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Clovis Asong, a 14 year old schoolboy is being hailed as the UK's answer to the Jamaican Olympic star Usain Bolt after smashing a national record in his second ever race!

He ran a 100m race in an incredible 48.86 seconds despite ever having 1 formal training.

His mother Beatrice Efuet said she was 'so proud' to watch her son, a pupil at Our Lady's Sports College in Higher Blackley, Manchester in his record breaking run at the championships in Sheffield.

'I never push him to train,' sais Ms Efuet, from Blackley. 'But he has a natural talent. He just loves to do it.

For the full story please go to source here:

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Sona aka "the voice" a young US based rapper signed to his own record label, Intercessions Records storms the South West Province of Cameroon in a few weeks.

The Off The Wall tour will kickstart in the city of Buea on Saturday 14th November 2009 at the Molyko complex.

It will then move onto Limbe on Sunday November 15th 2009 at the Botanical Gardens with the first half of the tour being finalised in Kumba, the town of his birth, on November 21st 2009.

These concerts will also feature some of the best up and coming local artists from each region. Information about the artists chosen to perform on the Off The Wall tour will be published on the Intercessions Records' website.

Tickets for the concerts are set to be sold at 1,000FCFA for the first three weeks of sale, then at 1,500FCFA for the last week of sale and at the gate. Tickets will go on sale on Thursday October 15th, 2009. Keep your eyes peeled on the website and on this blog for further info.

For more information about Intercessions Records' activities in Cameroon, the Off The Wall tour or to speak to Sona "The Voice” please feel free to contact Mr. Celestine Tabe on 001 758 17479 or email him at

If you are in Cameroon, please go and support the brotha. We need to commend these young ones for all their effort in making something of themselves and in following their passion.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well, our fashion theme continues and as previously mentioned, we will be having fashion themed features to commemorate the upcoming fashion showcase at the Shoreditch Studios here in London hosted by Camer Couture.

Being the official blog partner of this event, DC will be having the scoop and gossip on all that is going on backstage so rest assured we will be handing out some treats ;-))

Today we will be showcasing 2 of the designers who will be featuring at the Camer Couture show. Rovisa Design by Rose Mbango and Bot I Lam
Happy Reading y'all!

DC: What is it about fashion that made you start a fashion brand?
Rovisa: From my childhood I was fascinated by the ideas of being a fashion designer as my grand mother was a dress maker. I think my dream came true after my studies when I started working as a designer’s assistant at many fashion houses such as Stiletto, DEBiSS, and more. With a little push from family and friends, I decided to start my own brand.

DC: What is the Rovisa Design brand all about? Tell us about your concept?
Rovisa: Rovisa design is a design label with its target consumers being young and belonging to the upper middle class. The clothing under the Rovisa design brand will be stylish and unique. They won’t come under the rugged everyday fashion, it will be for those who choose to be different and who want to make a style statement.

DC: What is the art of origami?
Rovisa: When I began designing my first clothing line, my inspiration came from ‘origami’ a Japanese word (ORI: to fold and KAMI: paper lit) meaning the art of paper folding. The goal of this art is to create a given result using geometric folds and crease patterns. Origami refers to all types of paper folding, even those of non-Japanese origin. Origami only uses a small number of different folds, but they can be combined in a variety of ways to make intricate designs. So my idea was to experiment with origami in fabrics.

DC: Why did you decide to experiment with this style in your clothes?
Rovisa: I wanted something different, innovative, creative and exquisite to look at because I don’t believe in simplicity when it comes to designing a line.

DC: Who is the Rovisa Design clientele?
Rovisa: My potential customers are young people; men, women and kids.

DC: Where do you get your fabrics from?
Rovisa: I did get my fabrics from many trendy markets in the UK as well as from Cameroon too.

DC: Who does the actual sewing?
Rovisa: I do all the actual sewing with 2 other assistants; Vincent de Paul and LaVictoire.

DC: How do you manage to juggle everything and be a wife and mother?
Rovisa: I manage to do everything by the grace of God and also because I am a very organised and hard working person.

DC: Which fashion brand(s) do you take your inspiration from?
Rovisa: I get my inspiration from designers such as Kenzo, Hussein Chalayan, NiNa Debiss etc

DC: African fashion is slowly enlarging its reins, what is your opinion on this?
Rovisa: I think it is great that there are a lot of designers out there striving to be the best and take on the Western designers. We need to continue to support our own.

