Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The first African staged World Cup is fast approaching and lots have been happening music wise to launch this truly epic and widely anticipated event.

Last week in South Africa, sponsored by Africa's fastest growing telecom company MTN, one such music happenings was a collaboration between Cameroon's top rap artist Krotal and megastar Kelly Rowland together with other African Stars namely; 2Face Idibia from Nigeria, Awadi from Senegal, Chameleone from Uganda, Samini from Ghana, Jozi, Kwesta, Slikour and Zuluboy from South Africa and Rola an artist from Lebanon to record a new track entitled “Everywhere you go” produced by Steve Morales which will appear on the official World Cup compilation CD.

Here are some pictures from rehearsals.

Krotal, Awadi, Rola

Krotal with Kelly Rowland

A portion from all the proceed of this track will go towards initiatives such as United Against Malaria and the 1 Goal initiative. Get the track exclusively at
Check out the track here, video will be shot later.
Kelly Rowland seems like a sweet girl! Let's see if more future collabos take place!
All pictures courtesy of Krotal's manager.

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Friday, April 23, 2010


This is Julian a little boy at "Le Paradis des Anges" school in Kribi, Cameroon.
He is currently missing from his home.
There is a nationwide appeal for witnesses to come forward.
Have you seen this sweet little face?

Please email:

Please help, it is always very sad and worrying when you lose a child. When you don't know their whereabouts or what may be happening to them.
Hmm, please help!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The Shanghai China Expo 2010 kicks off from May 1st 2010 to 31st October 2010 in Shanghai.
With an estimated 70 million expected visitors hoping to see the different pavilions hosted by the 200 expected participating nations worldwide.

The theme of this year's show is "Better City, Better Life" representing the common wish of all humans for a better living in urban environments.

The emblem above depictes the image of three people - you, me, him/her holding hands together symbolising the big family which is mankind.

50 African nations will be showcasing including Cameroon as below with a national pavilion day of 3rd October 2010.

The theme of Cameroon's pavilion is remodelling of communities in the city.

It reflects on the rethinking and rational planning of urban construction and layout as wel as the country’s determinant emphasis on urban construction and remodeling of communities which shows a robust image of transformation and of development of Cameroon's cities.

The pavilion is divided into five areas respectively displaying tourism, sports, urban infrastructures, architectures and community development which revolves around the central element of the ‘tree’ to display the idea that good community life requires harmony among sky, earth and human beings.

For more information on this expo including entrance ticket, please visit

If you are in Shanghai, go and represent your nation!
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Monday, April 19, 2010


HIV is rampant in Africa and in Cameroon the rate is just as alarming.
A survey carried out in the University of Nairobi claims that although students were aware of the risks of contracting HIV and most had been tested, more than half rarely use protection.

The cause of this lapse in use of condoms is an 'invincibility' complex where students feel it is other people who will be affected, and not them.

The question is, how effective are these HIV campaigns in Africa? Are these students or Africans less bothered about contracting HIV because antiretrovirals are so readily available and HIV no longer presents a death sentence?

Join in on the AIDS debate and Have Your Say LIVE on air tomorrow 20 April at 1600 GMT. For more information click here,

What needs doing to increase AIDS awareness in Cameroon?
Feel free to leave your comments / ideas here below.
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Sunday, April 18, 2010


New African Woman Magazine is a quartely magazine for discerning women of substance. Available in both French and English across Africa, Europe, USA and beyond, their mission is to inspire rather than impose, to expertly advise rather than dictate and to tastefully portray the African diversity and beauty other than cheapen it.

In this second quarter, our favourite emerging designers KiRette Couture featured their bold and colourful spring summer 2010 collection.

To catch more on this feature grab your copy of the magazine available at all WH Smiths in the UK. For subscriptions, click here,

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Saturday, April 17, 2010


The University of Pavia in Italy has created a fund called "Fund for Cooperation & knowledge" financed by the students and the the University itself offering scholarships to students from developping countries.
Click on here for more information

Good luck!
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Votre Avant Garde, the hip new company behind the Camer Couture fashion event, is seeking 2 London-based style savvy interns with backgrounds in journalism, marketing and/ PR to join their exciting team.

So if you are a Carrie Bradshaw in the making, own more shoes and handbags than Imelda Marcus and would you know your Deola Sagoe from your Martial Tapolo then why not make your mark in the African fashion revolution? Now’s your chance!

