fashion event.
Check out the pictures below.
The Venue

Tia-MacRen designs

                                            Messanga Clothing

                                            Touch of Dilisious

                                            FBI Fashion House

DC: Where can potential customers buy your designs?
TM: We do not currently have a website so all sales can be made via our facebook page Tia-MacRen or through our blog

Hope you enjoyed it!
If you missed out on their spotlight show, catch the Tia-MacRen girls at the upcoming Bamenda Rocks II on Sunday 26th December at the Ayaba Hotel pool. More details on this show here on DC.
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Saturday, December 11, 2010


At Dulce Camer, we never forget to bring you the current talents slowly creating waves within their chosen field.
In France, Blassta is the rap artist to watch out for. We introduced him to you during our last christmas campaign "25 equals 25" and since then he continues to fight to make himself known.

Below is his new single "Point de non retour" which is taken from his album "Diamant dans la boue" soon available on iTunes. Stay tuned on DC for more info on the album release.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010


What is the recipe for success? Hard work, self belief and determination or pure luck?

Well Naomi Achu has all 4 and more! She is not only very hard working and believes in herself but this little shy girl I once knew is also determined to succeed in her chosen career as a music artist and she is lucky to be in a place where you are free to express yourself.

A few days ago she released “I can love you like that” the first track and video of her upcoming debut album entitled “Living Testimony" which was shot in Washington DC and Maryland last month starring a host of actors including Nana Ako Kelly. The video is a celebration of love between two people and the message she’s trying to promote is that it is okay to show affection and to love to a man - husband, especially if he is a good man.

Check out the video below

Her debut album is due out in March 2011 so watch out for it here on DC!

If you'll like to catch her on tour, Naomi plans to do alot of travelling and tours next year before and after the album release at various locations in the US and also hopes to go to Nigeria and some parts of Africa sometime after.

Video Info:
All lyrics are by Naomi Achu
Instrumental & Production: Nako 1 (Hans Linonge)
Sound Engineering : Walta Blackson of Dream Recording Studios
Video was shot by Elvis of Vis Entertainment. Photographer, videographer, cinematographer and talent scout.
Make up - Michelle A. Clark (Exousia Image)
Set Design - Eurykah Fon-Nduma & Yolanda Boma (Asheri's Events)

For tour info, please check her website

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Dulce Camer (DC) a commencé 2010 dans le style avec une liste de 50 Camerounais à surveiller.

Une célébration de talents dans des divers domaines tels que la mode, le divertissement, les affaires, la politique et l'activisme social, la liste s'est avérée instructive et controversée.

Notre objectif était de mettre en lumière des divers Camerounais inspirants d’horizons divers. Certains ont aimé la liste et d'autres lui reprochaient mais nous sommes fiers d'avoir quand même lancé un débat!

Cette année, la liste de DC Top 50 est de retour mais avec une petite différence. Les lecteurs de DC auront la chance de choisir leurs Camerounais favoris qui se bat dans son coin pour faire avancer le Cameroun.

Nous voulons que DC soit une expérience interactive et nous sommes très contents de que nos lecteurs auront la possibilité d'avoir leur mot à dire. D'autant plus que nous voulons arriver à une liste diversifiée qui est digne des célébrations du 50ème anniversaire de notre nation.

Jusqu'à présent, nous avons reçu des candidatures intéressantes et nous encourageons les gens de continuer à les envoyer.

Les catégories comprennent:

• La Mode & La Beauté

• Les Arts et Loisirs (y compris la littérature, la musique, les arts visuels, le cinéma)

• Les Médias (nouveaux et traditionnels)

• Le Sports

• L'Activisme Social et Politique

• Les Affaires

• La Science et la Technologie

• La Formation

• Le Cadre Professionnel

• I’ Innovation et la Direction

La liste d'appels très attendu sera publiée vers minuit le 31st Décembre 2010.

Pour proposer un candidat, écrivez à et expliquer en 100 mots ou moins pourquoi ils doivent être considérés. La date limite pour les candidatures sera 20H (heure Britannique) le vendredi 17 Décembre 2010.

Pour voir la liste de 2010, cliquez ici


Saturday, December 4, 2010


Once upon a time, there was a young boy who dreamed of making his mark in the music industry.

And he did! As Senior Vice President of A&R (Artist & Repertoire) at the label that brought us Lady Gaga, Fotemah Mba aka T'mah is always looking for the next big thing. 

Check out below what makes this rhythmic businessman (who doubles as Konvict Executive, Akon's buddy) tick.

Click to watch his first ever UK interview to Afrobuzz.

A Dulce Camer Top 50 contender for 2011? Rendez-vous December 31st to find out!!
We will be talking to Tmah more indepth so watch out for his interview here on DC.
Stay sweet and keep your dreams alive!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


It's sure cold outside but on Saturday 4th December, prepare to be warmed up with the maiden Jazz Camer event which promises a 3 course meal complete with jazz and djembe music at the Maestro Bar & Restaurant in Deptford, London.

It'll be a night to enjoy the delights of Cameroonian cuisine as well as have a networking opportunity.

Ticket is priced at £30 all inclusive and includes a complimentary drink with authentic Cameroonian coffee.

For more info, visit

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Yesterday was World Aids Day with lots of activities going on around the world to battle this deadly disease.