DC: How can we help the young fashion designers in Africa to start up?
Rovisa: I think it is a matter of support and I feel this support needs to come from the African people and the African governments who need to help young designers to establish themselves into the fashion scene by financially supporting them thus allowing them to promote their brand. We have great designers in Africa!

DC: Cameroon is slowly picking up on what is going on around countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa, what is your opinion on this?
Rovisa: I think we would be in even better grounds now should we handle or face our responsibilities and learn from these countries quickly.

DC: What else do the Cameroonian government have to do to promote these changes?
Rovisa: They have to promote these changes by making financial help available as well as creating organisations that can help to promote and oversee projects.

DC: If you were not a fashion designer, what else would you have loved to do?
Rovisa: I would have loved to be a social worker because I do care a lot about people.

DC: How supportive have your family been to you?
Rovisa: They have been very supportive even in the difficult moments and I am glad to have them.

DC: Where is the Rovisa Design brand heading?
Rovisa: The sky will be our limit!

And that was what Rose Mbango of Rovisa Design had to say.
Please see below the interview given to us by Xaverie Bakheme and Lola Adeshigbin of the label Bot I Lam.

DC: Tell us a bit about your Bot I Lam brand? What is your concept?
Botilam: Bot i Lam means ‘beautiful fashion’ in Basa, one of the Bantu languages in Cameroon. We are establishing a fair trade project, whereby we bring our designs to Africa, source the tailors and fabrics over there, so that they can benefit directly. From our profits, we donate to charities based in Africa.

DC: Why did you decide to start a fashion business?
Botilam: We both have eclectic fashion styles and wanted to portray our mixed backgrounds, incorporating our African heritage with our Western upbringing. Also, the idea of seeing stores stock garments in African prints but made in China or Indonesia didn’t appeal to us; hence decided we should start one, made in Africa.

DC: What do you aim to achieve with this brand?
Botilam: An African business exposure, enabling the recognition of African craft and starting a trend to set up/ establish a working connection with Africa so as to enrich ourselves.

DC: Where would you like your brand to head?
Botilam: For greater things of course! How big is unknown as it’s not about fame but the difference we can make.

DC: Which designers have inspired you (Western or African)?
Botilam: Xaverie: Basso & Brook as they are not afraid to use bold colours and prints.
Lola: I like Marc Jacobs. His designs are always vibrant and innovative.

DC: What do you think about the rising fashion scene currently seen in Africa at the moment?
Botilam: It’s great to see, especially that Africans are being so creative. They are finally being recognized both here and back home.

DC: Which African fashion designers are amongst your most talented?
Botilam: We look at designers by skills and not necessarily by origin. However, it is inspiring to see those that have broken into the fashion elite such as Deola Sagoe and Duro Olowu. They have managed to establish their names over the past years.

DC: Were your family encouraging when you told them of this business venture?
Botilam: They were, although they had their reservations as they knew the difficulties you encounter with tailors back home.

DC: How easy was it to start the business?
Botilam: It was straight forward as it is a partnership hence we didn’t need as much formalities.

DC: Has it been all self funded?
Botilam: Yes!

DC: Who are your target customers?
Botilam: Our target customers will be from all ages and all races.

DC: Where do you source your fabrics?
Botilam: So far it has been Cameroon, but we hope to explore other African countries.

DC: Who does the actual sewing of the pieces and where are the tailors based?
Botilam: The tailors who do the sewing are in Cameroon.

DC: Why did you decide to source tailors from there?
Botilam: Although this can be challenging, we do it to ensure that our products benefit the continent.

DC: What is your view on people living in the Western world who fail to support and give back to their original countries?
Botilam: To each their own prerogative. Some were born here, and have no ties back home and you can’t blame them. Some were born back home but feel the West is their new home. It’s a personal trait, but we believe it is important to give back. The Diaspora is the key for Africa’s development and more should be done to make them aware of this.

DC: You are not into the fashion business full time, what else do you do?
Botilam: Yes we are not in the fashion business full time. We graduated in completely different subjects and get the opportunity to do other things.
Xaverie: Investigator, Lola: Business Consultant.

DC: Who would you most love to style and why? Male or female, Western or African?
Xaverie: I would love to style Estelle, as she seems unafraid to experiment.
Lola: I would love to style Michelle Obama. I love her fresh yet classic style and she’s not afraid to take risks. Also, it would be great to hang out with someone that I find inspiring!

