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(left to right, Cynthia, Ngum & Isabel)

For those who don't know, find out who the behind the scenes crew at Dulce Camer are by checking their 2 part indepth interview on the TipTopStars website.

Our interview reveals the reason why DC was founded as well as who and what truly inspires us, what constitutes our daily routine as well as our some of our greatest talent finds of 2010.

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A very happy new year to all you DC readers and welcome to our very first talent profile of 2011.

Today we bring you a very hot talent who has been making a massive impact in the USA.

A talent to watch from our DC Top 50 list 2011, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute was born and raised in Yaoundé to a royal household with his twin brother Emmanuel and six siblings. Growing up, he displayed an interest in sports but it wasn't until he was 12 years old that he became influenced by basketball.

Meeting some of Africa's greatest basketball players such as Dikembe Mutumbo, DeSagana Diop and Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje showed Luc that dreams of a career in professional basketbal were possible.

That Luc reached the ranks of professional basketball's elite speaks volumes about his natural ability. It is also a tribute to his unsurpassed determination and work ethic, and an uncommon intelligence that he brings to the game.

Here is what Kobe Bryant, one of the best defenders in the NBA had to say about Luc "You don't see a lot of players [like Luc] who understand the value of playing hard defensively."

Need we say more? Happy reading y'all!

DC: Hello Luc, thanks for talking to DC. Let's talk a bit about you. Who is Luc Mbah a Moute?Luc: Hi, Luc Mbah a Moute is a young professional Basketball Player from Cameroon playing in the NBA for the Milwaukee Bucks.

DC: How tall are you?
Luc: 6’8

DC: Did your height influence your decision to get into basketball?
Luc: No it didn’t. I actually started playing soccer because that is the most popular sport back home then I wanted to try something different that’s how I fell in love with Basketball!

DC: How did your basketball career kick off? Tell us how you started.
Luc: When I was about 14 I joined a club in my hometown of Yaoundé called ONYX. After 3 years, my skills improved a whole lot so I was selected to represent Cameroon at the NBA Basketball Without Borders camp in S.A formally called Africa 100. From there I got a scholarship to come play at Montverde Academy in Montverde, Florida where I played for 3 years. In 2004 UCLA recruited me to play for their basketball team! I played there for 3 years, I went to THREE FINAL FOUR, in two of those I played against Joakim Noah, the Milwaukee Bucks then drafted me and I’ve been playing here for the past 3 years.

DC: Was it easy to break into the professional basketball scene?
Luc: No it was really hard to break into it, because there are only 450 spots in the league and there are millions of people trying to make these spots from around the world. Also coming from Africa was definitely a disadvantage as opportunities for us to make it in the league are limited. It took a lot of hard work and blessings from above.

DC: Did you face any obstacles?
Luc: Well I did at first; the language barrier, the style of play being more European back home whilst faster in the U.S. and living alone in a new environment were all obstacles that came into play.

DC: How did you deal with these?
Luc: I remained positive and I kept dreaming. I knew what I wanted to accomplish which was to get into the NBA and I just kept putting that in front of me and I kept chasing it. My family support also played a big part in it.

DC: Where would you say your determination to succeed comes from?
Luc: It comes from my dad. From a young age my dad had always been telling my brothers, sisters and I that “HARD WORK ALWAYS PAID OFF” so I wanted to do just as good or better than he did. When I found my dream and my passion it was just a matter of me working hard to achieve my goals.

DC: Your parents had never seen you play until they came from Cameroon to watch you at the 2008 NCAA Men’s Division Basketball Tournament. What did this mean to them?
Luc: They were very proud to travel all the way from Cameroon and witness an event as big as what the Final Four was; it made them proud and made me very happy.

DC: Where they supportive of your chosen career from the start?
Luc: No they were not just like most parents in Africa. We have to bear in mind that basketball is not a very popular sport in Cameroon so it was not easy to convince them that I was coming to the U.S to play basketball. But the fact that I was getting an education as well assured them to let me come here. They were more excited at the fact that I was going to be able to go to college in the U.S than playing basketball!