Stigma still remains the biggest perpetrator of this virus and education is no doubt the key to beat the stigma and help put a stop to this disease.

Manu Dibango, Fally Ipupa, Didier Drogba and Kassav's unforgetable voice, Jacob Desvarieux, fronted a campaign which aims to promote the idea of education.

The key message of the campaign is "Faites passer le message" - "Pass the message on".

Don't discriminate, Educate!

Check out the video below.

Stay SAFE!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


A global AIDS report by the UN’s agency on AIDS says Cameroon can do more to increase HIV knowledge and behaviour change.

The report, released on Tuesday, November 22 says “less than half of young people [in Cameroon] can correctly answer five basic questions about HIV and its transmission.”

This document notes that the government of Cameroon is spending less than 0.1 percent of its domestic revenue on HIV programmes. UNAIDS says only 30 percent of adults who need HIV treatment are getting any. The situation is even worse for kids as only 11% of HIV positive children are receiving treatment.

On a positive side, the report acknowledges that 97,000 HIV positive people lived longer since 1996, thanks to treatment. New HIV infections have not risen by any significant number, meaning that the epidemic in the country is stabilizing.

UNAIDS has praised this development but is still calling for more investments in prevention programmes because for every one person who gets antiretroviral treatment, two more people become infected.

As of December 2009, there were an estimated number of six hundred and ten thousand people living with HIV in Cameroon, giving a prevalence rate of 5.1%.

Free HIV testing and counseling sites were created around some major towns and cities in the country at the end of November as part of the activities leading to World Aids Day today.

Globally, there are 33.3 million people living with HIV and about two-thirds of them live in Sub-Saharan Africa. According to UNAIDS, prevention efforts are paying off but at a slow pace. “We are breaking the trajectory of the AIDS epidemic with bold actions and smart choices,” says UNAIDS director Michel Sidibé. “Investments in the AIDS response are paying off, but gains are fragile—the challenge now is how we can all work to accelerate progress.”

(Report with thanks from

Take care and be SAFE


Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and Cameroon Indomitable Lions defender, Benoit Assou-Ekotto was recently invited to support the work of the United Nations as an

Advocate of the United Nations Millennium Campaign and Champion of the MDGs in Africa, a capacity in which he will seek to uphold the vision of the United Nations Charter in general and the work of the UN Millennium Campaign and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in particular.

As a UN representative, Benoit has been invited to serve as a primary catalyst in working with the Millennium Campaign to promote and encourage the execution of a holistic action plan, for the achievement and implementation of the MDGs with a focus on Universal Education, Environment Sustainability and Global Partnerships.

In partnership with the UN Millennium Campaign, as and when relevant, he will be holding discussions with key decision makers in a wide range of sectors including government, civil society, business community or the general public to raise awareness of the MDGs and forge sustainable relationships based on the shared desire to work towards the achievement of the MDGS.

He has also been invited to liaise with civil society organisations, parliamentarians, universities, research organisations and local authority associations to encourage participation in the promotion, monitoring and achievement of the MDGs.

When asked about his new appointment, Benoit replied “Firstly, this came as a surprise to me! When I was informed of the appointment, I was overwhelmed. I have always seen the United Nations as being an organisation that you see on TV with Presidents at the HQ in New York!”

He also added “As a young African, I feel intrinsically connected to the continent and I am excited by its future. I am excited by the current will and energy that exists to ensure the poorest people of the world are freed from the shackles of underdevelopment and though the task is enormous, I feel there is a call to action for our generation to ensure that the inequalities of our societies do not remain the norm.”

With a man who does not fear to speak his mind, the UN sure picked a great campaigner. Congrats mister!

Stay sweet

Monday, November 29, 2010


There are no bounds to Shiri Achu's talents. Since fully embarking on her painting career with her first well received exhibition in London in April 2009 she has not looked back ever since.

She has gone from strength to strength and last week, for the first time she had her first exhibition in Douala, Cameroon.

After a lot of hard work which included preparing the exhibition, doing up to 12 paintings and working full time,the event was a tremendous success!

Below is a short interview that Shiri gave to DC.
DC: Why did you want to do an exhibition in Cameroon?

SA: Cameroon is home and an inspiration to many of my paintings so what better place to showcase my work!! 

DC: What was your expectation before the exhibition?
SA: I really didn’t think it would be as well received as it was, because a lot of my paintings depict Cameroonians going about their daily activities and I thought people would say that they see that everyday so why appreciate it in art form? I was very wrong!! It was really well appreciated; notably the sentiment of them!
DC: And after?
SA: I thank God that the exhibition was a huge success. I had sales, a commission and much interest from all who attended including the press. I was asked to attend a conference the day after where over 12 journalists sat around a table analysing and asking me questions about my work. The event has been on TV and on several radio shows and I was humbled when I was told that one commentator said more Cameroonians should follow my footsteps and paint!! Especially the ladies... I am honoured to be considered a role model.
DC: Would you be doing another show in Cameroon again?
SA: YES! I would love to have another exhibition in Cameroon but not immediately, maybe in about 2-3 years.... but you never know.

Below are some pictures from her press conference and from the exhibition.

If you are in Douala, go check out the exhibition which is at the Centre Culturel Francais in Akwa till December 22nd.

Stay sweet