Hope you enjoyed reading. Below are some of their designs!

To see more, come to the Camer Couture event taking place at the Shoreditch Studios on the 17th of October, 29B New Inn Yard, London EC2A 2EY.
Tickets cost £30 for standard and £40 for second row.
Reception starts from 6pm prompt and there will be drinks, nibbles, fashion, live music from Muntu Valdo, Serge Tebu and DeeQuest with a live band. The dj will keep you going till 3.30am!
The BBC will be there, where will you be?
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Friday, September 11, 2009


Date: 22 September 2009
Venue: Vortex, 11 Gillett Square, Dalston, London N16 8AZ
Time: 8.30pm
Tickets: 0207 254 4097

Go and check him out...dude has got skills!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


FIND HER KEEP HER, a Godson Pictures Production is the story of three friends Charles Knight, Ray Harris and Tyler Babatunde, young men with everything going for them. Except something is missing…the perfect MRS RIGHT. So, the proverbial search for the woman of their dreams takes them on a rollercoaster of twists and turns.

Charles Knight (Kojo) is a self proclaimed player, a ladies man and a serial heartbreaker, but in walks Simone Hagan (Rachel Ritfeld), a 25-year-old American solicitor who knows what she wants in a man and changes Charles’s entire perspective. Charles and Simone’s union seems like a match made in heaven when they meet, but finding love is never straight forward.

Kojo, dubbed "The Fresh Prince of Hackney" is fast becoming one of the biggest talents to come out of the black comedy circuit. Kojo has performed all over the world including America, Holland, Ghana, Nigeria & Germany as well as featured on our TV screens on MTV Base, Virgin 1 and BBC. Over the years he has performed with some huge names such as Chris Rock, Eddie Griffith and Dave Chapelle just to name a few. Kojo brings his comedic flair and adaptability to his debut acting role.

Rachel Ritfeld a seasoned model who has added her sparkling screen presence in hit shows such as MTV's Hip-Hop Candy, hosted by Kelly Osbourne, "Project Catwalk" and numerous music videos. Voted one of the hottest women to ever wear a bikini by Fashion TV, the new face for American streetwear brand Akademics, Rachel is now adding acting to her multi faceted brand with her lead role in FIND HER KEEP HER.

“Audiences will be sitting on the edges of their seats, watching Charles and Simone’s story unfold” says director Nam Aibangbee. FIND HER KEEP HER, is a story we are all familiar with but with a sexy, urban twist. Essentially, FIND HER KEEP HER answers the burning question - will they find her? And if they do can they keep her?

FIND HER KEEP HER sponsored by Sisterhood TV, premieres on 11 september 2009 at the trendy O2 Vue Cinema, North Greenwich. With a host of UK urban celebrities gracing the Red carpet with the exclusive screening starting at 9pm. For more info,email

Tickets for this event are £30 for non guestlist and £20 for guestlist.
Go and support guys! It was co-produced by Zorzi of irockthemicent.
Check out the trailer below, it looks like a great watch!

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The Allcamers group, a social site promoting all things Cameroonian are throwing their end of holiday party entitled "Be class party for all" this month in Paris.

This non profit organisation aims to promote the Cameroonian culture and its people in the diaspora as well as contribute to some social developments in Cameroon.

If you are in Paris, France then why not attend!
Details are:
Date: 24 September 2009
Venue: Gibus Night Club
Address: 18 rue du Faubourg du Temple, 750011, Paris
Metro Line: lines 3, 5, 8, 9, 11
Price: 20 EUR in advance, 25 EUR on the door or free for girls between 11.45pm - 12.30am
Contact: 00 33 6 23 59 89 39 / 00 33 6 68 04 66 04
You can also catch them on facebook:>
Website: (under construction)

Go looking classy and elegant and have fun!
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Monday, September 7, 2009


With effect from today, there has been a change of the British High Commissioner to the Republic of Cameroon.

Mr Bharat Joshi has been appointed British High Commissioner to the Republic of Cameroon in succession to Mr David Sydney Maddicott who will be transferring to another Diplomatic Service appointment. Mr Joshi will take up his appointment during September 2009.