DC: Do you think Cameroonian (or African) parents ought to be supportive and encourage their children into unconventional careers?
Luc: Yes no questions about that. I think that nowadays we can’t just keep the mindset of going to school, getting a degree and finding a job. School is not for everyone and some people have talents that can be exploited. Making it as an athlete or an artist can help you sustain your whole family.

DC: Are there any differences between playing for your club the Milwaukee Bucks and playing for the Cameroon Basketball team?
Luc: Yes there is a very big difference because when playing for Bucks I’m playing for a club but when I play for my country there’s a lot more pride and feelings involved and many times I end up in a team with people I grew up playing with who share the same love and passion for my beloved Cameroon.

DC: What do you think needs to be done to ensure that standards are kept within the Cameroon basketball scene?
Luc: Well the first thing that we should focus on is I think the infrastructure and our material resources.

The next thing we should focus on are the children from ages 5 to 12. By training them at an early age it gives them more time to develop their skills in order to maximise the opportunities for them to play at a professional level in Europe or the U.S.

DC: What are your dreams?
Luc: I’m living it right now!

DC: Any last word to anyone thinking of going into a basketball career?
Luc: Work, work hard, work and when you’re tired of working work some more!

Check out our brother in action!

With Dikembe Mutumbo

Contact details:
Facebook page:

DC: Thank you!!
Luc: Thank You

To conclude this post, here is our quote of the day. Remember that with a little passion and determination sprinkled with a lot of hard work, YOU CAN achieve whatever you want.
Are you living your dream?

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Bamenda’s rolling hills came alive as Christmas celebrations spilled over into style explosion, courtesy of Cameroon’s exciting new fashion pack.

The scene was Ayaba Hotel’s pool area. KiRette Couture (KC) led fashion houses, Rodrig Tchatcho, Syl Anim, Tia Mac Ren, Nuvi Designs and Dilisious Coucou in a mesmerising display of Cameroon-inspired chic.

On the front row were producer of BET’s Rip The Runway show, Aminah Benjamin, the North West Regional Delegate for Culture, Ernest Tchuinte and local business leader, Francis Yong.

At a glitzy pre-event session, VIPs mixed with designers and splashed out on exquisite, limited edition creations from their latest collections, while sampling fine wine bouquets.

Nuvi Designs opened the catwalk with a delightful assortment of wax print cuts. A Touch of showed off a colourful melange of vivid styles and urban cuts.

Men in cyclist shorts, a cute model in a hoodie and a fabulous new range of patterned sandals sprang out of Nigeria-based Syl Anim’s hip collection.

Up-and-coming trio Tia MacRen kept it fresh and youthful with trendy mini dresses. A futuristic key piece introduced the young brand’s daring side.

Douala resident, Rodrigue Ttchatcho’s versatility shone through casual creations and detailed evening/bridal gowns.

Dramatic, arty and evolutionary sum up KC’s unveiling of its Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Gorgeous, bikini clad models strutted uber trendy jackets adorned with bold prints, bright embroidery and patterned frills while richly textured evening gowns added an edge of sophistication to KC’s latest offering.

Another highlight was a vibrant embroidered piece from KC’s newly launched children’s range.

“What thrills me the most is the designers’ ability to revolutionise the traditional North West regalia. The concept of blending the toghu with modern chic not only distinguishes these creators but also gives the style a contemporary look that makes it accessible to people beyond Cameroon’s borders,” explained Ernest Tchuinte.

But fashionistas didn’t just indulge in vogue. Music from Hip-hopper, Valsero, R&B group, BAAM, African soul star Landry Njapa and pop act, Excel, kept their dancing shoes functional.

Proceeds from Bamenda Rocks 2! will benefit the Splash Networks International Cancer Community Care Awareness Programme.