All it takes is to be:-
· Mad about fashion
· Bright and bubbly
· Creative and energetic
· Dedicated and motivated
· Bilingual (ability to speak and write French and English an advantage)

Contact them NOW!

Send them your CV as well as a short and sweet bio about yourself (no more than 250 words) and tell them why you would like to be part of their fabulous project by Wednesday 28th April 2010.

Please send all entries to:

See more on them at:
Join their Facebook fan page: CamerCouture

Does this sound like your thing? It will be a great insight into the rising African fashion scene and DC thinks you will definitely learn lots!

So rise up and send them your CV and bio asap!
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Summer is nearly here, a time for the flowy, the short, the long or the one shouldered pièces de resistance named the little dresses!

Summer is a time you feel free, relaxed and you want to show off your great assets be it your legs, your back, your arms or even your shoulders and the little dress gives you this great opportunity to do so.

Here at DC, we have looked at some dresses that have appeared on the runway and some collections and have decided to bring these specifically to your attention.

Some of these dresses can equally be glammed up for the evening or dressed down to achieve the easy chilled-out day look complete with leather or rubber sandals or slippers and your huge shades!

For info on purchase please contact:

John by John Kouoh:

KiRette Couture:

Charlotte Mbatsogo:

Christiane King:


Dio Ali:
Facebook / Dio Ali

Poku Asante:
To be updated

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Ethiopia has launched its first science academy with the aim of promoting quality research and to offer science advice to government. Several other countries on the continent are considering establishing these special institutions of excellence, but the question remains, is science the door way to Africa's success?
Join in on the debate and have your say on BBC Africa live today at 1600 GMT.

Here on Dulce Camer, we would like to inititate this debate from now. What do you think readers, as Cameroon moves into its 50th year of independence how can science move us into the future? Please leave your comments and share with us your stories of Cameroonians making strides in the world of science.
For more of this story, please click here
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Sunday, April 11, 2010


The Museke Online Africa Music Awards (MOAMAs) is the inaugural awards held to celebrate African music and musicians achievement online.

The power of the internet has enabled African musicians to market their music outside their communities and countries, to other African countries as well as to people outside of the continent. has become one of the biggest African music websites with content and major traffic flow from over 30 African countries. It has helped musicians to be discovered by international fans and has been a source of news, blogs for fans everywhere. has been tagged the African music bible.
Museke is forming a partnership with other African music fans as well as websites who are dedicated to seeing Africans learn about African music, promoting new and popular African music to the masses.

The first edition of the awards promotes as many African musicians from as many different countries and styles as it aims to unite African music fans everywhere.

DC is so glad to see Cameroon represented here within the nominees as follows:-

Central Africa song of the year - Yelele - X Maleya
Best Alternative Fusion / Rock song - Rockstar - Jay N
Best Contemporary African song - Maria - Blick Bassy
Best New African Artist/Group of 2009 - Blick Bassy

Please go and vote for these guys up here. They are doing a fantastic job with their music and thay are showcasing our beautiful country in the process.

Show some national pride and VOTE!
Click here:
So don't delay!
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The year 2010 is a great year as most African nations celebrate their 50 years of independence (really?) from Western colonialisation.
Cameroon is no exception to these celebrations as preparations are currently going on in Cameroon and in embassies abroad to mark this achievement.

The Cameroon High Commission in London currently has a literary competition opened to any Cameroonian of the ages of 8 to 18 to write in any creative format a 250 word document on the theme, "Cameroon, Africa in miniature".

The deadline for submission is 30th April 2010.

So if you are interested and fall wihthin the criteria above, please get moving!
Please see below for more details.

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Monday, April 5, 2010


After the success of CNN Marketplace Middle East, CNN has launched Marketplace Africa.

CNN Marketplace Africa offers CNN viewers a unique window into African business on and off the continent. It is the destination for movers and shakers at the forefront of African business.

They will sit down with major players and innovators changing the face of African enterprise and will bring you fresh, cutting-edge business news.

CNN Marketplace Africa -- where Africa and the global marketplace converge.
Get inspired y'all!!

See the first coverage tackling the booming Nigerian fashion industry below.

Also check this online Cameroonian radio station for excellent representation of music!!

Hope you had a great easter
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