Full Name: Mr Bharat Suresh Joshi
Married to: Mrs Bhakti Bharat Joshi
Children: Two
2007 - present UK Border Agency, Regional Manager, Visa Services, for the Gulf and Iran
2006 - 2007 UKVisas Director of Visa Services for Dhaka, Bangladesh
2005 - 2006 FCO, Private Secretary to Lord Triesman of Tottenham
2004 - 2005 FCO, Private Secretary to Chris Mullin MP
2003 - 2004 UK Visas, Head of Correspondence Section
2001 - 2003 UK Visas, Team Leader, Policy Section
2001 - 2001 FCO, Press Office, Consular Section on Post 9 11
1999 - 2001 The Gambia, Deputy High Commissioner
1995 - 1998 FCO, European Union Department (External), 3rd Secretary

Another thing causing waves is this...check it out!
How talented!

What do you think?


You struck your pose and got en vogue with Mario Epanya’s post here on Dulce Camer last week.

Well, our fashion theme continues! As previously mentioned, we will be having fashion themed features to commemorate the upcoming fashion showcase at the Shoreditch Studios here in London hosted by Camer Couture.

Being the official blog partner of this event, DC will be having the scoop and gossip on all that is going on backstage so rest assured we will be handing out some treats ;-))

Today the fashion focus is onnnnnnnn…… OLIVIA ERVI
Enjoy reading y’all!

Cannes, the well known city in the southern French coast is renowned for its glitz, its glamour, the yachts, the playboys and glamorous girls, expensive fast cars as well as haute boutiques like Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton. This is not the usual setting you have in mind when you think about a relationship with Cameroon but yes this once you can think again! The Cameroonian connection here is none other than the uber talented fashion diva Olivia Ervi.

From a very tender age, Olivia demonstrated interest in the fashion world and this was reinforced by how she used to spend her spare time cutting out patterns and trying out her ideas on her grandmother's curtains and table cloths and turning them into African tunics which she later sold at the local market.

At age 14, she moved to Paris and tried enrolling in some design courses however rapidly realising that without the correct elementary education she was not going to be able to get into any of these courses and learn her trade, she decided to attend fashion workshops where she got the opportunity to develop her technical ability and to work with the finest of materials.

In 2006 and at barely 31 years of age, Olivia Ervi launched her own line of ready to wear women’s clothes and opened a boutique on the famous Croisette in Cannes.

Quickly recognised for her creative talent, she was soon invited to the Cannes Shopping Festival to present her spring / summer collection for 2007, for which she received an overwhelming reception.

Olivia Ervi’s style is a rich mix of African and Western cultures. She defines her style as trying to liberate a women's body with a sophisticated style that is not ostentatious.

According to Olivia Ervi, the richness of her African cultural heritage is a major influence on her designs. She is inspired by fashions of times past: tight corsets, wasp waists, hoop underskirts, stiletto heels, draped and tied fabrics, loincloths and boubous in all colours from the most earthy to the most vivid. She is inspired to create fashions in which a woman’s shape and silhouette is defined and celebrated and pieces in which a woman feels not only beautiful but seductive, happy and glamorous.

She believes that beauty should be eternal.

Below are designs from her new collection.

How elegant, fluid, sexy and glamorous are these?
Did you like them? Well catch Olivia Ervi at the Camer Couture Fashion Show 2009 where the rustic and very elegant Shoreditch Studios in Shoreditch, London will be transformed into a fashion nirvana creating a rare setting for the UK Afronistas and fashionistas to glimpse another side of the land dubbed Africa in miniature.
She will be flexing her fashion muscles with 5 other Cameroonian fashion designers, doyen Anggy Haif from Cameroon / France and emerging designers Beffta nominee KiRette Couture from UK/USA, Ms Mi from UK, Bot I Lam from UK and RoViSa Design by Rose Mbango from UK.
This unique and chic event is organised by the newly created fashion platform and hub Camer Couture Limited fronted by creative heads Cynthia Anduhtabe, Isabel Bezeng, Ngum Ngafor, Soraya Sone (freelance consultant) and Alex quest.
This fashion show is scheduled to take place on the 17th of October 2009 from 6pm prompt with tickets costing £30 for standard tickets, £40 for second row and £50 for front row. This price includes a drinks and canapé reception, the catwalk show and an afterparty boasting a mix of makossa, RnB, Hip Hop, Soul, Afrobeats including Naija beats, Coupé Décalé and many more....come and show us what your mama gave you and maybe the DJ might just save your life that night ;-))
For more information, visit their website or join their Facebook group:
Follow them on twitter at:
For more information on Olivia, go to or join her on Facebook.
(Post source: Pictures from Olivia Ervi)
Hope you enjoyed reading this post. What Camer Couture are trying to do is to bring out the beauty of our treasured and vibrant nation Cameroon. If we the Cameroonians don't support the ventures and initiatives intended to upgrade our nation then who will?
Our pride for Cameroon has to be increased, if we all try and if we all support each other then we stand a better chance of developping not only the image of our country but our economy as well. Some of these designers use local resources and craftmanship which means more job opportunities are created and the local economy is boosted.
We need to all adopt the YES WE CAN attitude to move forward.
Thank you
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Friday, September 4, 2009


When we talk about tennis, the William sisters are at the top of the list of an association to this world sport.