Check out some of the pictures of the runway.
KiRette Couture


Syl Anim

Dilisious Coucou

Rodrig Tchatcho

In an animated session, guests received gifts from event sponsor, Brasseries du Cameroun. Bamenda Rocks 2! was also supported by M&I Cyber Café, Guarantee Express and L’Alliance Franco-Camerounais and UK-based Marketing & PR company, Votre Avant Garde.

“We are eternally grateful to our sponsors and guests. They made the show happen,” noted KC co-founder and CEO, Kibonen Nfi.

“Bamenda Rocks 2! was a huge success! Let’s get ready for the next instalment,” enthused her partner, Anrette Ngafor.

On that note, roll on BR3!
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Last year, Dulce Camer introduced you to 50 Cameroonians to watch out for in 2010. But this time, thanks to you, the readers who nominated, we present you 50 bright young things who are making our nation proud.
BE inspired!


Arrey Kono
Trained in Paris, Milan and Berlin, Arrey had the opportunity to be inspired by designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Julian McDonald. Her work is inspired by high fashion standards equating extravagance and uniqueness with wearable fashion.
She consistently fuses fashion and art beautifully to recreate pieces and collections that accentuate the wearer’s individuality and allows for their interpretation of their own feminine strength.
Experimenting with precious fabrics and unconventional combinations of materials makes her achieve a fantastic reputation of setting trends within her fashion milieu.
Catch her this month at the Berlin Fashion Week.

Charlotte Mbatsogo
An award winning young fashion designer inspired by everything from her environment to the works of other designers, Charlotte has come a very long way since establishing her eponymous fashion line “Charlotte Mbatsogo”. She attended the well known ESDM fashion school in Yaoundé and has participated in shows such as the Vlisco Show, The Afric Collection show, The FIMA, The Labo Ethnik show, The Molato na Brazza show as well as amassing press features in medias including Amina, Madame Figaro, New African Woman, Liberation, l’Express, le Courier International etc. She won an award at the “l’Afrique est a la mode” competition organised by CultureFrance at the FIMA 2009 show in Niger.
Sarah Dinene Divine (Maison d’Afie)
Her first taste of designing was by making clothes for her dolls but now Sarah Dinene Divine makes clothes for real women! Inspired by her passion for fashion and the huge dedication of her mother Afie who had been in the fashion industry herself for more than two decades, the “Maison d’Afie” label was born in 2009.
Sarah caters for the confident and disciplined woman with great inner strength and with the ability to be playful thus striding confidently in her bold and colourful pieces. Her designs are a reflection of her own personal style and her pieces are comfortable and stylish.
She recently took part at the Afric Collection shows and also collaborated with the hip textile boutique, Art Textile in Bonapriso to create unique pieces giving inspiration to their well to do clients.

Fruwah Boma
Fruwah Boma ventured into the world of fashion as the brains behind sexy label, Nebright Couture. She has since completed internships at Nicole Miller, and Diane von Furstenburg, where she works as Assistant Designer. Fruwah is also a co-Founder and Board member of the nascent Cameroon Fashion Industry Non for Profit Organisation in America.

Beauty and brains too? That’s not fair! Edwige Monique Gwladys Madiesse, hails from Yaoundé and is currently studying for a degree in economic sciences at the university of Douala. This young upcoming fashion model who also lives in Douala has strutted her stuff on the catwalks of Afric Collection, AMPC “Fashion Place”, Bamenda Rocks, worked with designers including Alphadi, Imane Ayissi, Charlotte Mbatsogo John, Mustapha Hassanali, Gilles Toure, Sanjani Rajesh and Owori as well as with reputable photographers within the African fashion scene such as Frederic de la Chapelle, Mathias Koch and Ernest Collins.
She has also fronted ad campaigns for Afric Collection, Molato na Brazza, Brasseries, Canal Satellite and MTN as well as appeared as the love interest on Denzyl’s video “Sexual Magic” and BHF magazine.
Bertini Heumegni
Brown skinned, green eyed Bertini is one of 29 siblings who grew up in Douala before relocating to Paris to further his education. Whilst there he fell into modelling which took him from Paris to South Africa and eventually to New York City where he appeared on the cycle 4 version of America’s Next Top Model show made famous by Tyra Banks and also featured in the film “The American Dream” with one half of Les Nubians; Helene Faussart.
He has also graced the covers of magazines such as GQ, Storm, Maxime etc


