Thursday, March 31, 2011


There's a new TV show about to hit your screens real soon! Filmed and produced in Cameroon, this show aims to entertain and educate you by bringing to the forefront topics that deal with everyday life issues.
From fashion to business to parenting to lifestyle and a whole lot more, be sure that they've got it covered!

The producers are currently putting their team together so if you are a presenter, creative writer, hair / makeup artist or fashion stylist, be sure to check out their requirements below and submit your interest along with the necessary back up information.

Number needed: 5

 At least one year's TV experience.

 Should be fluent in either English or French, and should understand both.

 Should be very eloquent and dynamic.

 Should be of age 24 and above.

 Should be well read, cultured and apt to give a diverse opinion.

Send them a (5min maximum) video demo to
Have an online demo? Send them the address!

Number needed: 2, 1 French and 1 English writer

 Should have a good knowledge in script writing

 Should be very creative and unconventional

Send them a 1 (one) page script on any topic of your choice to

They are also looking for:-
Hair and Make up artist – Salon or individual
A fashion stylist
For hair & makeup, send them pictures of your work to
For stylists, send them a portfolio with pictures of your favourite fashion trends of the moment.
For questions and inquiries, contact 00 237 75 82 79 26

If you are Cameroon based and if this interests you, get to it today and don't delay!!
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Flicking through her pictures there is no doubt that Miss Ekiko is very photogenic. With the Keracare campaign under her belt and her slender curves and a smooth complexion akin to brown chocolate you know that this striking beauty has the IT factor to make it all the way to the very top of the supermodel charts.

If you thought Cameroon could not produce anything great, hold that thought and think again!

DC caught up with Miss Ekiko and here is what she had to say. Happy Reading y'all!!

DC: Hey Naoumie, many thanks for talking to the Dulce Camer blog. How is life?
NE: No problem, I am delighted to talk to you. Life has been good!

DC: If we were to speak to your friends about you. How would they describe you in 4 words?
NE: They would say I am chilled out, fun, determined and lovely.

DC: So! You grew up in Kumba, in the South West province of Cameroon before relocating to the US. Did you already have modelling in mind as something you wanted to do?
NE: No, I had no idea about modelling when I was home but I knew about Naomi Campbell because my nickname was Campbell.

DC: If you had stayed in Cameroon, do you think you would have pursued this career?
NE: I don't think so but I would have along the way as I would have been doing singing, or something in the entertainment industry.

DC: Who spotted you or pushed you to realise this career?
NE: It is actually a long story, I came to the States to live and to study but after I did my first photoshoot felt in love with the environment. My family is a Christian family so modelling was not a good career for me or any of my siblings but I am a stubborn child so I started doing it on my own and now they like seeing me in magazines.

DC: Now tell us about your modelling life? Maybe talk us through the most amazing day you have had so far in your career!
NE: I have had good days and bad too but modelling is always a challenge to me and to have a good day, well every time I step in front of the camera is a good day to me.

DC: How much work are you getting as a black model?
NE: Not as much as you would expect.

DC: Do you see any difference between the type of work you get and the ones your “white” counterparts get?
NE: Yes there is always a difference between the types of jobs we get.

DC: Have you done any runways or would you like to?
NE: Yes, I have done some.

DC: Which designers fascinate you?
NE: All designers fascinate me; it takes talent to come up with something that people love.

DC: How much do you know about the rising African fashion scene worldwide?
NE: Not so much, but I do know African fashion is growing.

DC: Have you worked with any African designers? Which?
NE: I have worked for one, the Project Runway contestant Korto Momolu. I did one of her runway shows.

DC: What do you think these African designers need to focus on to get their brands to a level where the top mainstream brands are?
NE: I know people will love to see more of the African style, so showing it more to the world would be a good start.

DC: What else do you think needs to be injected into this rising African fashion scene to make it more recognisable and appealing to the masses?
NE: If they can put the clothes on celebrities and also use them in the magazines.

DC: What have you learnt about the modelling world that you didn’t know before?
NE: Modelling has always been a learning process, so I hope I keep learning. Not just taking pictures but the best pictures. I now know modelling is a lifestyle.

DC: What else would you love to do in life?
NA: Continue modelling, start acting and have a career in singing.

DC: Anything else to tell us?
NE: I am very grateful for this opportunity to share my life and thought with you and your readers.

Check out how versatile our supermodel (yes supermodel!) is!

What a beauty or what a beauty!
She sure has the talent to be the next supermodel!
Watch out for her people!


Thanks for checking the blog and thanks for the support you continuously show us. Please do send us the names and contact numbers of any Cameroonian talent around the world doing FAB things! Email us at:

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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Valentine is a budding R'n'B artist making his name within the UK music scene. Back in 2009, we caught up with him during our "25 Equals 25" music campaign. Read the full interview by clicking on the below link.

He has just released the new video for his new single entitled "Obsessed". DC caught up with Valentine to find out why he wrote this track and here is what he had to say "Obsession is an everyday experience we find in love. When love becomes too strong for one to handle it can translate to an obsession. So, the song describes the feeling of lust, joy and pain within this obsession phase"

The single is available to download on iTune but you can catch the video Flava TV, OBE and Channel AKA.

The song was produced by Starlab production.
Check out the video below.

Also click here for the full 2009 interview.
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Beautiful, exquisite and spectacular are some of the words that spring to mind when you see Moni's cakes.
Weddings, birthdays or any other celebration cakes? Moni's cakes are suitable for all occasions.
Check out some of her splendid creations below.

Monica Taku, the creator of the cakes is based in South Africa, contact information below.
Phone: 0027 82 595 0574
Eat cakes and let it be Moni's!!
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Papa Samuel Eto'o Fils recently launched his official website. A site that is crisp, clean and filled with excellent animation.
We particularly also love the photo capture on the home page.
Check it out here
Well done Eto'o!!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


To all you daughters, sisters, wives and mothers around the world today (and every other day) is your day to be appreciated and complimented for all the great things you do to keep this life going!

Happy women's day!
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Monday, March 7, 2011


Cameroon is pipping hot at the moment and no fret not Mount Cameroon is not spewing out red hot lava! We are referring to the amazing talents that are currently springing up within it's baby entertainment industry.
Young Cameroonians around the globe are using their influences and inspiration to write, produce and create sounds that are truly showcasing their diversity and their creativity.

DC would like to present you some hot tracks from 2 upcoming artists by the name of Debra (the CamerCouture songstress) and Peter Jericho (aka PJ), son of Peter Essoka the veteran journalist. Watch out people, they will be HUGE!!

Check them out below...enjoy!

Talented or not?
Yes Camer, we've got it! No lower lower, yes, only higher higher!!

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