In Quebec, Canada, the Abanda sisters are doing their very best to display their talent and the image of Cameroon even further to the rest of the world.

At just 12 and 15 years old, Françoise and Elizabeth are already being dubbed Cameroon's answer to the William sisters for their immense talent and passion for this sport.

Elizabeth, the eldest of the two is already ranked at number 10 on the under 18's list and has won other titles too. Françoise on the other hand bears a similar resemblance to Serena Williams in her play. She is even more stronger, more agressive and more determined.

They loved being compared to their heroes but they are aware that they have a long way to go yet.

Let's watch this space eh?
I foresee great things!

Elizabeth Abanda

Françoise Abanda

More on the story here courtesy of journalducameroon :
What do you plan to do this September? Well, whilst awaiting the fabulous Camer Couture fashion showcase to take place in October, why don't you indulge in some films?
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Thursday, September 3, 2009


August 2009 saw Dulce Camer reaching its first year as the number one blog for all Cameroonians!!!!! The blog with info and Gossip on all the Craziest, Sexiest, Coolest, Trendiest, Most Fabulous Cameroonians out there doing their thang!!
I remember telling Ms Tabe after she interviewed me last year in August that I would like to interview her on the blogs first anniversary – it seemed only fair to reverse the roles in a year so I could ask her some questions also!! ;-)
Voila! Herewith the interview, a little insight to the patriotic head behind Dulce Camer, whom you would never have guessed has a split personality! Read on, read on and find out more…
Also a brief interview with both Ngum Ngafor and Isabel Bezeng who are working with Tabe on the blog follow hereon too; but first lets speak to Ms Tabe Cynthia!!