Lydia Besong
Courage and the right of speech is what pushed Lydia Besong an English language teacher seeking asylum in the UK due to her political involvements in Cameroon to write “How I became an asylum seeker” a play reflecting on her personal experiences as well as those of the women she met whilst attending WAST (Women Asylum Seeker Together) in Manchester.
We wish her well in her fight for asylum in the UK.
Adjani Klinsman Okpu-Egbe
As someone who does not like ''limitations'', Adjani draws his inspiration from a wide range of natural phenomena including religion, the environment, the human behaviour and freedom. A self taught painter Adjani is a daring and highly energetic character whose persona is reflected in some of his paintings.
When he is not splashing colours, he doubles as a model.

We cannot talk about the rap scene in Cameroon without mentioning Krotal, one of the biggest and most recognised artist from this genre. A music aficionado with a distinct voice and the passion and attitude needed for success he has come a long way! During the FIFA World Cup promotions in South Africa he was one of the featuring artists on the MTN sponsored track “Everywhere you go” that also featured US singing sensation Kelly Rowland and the Nigeria based TuFace.

Fotemah Mba
He dreamt of making his mark on the world music scene and he did! Fotemah Mba aka T’Mah is the senior vice president of A&R at Konvict Muzik / BuVision, the label that brought us the biggest music star of 2010, Lady Gaga. This budding businessman also doubles as Akon’s buddy and is always looking for the next best thing.
Watch out for his current protégé, 10 year old rapstar Lil Niqo.

Peter "Penjo" Njodzeka
Founder of Penjo Entertainments, an organisation with a primary focus on film making and photography based in Cameroon, Peter is a CNN correspondent who covers cultural, educational and empowerment-based shows.
Roused by the concept of change and development, he created NGO, Life and Water Development Group, to provide basic needs to people in various rural parts of Cameroon. So far about 60,000 lives have been improved due to his hard work. Keep it up Pete, you inspire us to be change makers!

Lionel Meta
Lionel Meta was born in France but grew up between Cameroon and France where he soon acquired the love of the cinema from his aunt who worked as a cinema usher. He later worked on some TV based films before fully immersing himself in the cinema world by writing and directing his first short feature film “La metamophore du manioc” filmed in Yaoundé featuring a host of Cameroon and France-based actors.
The film has gained attention at various film festivals around the world including Palm Springs, Oslo, Durban, and N’djamena and won the “Fica d’or”, best actress and best actor awards at the International Festival of Short Films in Abidjan in May 2010.
He was later chosen to represent his town, Clermont-Ferrand at the Addis Abeba short film festival, Images that Matter. We will sure be seeing a lot more of him.
Charlotte Dipanda
At just 25, Afro-pop and jazz/soul singer Charlotte Dipanda has come a long way since she was spotted by Congolese songster Lokua Kanza during a show in Yaounde. She has since launched a debut album in 2008 (Mispa) and worked with a range of respected talent including Blick Bassy, Richard Bona, Jeannot Hans, Papa Wemba, Manu Dibango, Axelle Red. Charlotte Dipanda won "Best Female Artist" at the 2010 Cameroon music and culture awards, Canal d’Or.


Constant Nemale
Constant Nemale is the brain behind Africa24, a Panafrican information channel launched in Paris, in May 2009. 
Backed financially by the government of Equatorial Guinea, this channel targets Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora. Although currently broadcasting in French only, there are plans to widen Africa24's scope by launching English and Arabic language based broadcasts by 2011. It is currently available 7 days a week to subscribers of Canal Satellite and partners on the African continent.