SA – Firstly I must thank you for allowing me interview you as requested when I was interviewed 1 year ago to launch Dulce Camer, tell me how proud you are of your 1 year old baby.
TC: I am extremely proud of how we have grown and I am also immensely grateful and proud of all those out there who embraced this initiative and kept on sending me names of people they thought I could interview. This blog wouldn’t be where it is today without the support of the readers and followers. Thank you!
SA – What did you aim to achieve?
TC: The aim of creating this blog was to showcase Cameroon through its many and diversed talents. Before I started this blog I knew nothing on the Cameroonians out there who were doing stuff and now, I am so proud because I discovered a lot of talented and hard working Cameroonians doing one thing or another to make themselves and their country stand out. We are now competing with the Nigerians and the Ghanians and that is a great thing!
SA - Are you pleased about the number of talented Cameroonians there are out there or did you source them out before embarking on the blog.
TC: I had no idea of who was doing what. I just threw myself hoping I would come across them and lo and behold I did and people who heard of the blog via Facebook kept sending me names too.
SA - How do you source each talent and what does each interviewing process involve?
TC: First of all, you have to be doing something like running a business, fronting an initiative, singing, dancing, designing, styling, writing, the list is endless. If I come across a name of a person or if I am sent a name from other people or from Ngum (aka the archive, for her knowledge!), I contact the person first to tell them about the blog and what it aims to achieve and wait for their response. If they are interested, I then request their contact number (as I do my interviews by phone to give it that personal edge!), schedule an interview date and time and then come up with questions after my research on them. Thereafter, I call the person and conduct the interview and voila!
SA - A bit of a hard question but have you had a favourite feature to date? your most funniest, problematic, inspirational etc
TC: I would say everyone I have featured on the blog has been inspirational as everyone has a different story to tell and different means to how they got to do what they are doing. I definitely enjoyed talking to the 2 ladies behind KiRette Couture as what they had to say mirrored my very emotions on Cameroon and its lack of advancement.
I have not had any problematic interviews yet, thank God!
SA - Where do you see DC in 5 years time
TC: We want DC to be more than a blog and currently we are working behind the scenes on a lot of things we want to do with DC. I can’t reveal for now what they are as we are still putting things in place however, I can say that we are going to become a dotcom, making us the number one entertainment and information portal. We also have a PR side called Dulce Camer PR. So if you are a business, a budding artist (musician etc), a designer, a writer, or if you have events you want promoted or marketed, contact us for a proposal. We will be happy to assist you as we are looking to catapult the image of Cameroonian individuals and businesses in the UK and abroad through original and high quality publicity strategies. Keep your eyes peeled on DC to find out more on where we are heading.
SA – The Tabe I know is a ms fashionista! Would you ever consider a career in this field having been so exposed to it especially during this last year whilst working on Fah-schyon blog?
TC: Hmm, ms fashionista?! I have a passion for fashion and I also love to play with a wide variety of images and looks and it is for this passion that I started the Fah-schyon blog to show people the movers and shakers of fashion from the African continent. At the moment, I am involved with Camer Couture which aims to catapult the talents of Cameroonian fashion designers to the world who are otherwise oblivious to their creativity. We will be throwing a unique and chic fashion showcase launching October 17th at the Shoreditch Studios here in London. So, to go back to your question, I am already working within the fashion field as a facilitator to these designers. I love the backstage work so watch out for more things coming up!
SA – Is this how Camer Couture came about? And what are your aspirations for this first show in October?
TC: Yes, this is how Camer Couture came about. Our aspiration is to put on a great show which is very different to what the community are used to seeing. We also aspire to showcase these designers’ creativity and talent adequately and educate people on Cameroon, dubbed Africa in miniature.
SA - So, tell us all about Tabe Cynthia, likes, dislikes, passions, inspirations and aspirations?
TC: I am reserved but yet outgoing, loyal and encouraging and friendly but too independent! I love to cook, to listen to music and I am very passionate about interior design too. I love colour, my 2 favourites being blue and green (turquoise, absolutely love it!). I am inspired by Africa, Nigeria especially is the source of my inspiration and I aspire to do a great deal to make sure that Cameroon is known for more than just Roger Milla and Samuel Eto’o. I dislike procrastinating and individuals who have no ambition.
SA – What makes you cry?
TC: Sad news, especially death makes me cry. I also cry when I am very joyous!
SA – What makes you smile?
TC: When I think of my blessings, hear a funny joke or when I watch kids play…their innocence and sense of freedom makes me smile.
SA – Thank you for giving this interview Ms Tabe and we can only pray it goes from strength to strength!! and of course thank you for your hard work on the blog.
TC: Thank you for keeping to your word and making this a reality. Thanks to all those who have been with me throughout this year. Please continue to read the blog and leave your comments, whether good or bad we want to know what you think! Stay blessed and sweet as always ;-))
Now lets hear what Ngum Ngafor and Isabel Bezeng have to say!

SA -Your thoughts on DC please.
NG: It grew way bigger and faster than I imagined it would and that’s amazing! DC is a reference point for all things fantastically Cameroonian. People come up to me all the time to tell me how much they love it and the pride it brings them. That assures me that we have achieved something.
SA -What made you decide to work alongside Tabe on DC?
NG: I love her ideas and “yes we can” attitude. We also have similar tastes in many things. Cynthia first struck me in an article she wrote for MIMI magazine (we both freelanced for the publication but did not know each other) about the “bush faller” phenomenon in Cameroon. I tried in vain to get in touch with her so when I stumbled upon her on facebook and found out what she was planning regarding DC, I jumped at the chance of a joint effort.
SA - What is your role?
NG – I am a writer/researcher. We all have a say in what makes the site’s content.
SA -Where do you see it going, what is your aim and aspiration for DC and how would you like to see it evolve?
NG – We see DC becoming a magazine. Our goal is for it to be the definitive Cameroonian showbiz/current affairs hub.
SA - Tell us about you. Your likes, dislikes, passions, inspirations and aspirations. What makes you tick?
NG – Hmm.. [laughs]. Music! If it sounds good, I’ll listen to it. I live for words (they have such power) ideas and positive people. I can’t stand religious, political or any other form of extremism. I also dislike the idea of not believing in people and endless possibilities. Education, women’s issues and Africa are always on my mind. I am currently inspired by the Zambian economist, Dambisa Moyo and share her ideas about ending Africa’s dependence on aid. It makes my blood boil that week out an existence when ours is the richest continent on earth! Everyone should read Moyo's book, “Dead Aid.” My family too is amazing! Their belief in me is unconditional. I still pinch myself when I see what my sister, Anrette’s clothing label, KiRette Couture (she co-owns it with an old school friend, Kibonen Nfi) has mushroomed into and how fast it is growing. This and the successes of other Africans offer us a snapshot of what we can achieve for our motherland if we believe. My aspirations? They are so many [laughs]. How about retiring to my gorgeous, Shiri Achu-designed Baforchu farmhouse? I need high-flying media/PR career to pay for that right?
SA - For you Ms Ngum, my architectural services will be affordable - I promise. Beautiful Baforchu farmhouse it will be!! I can see it already!!
OK, lets conclude with you and I must thank you for giving this interview. I am not alone when I say thank you for your hard work on the blog and we pray it grows from this 1st birthday to many many more.
NG- It is always my pleasure Shiri. Best wishes to you too. DC’s got to have the scoop when your beautiful art is featured at the Tate Modern and the likes of it!