George Esunge Fominyen 
A Journalism & Mass Communication degree holder from the University of Buea, George Fominyen is a well known Cameroonian journalist who has been in the scene since the late 90s. He started at the CRTV desk in Buea before moving to Yaoundé where he presented national news and the famous Tam Tam Weekend show.
Based in Dakar, he is currently AlertNet's humanitarian affairs correspondent for West and Central Africa. George is also West Africa coordinator for the Thomson Reuters Foundation's Emergency Information Service.
Catch him waxing lyrical about football and his passions on:

Lilian Nyatcha 
Liliane Nyatcha was the popular presenter of « 7 Hebdo » at STV who recently left early this year to join the prestigious BBC Afrique at their headquarters in Dakar, Senegal.
After several years in one spot, Liliane aims to use this step up to widen her professional career. You go girl!

Natalie Wakam
A former Programs Director at Equinoxe Radio in Cameroon, Natalie Wakam also joined BBC Afrique in Dakar, Senegal, earlier this year. Another exciting chapter in the talented journalist's career begins.

Samuel Memoh 
Samuel Memoh is the host of the African Voices show presented on CNN as well as the founder of Dolphin productions.
Check out his documentary on AIDS in Cameroon here 

Amabel Niba
Described as the platform where people of African heritage come for Africa-related news, entertainment, motivation and inspiration, African Vibes Magazine has come a long way since its 2006 launch by Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Amabel Niba.
She has worked very hard to make it one of the most recognisable magazine that truly represents Africans in the Diaspora. With famous faces such as Angelique Kidjo and Akon on its cover, African Vibes enters an exciting fifth year!


Ndamukong Suh
As a senior in college at Nebraska, Suh became one of the most decorated defensive players in college football history. He won numerous awards including the Associated Press College Football Player of the Year Award, Bronko Nagurski Trophy, Chuck Bednarik Award, Lombardi Award and Outland Trophy. He was also a finalist for the Heisman Trophy, finishing fourth.
He currently plays defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League and he is still only 23! We salute you S U H!

Luc Mbah A Moute
At 6ft 8in, Luc Richard Mbah A Moute stands tall as a player for Milwaukee Bucks, But it could have all been so different if he had continued with his venture into football. Did we miss another Eto’o Fils?
Catch his full interview here on DC soon!

Antoinette Nana Djimou 
A French-Cameroonian heptathlete, Antoinette Nana Djimou won her first bronze medal at the European Indoor Championships in Turin, Italy in 2009.

Vincent Aboubakar 
At 5ft 11 1/2inches, Vincent is one of the tallest team player within the Cameroon national football team. He started his career with Cotonsport de Garoua and in the 2009-10 season he was promoted to the first team which later played a part in him being called into the national team representing Cameroon during the FIFA World Cup games in South Africa. He was one of team’s best players and this resulted in him being spotted and signed for the French Club, FC Valenciennes.
DC says felicitations Vincent! 


Olivia Sankara Mukam
Olivia “Sankara” Mukam studied International Relations at Johns Hopkins University in the USA and is a young social activist who has totally immersed herself into inspiring, educating and promoting self-belief in others.
The Yaoundé resident is founder and president of Harambe Cameroon. Her organisation works nurtures local problem solvers and fosters their links with international peers. DC salutes you Olivia!

Suzanne Africa
Suzanne “Africa” Engo is a celebrity activist and star of "I LOVE AFRICA." Currently in its fifth year of production, it is a film about the Africa 101 Charity Run Challenge which saw Suzanne run from New York to Chicago, in a bid to raise awareness about the effects of AIDS in Africa. She is also Founder and Executive Director of the New York AIDS Film Festival and President of “Girl Behind the Camera Productions”.

Anita Etta
Anita Etta is crafting a newer and more vibrant gospel music industry in Cameroon. Her music is speaks everyday challenges. She is also a philanthropist and works with the FOADAC organisation to support orphans in Cameroon. Anita is currently fundraising to purchase an incubator for the Limbe General hospital. Also powerhouse in business, she is Regional Human Resources Manager for a major American bank.