SA -Your thoughts on DC please.
IB: DC has grown from strength to strength within the last 12 months and at the moment it is the number one Cameroon blog for all entertainment news. DC is a platform for promoting established and up-coming Cameroonian artists.
SA -What made you decide to work alongside Tabe on DC?
IB: When you look at the Cameroon media industry, there isn’t a lot of outlets that focus on entertainment news. When I first saw DC, I wanted to be part of it, because I felt it was new, innovative, creative and very different from most Cameroon media. I joined DC because it has a young Cameroonian team which is capable of addressing many issues concerning their peers. As a woman, I felt most of the other media didn’t cater for my needs. DC promotes Cameroonian talent and presents a more positive side of the country.
SA - What is your role?
IB: I am in charge of marketing and public relations (PR). My role involves developing strategies to increase readership. I worked on the popular “Seven Wonders of Cameroon” campaign that we ran to mark the national day (20th May) celebrations. I was also part of the recent“Bring Back Makossa” drive. Monitoring traffic flow on the blog is another important duty.
SA -Where do you see it going, what is your aim and aspiration for DC and how would you like to see it evolve?
IB : I see DC moving from a blog to an online magazine with richer content and interactive features. We aim to make DC the first stop for latest news and gossip about happenings in and around Cameroon. Another goal is to secure continuous growth in readership.
SA - Tell us about you. Your likes, dislikes, passions, inspirations and aspirations. What makes you tick?
IB: I like my family and friends, absolute dislike ignorant and narrow minded people. I love fashion and shopping - especially shoe shopping. There is just something about shoes! Inspiration? I think once you know what you want in life then you can easy draw it from anywhere and anything. I have not got any particular source of inspiration. I always try to make the best of every situation that comes my way. I see life as a continuous learning process and aspire to be the best in whatever I do. What makes me tick? Hahahaha. I would say good company, especially my family and friends; it has to be my family. I absolute love and always look forward to family gatherings. They are always full of jokes.
SA Thank you for giving this interview Ms Isabel. Again, I am not alone when I say thank you for your hard work on the blog and we pray it grows from this 1st birthday to many many more.

So there you have it people, until next year, stay well and blessed and lets continue in sharing and contributing to the blog to strive to make Cameroon a force to be reckoned with!!
Tabe, Ngum and Isabel, we thank you for your relentless hard work – you are all blessings to our nation, Cameroon!!!
Take care all & God bless!
Shiri Achu (SA)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Another year, another beauty contestant hopes to wear the crown of Miss Africa USA held Stateside.

This initiative founded on the basis of advancing the cause of women of African descent is headed by the dynamic Lady Kate Njeuma (pictured) a Cameroonian-American who came up with this great vision of uniting people in support of Africa to make a difference. The Miss Africa USA Pageant now commemorates 4 years and growing from strength to strength.

The pageant is open to delegates from all 53 countries that make up the continent of Africa, the motherland. Pageant delegates are simply ordinary women of African descent living in America and facing every day challenges of growing up in two different cultures, and it takes a strong woman to appreciate both the American and the African culture as well as being proud of their heritage.

The philosophy of the Miss Africa USA Scholarship Pageant is about appreciating the great opportunities that America has offered to women of African descent and how to use such a privileged position to advocate for the less fortunate.

There are many contestants representing Cameroon so please show your support by voting for them. To find out more info about those taking part, please go here:

To visit their website go to:

Stay sweet