Judith Foyabo
California-based Judith Foyabo cares about society’s less privileged.  A co-Founder of FOADAC of the Foundation for Orphaned, Abandoned and Disabled African Children (FOADAC), her leadership abilities span from student to community groups. Judith’s love for serving others has enabled her to volunteer for several charitable initiatives including the Revlon Walk for Women’s Cancers, AIDS Awareness, Project Africa Global, Friends of Africa Medical group, and Autism Speaks.

Kah Walla
Hate or rate her, you can’t ignore Kah Walla. The charismatic entrepreneur/activist’s decision to sever ties with the SDF and run for the Cameroonian presidency, as an independent candidate, created feverish excitement at home and abroad. Recognised as a business leader by the World Bank, Kah Walla Co-founded consulting firm, STRATEGIES! which she has managed for 15 years. Her portfolio of clients includes Shell, Exxon Mobil, Standard Chartered Bank, the UN and NEPAD. An ardent advocate of economic policy reform in Cameroon, Kah Walla has served as Vice President of the American Business Association (now American Chamber of Commerce). She was also celebrated by the Clinton Global Initiative for a pacesetting capacity building project involving over 500 women market traders in Cameroon’s economic capital Douala. She certainly rules the boardroom. But can she rule the nation? Roll on election time!


Agatha Achindu
What’s a girl to do when she’s pregnant and wary of processed baby food? If she’s Agatha Achindu, she quits her high-flying software engineering role to found organic baby food brand, Yummy spoonfuls.
Agatha’s efforts and feisty foray into the world of business has fascinated media such as CNN and Fox News TV. Lauded as Cookie Magazine’s “clear favourite,” Yummy spoonfuls products are free of preservatives, pesticides, growth hormones and artificial additives. 
Find out more about Yummy mummy’s Agatha’s adventures on:
Stella Ideh
Created by Cameroonian Stella Ideh and her Nigerian husband, Solomon in 1996 Bantuway sought to end long journeys and early shopping trips for Africans and African-Caribbeans seeking good quality meat and fish products. The business has blossomed to incorporate impressive stores in London and Manchester (UK) and boasts food processing units which rival those of major food retailers, ASDA and Tesco. As Managing Director at Bantuway, Stella Ideh’s business abilities earned her a Club 87 Merit  Award in 2007.

FK Ranx Germanus-Akunda
Artist, entrepreneur and mentor, FK “Ranx” Germanus-Akunda manages film and photography facilities in London and Berlin.  The London-based Shoreditch Studios, which he co-owns is a favourite with London Fashion Week participants.  Ranx’s acumen and style have gained the attention of various media including M-Net, which featured him on hit culture programme Studio 53. Tweeter, fashion designer Eley Kishimoto and Votre Avant Garde (organisers of CamerCouture) are among his clients.

Mireille Fomekong
In a cacophonous Cameroonian marketing & communications industry, one voice stands out. And it belongs to ASCESE. With tough talking lady boss, Mireille Fomekong, at the helm, ASCESE has the ambition and foresight to rival giants, McCann Erickson and Voodoo.  It ingenious, sensory-inspired campaign for Tecno mobile phones proved a hit with consumers across Cameroon. Beating back furious competition to scoop the coveted Calvé Mayonnaise account was another proud moment for Fomekong and her team.


Paul Ayuk (PhD)
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Paul Ayuk is Clinical Lecturer at Oxford University with a specialist interest in difficult pregnancies. During his spare time, he manages - a learning portal for gynaecologists preparing for professional exams. When he’s not busy saving lives, Paul indulges in his other love, African music. He plans to shape Africa’s music industry as an online retailer.

Richard Chongwain (Dr)
Richard Chongwain’s fascination with Physics led him into the world of lasers. As a development engineer, he helped transform a fledgling Lynton Lasers Ltd into an award-winning, industry heavyweight. He left the field of cosmetic lasers to crunch complex equations as Senior Service Manager at Laser Quantum – a creator of lasers for scientific research.

Vitalis Chick
Vitalis Chick has always had a head for science. Tempted away from veterinary science studies by the exciting world of oil and gas, he has made a name for himself as a reservoir engineer at BP Petroleum & Exploration. A published author (his works are available in publications by the Society of Petroleum Engineers), Vitalis is passionate about mentoring.  Based in the UK, he helps mould a new generation of engineers through his work with the Spear Head Programme.


Joyce Ashuntantang (Dr)
Actress, screen writer, film producer, poet and academic, Joyce Ashuntantang, exploded onto the Cameroonian contemporary art scene in the 1980s as a member of the Yaoundé University Theatre. She went on to earn a Masters in Library and information Science from the University College of Wales, U.K., as well as an M.A. and a Ph.D. in English from the City University of New York. Her awards include, The Spirit of Detroit Award from the Mayor of Detroit, 1987, Cameroon Cultural Festival Awards 1989 and 1994, Outstanding  Women in Action Award, Cameroon, 2002, and MOHWA ‘‘women making a difference’’ Award, 2010. An unwavering advocate of Anglophone literature, Dr Ashuntantang authored of Landscaping Postcoloniality: the Dissemination of Cameroon Anglophone Literature in 2009.  CEO/Founder of EduART INC, a non-profit organisation created to promote social change through the arts; she is currently a professor of English and African Literature at the University of Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

William Nganje (Dr)
Think food security. Think William Nganje. An Associate Professor at the MSMA – W.P. Carey School of Business, at Arizona State University (ASU), he was awarded a quarter of a million dollars by the US Department of Homeland Security for  Intelligent Food Defense Systems for International Supply Chains: The Case of Mexican Fresh Produce to the U.S. – his landmark study on safe food transportation. Other feathers in his cap include a 2009 Presidential Award from the Food Distribution Research Society for Excellence in Research and Communication. Dr Nganje was also recognised at the Fako America 15th Annual Convention in Chicago for his dedication to nurturing young Cameroonian minds.

Jem Spectar (Dr)
Dr. Jem Spectar’s glittering academic career includes posts as Director of Studies at Princeton University, Assistant Dean of Students at the University of La Verne, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs at the University of Scranton, as well as Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Western Oregon University. He worked as Associate Professor of Law at the University of La Verne, has lectured in Political Science at Princeton University. Jem Spectar was also Professor of Political Science at the University of Scranton. A recipient of awards for excellence in teaching, he has published numerous articles on international law and made presentations on seminal contemporary issues including the protection of human rights. Dr Spectar is also part of the Board of Directors of the American Conference of Academic Deans and a supporter of the US-based Cameroonian Professional Society. He has been employed as President at the University of Pittsburgh since 2007.

Miranda Teboh-Ewungkem (Dr)
Legend holds it Newton discovered gravity when an apple fell on his head. Miranda Teboh-Ewungkem’s eureka moment was inspired by mosquito bites. Roused by an episode of malaria while studying for a Maths degree at the University of Buea, the top ranking student embarked on a Masters Research project which examined how mosquitoes transmit malaria. Cameroonian epidemiologists lauded the study as a “breakthrough.” Following her Masters and PhD studies, Dr Teboh-Ewungkem joined the Lafayette Faculty in 2004 and decided to revisit her potentially influential malaria research.
She used a National Science Foundation grant to organise an international workshop and conference at the University of Buea. The event enabled experts from Africa, the U.S., and Europe to share ideas about the use of Maths to study global epidemics such as malaria and AIDS.

Kehbuma Langmia (Dr)
Profiled in Montclair's "Who is Who in North American Universities" 2009-2010, Dr. Kehbuma Langmia teaches research and other media-related courses at Bowie State University’s Department of Communications.  A graduate from the Television and Film Academy in Munich, Germany, he gained a PhD in mass communications and media studies from Howard University in 2006.  He has written and published fictional and non-fictional works.
Dr Langmia’s research articles have been published in the International Journal of Economic  Development-Using ICT, 2006, Benton Foundation Social Science Research Council (2006) and the Journal of Black Studies (2007). He has also presented papers at conferences worldwide and worked at the FOX45 News station in Baltimore. 


William (Bill) Egbe
As CEO of Coca-Cola South Africa, William Egbe played a central role in shaping the historic 2010 Word Cup.
Prior to this position he was President of Coca-cola’s East and Central Africa Division.
William Egbe began his career in 1989 as a Financial Analyst in Rochester at the Eastman Kodak Company in, New York. He held several managerial posts across Africa, Europe and the Middle East before joining the Coca-Cola Company as Deputy Region Manager at various African locations. In 2005, he was appointed President of the East and Central Africa Division.
Fluent in English, French and German, Bill gained a BSc in Electrical Engineering and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Howard University, Washington.

Onege Bateagborsangaya
Onege (Onee) Bateagborsangaya is a high flyer. The pilot had never considered a career in aviation until she joined the American Navy. Encouraged by plane flying colleagues, Onee followed their career path and overcame her inability to swim during the process. Earlier this year, she participated in a scheme organised by South African Women in Aviation to encourage young girls to become pilots. Onee plans to replicate the system in Cameroon.
Find out more about Onee and her career on SABC here:

Abah Ofon
A graduate from the London School of Economics & Political Science, Abah Ofon joined the Standard Chartered Bank as a management trainee in 1998. Now a research analyst in Agricultural commodities for the same organisation, he is a trusted media and industry reference point.
Find out Abah’s economic predictions for 2011 here:

Shiyghan Navti (Dr)
Seasoned marketer, strategist and IT consultant, Shiyghan Navti is a force at one of the world’s top 10 Fortune 500 companies. At the South Africa-based establishment, his responsibilities include “designing the Sub-Saharan Africa expansion marketing and communications strategy, and orchestrating execution activities.” Prior this role, Shiyghan was Technical Sales Leader for Social Software in North East Europe. He spent approximately 8 years as a Consulting IT Specialist.

Yefon Mainsah
A Chemical Engineering graduate from Canada’s prestigious McGill University, Yefon Mainsah started out as a Field/Applications engineer in Schlumberger, Nigeria. Her evolving role includes a stint as Project Engineer in Tunisia. Yefon’s affinity for science and a penchant for business enabled a natural progression into her current role as Product Champion at Schlumberger, Barrow-in-Furness, UK. Never one to ignore her artistic streak, she blogs at I Rep Camer. 


Cyrille Nkontchou
Harvard graduate Cyrille Nkontchou gave up a highly paid analyst job at Merrill Lynch & Co, London to found Liquid Africa – an online company aimed at facilitating investments in the continent. The South Africa resident has since created Enko Capital Management with his brother. Another venture, Enko Africa Opportunity Fund focuses on investments in Africa.

Louis Djilemo
Agricultural technician, Louis Djilemo’s invention of an oven which eases cassava processing earned him a nod from the International Fund for Agricultural Development. Hailed as the Best Technological Innovation at a trade fair in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in 2009, the Djilemo oven was developed to dry cassava derivatives such as starch and baking flour. Made from local materials such as earth and fuelled by cassava skins, it presents a cheaper alternative to electricity operated ones.

Severin Kezeu
Engineer, Severin Kezeu holds a PhD in Industrial Computer Science and is the inventor of a unique collision avoidance system called N@vigator, which is automatically configurable for all types of mobile equipment such as cars, planes, cranes, security gates, trains. Kezeu successfully patented his award-winning invention and went on to create SK Group – a safety solutions company based in Dubai.

Lekuama Ketuafor
Afrigadget blogger, Bill Zimmerman describes Lekuama Ketuafor’s creations as a near perfect marriage of form, function, green design." The proprietor of Bamboo Magic creates innovative gadgets and accessories with the low cost material. His work was a major attraction at the 2009 South West Agro-Pastoral Show.

Awasum Junior 
When it comes to African sport, football is king! But thanks to Awasum Jr, things are about to get more diverse. A certified baseball manager, Awasum is CEO of the African Baseball Network – an organisation aimed promoting the game across Africa. Watch this space...

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