Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Football legends Roger Milla and Samuel Eto'o Fils showed that there is no "beef" between them despite all the rumours of a rift by posing together last week in Yaounde at the jubilee for brothers Kana and Omam Biyik who played significant roles at the 1990 World Cup in Italy.

Image by Wilfrid Eteki
So there you have it, "beef"? What "beef"?!!
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Friday, May 25, 2012


Hello FAB readers!! How are we today? If you are in London, you know the sun is out, the shades are on and the shorts are, well shorter!! We all love good weather don't we now? Ohhhweeee!!!

So, what better way to kick start the weekend than with some killa dance tunes for your ears?? This is what we will be doing every Friday from now forth. We will bring you a selection of songs from the Camer music scene that should anticipate weekend good times!!

Without further ado, here's FIK FOK ANTHEM with Bisha feat JOVI and DJ Chuucs. Enjoy people!!

Have a great weekend!
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Rock chick Menoosha will be hosting the upcoming open air festival of the 20 year jubilee celebration of Challenge Camerounais at the Sportpark Feuerbach in Stuttgart.

Catch them on the 25th & 26th May. Check out her promo below.

For more info, go to www.challenge-camerounais.de
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Whether you are relaxing, having a drive around in your car or just playing host to some dinner guests, the music you will need is Gasha's!

Her mellow sounds and captivating voice coupled with a happy everyday lyrics makes this vocal jazz/blues/folk pop artist a definite one to watch amongst this burgeoning musical talents in cameroon.

Talk about musical diversity...Cameroon has it all!!

Check out the below track "You and Me" and judge for yourself.


We can't wait to have more from her.

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Monday, May 21, 2012


Listen up people! There is a new foodmaster in town and their name? Eclectic African Catering!

See below for more information about the company.

Who are we?
We are a fresh new catering
company on the block specialising in Nigerian, Cameroonian & Ghanaian cuisines. We are modern, up to date, stylish, young and dedicated to bringing you a friendly and professional customer service to accompany the wonderful, fresh and tasty foods we make.

 How we started?
The story started in Cameroon, a country blessed with natural resources and an astonishing variety and diversity of foods eaten in different regions of the country. Cooking is second nature to me and there is no place I feel more at home, at ease and in control than in the kitchen. It is the best form of art, because you can take all those raw ingredients and make something so delightful and pleasing that is not only good to look at, but delicious to eat too.

Eclectic African Catering was born in 2011 when we noticed a niche in the market for a young caterer offering a professional service to a demanding and hip clientele. The cliché for African caterers tends to be middle aged / older women cooking with teenage daughters /sons/ nieces / nephews as waiters.

Nowadays, Africans are raising the bar in every sphere of life and this includes demanding more service for their money. They want great looking tasty food, served by professionals. They want creative ideas and traditional ones too. They want the caterer to be as professional and as presentable as the food they are offering. They want to feel looked after from start to finish and that is our aim.

Fried Fish & Dodo
What do we do?
We specialise mainly in event catering. We cater to weddings, fashion shows, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and all other types of events. We are seeking to grow our client base and therefore work with everyday people.
Our aim is to build a relationship that grows over time and even if you don’t use our service first time round, you will remember us in the future and also recommend us. We aim to get a customer for life. So whether you place an order now or not, you will get the same friendly and professional service.

We currently work with couples preparing for their weddings and also advise and mentor them along the way. Some of them have booked our service and some of them have not. So whatever your needs contact us for a free quote and see what Eclectic African Catering can do for you and your event. We are currently offering 10% off so contact or recommend us to a grateful friend!

Past clients:
We have worked with Fashions Finest at London Fashion Week 2012, appeared as a sponsor for Mahogany Bridal Show 2012 just to name a few.

Check out some of their reviews below:

Website: www.eclecticafricancatering.co.uk
Email: sales@eclecticafricancatering.co.uk
Tel: Sidonie on 07780286874
Get 10% off your booking till June 2012.

They also have traditional coral African beads for hire for your special occasion at good prices.

So thats it!
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Sunday, May 20, 2012


We would like to wish all the Cameroonians out there a very happy National day!!

What National day parties are you attending? Share them with us.

We will be attending the High Commissioner's reception held on Monday in Kensington. Hopefully, there'll be something to share with y'all.

We are proud to be from Cameroon despite everything!

One love

Friday, May 18, 2012


Hello DC readers! Welcome to another blog post as we bring you a fresh new talent courtesy of Mumak Records. Watch out for this record label, they are about to kill us big time!!

DC caught up with that Bamenda Boi aka Magasco as he finally officially drops his video to his first single "Lineloba".

If you don't know about him, you better get to know!

Happy Reading y'all!!

DC: How’dy dat Bamenda Boi again! Thanks for talking to Dulce Camer!
Magasco: The pleasure is all mine!

DC:  What’s your favourite colour?
Magasco: I love so many but I think black is def my favourite.

DC: 3 words to describe you are...?
Magasco: African  music lover.

DC: What food could you eat every day?
Magasco: Lol!! “Kati kati”{traditional chicken sauce with fufu corn}

DC: If you could see yourself in any part of the world...where would you be?
Magasco: It’s a little complicated because I would love to see myself here in Cameroon  but would  also love to share my passion with people from all over the world so, I guess I would love to be a little bit everywhere but based in Cameroon of course and this would also depend on my record label, Mumak.

DC: Your favourite music artist(s) is/are?
Magasco: I have a handful but most importantly I’d say John Legend, Manu Dibango, Drake and Jovi.

DC: 3 things you like in a woman are...?
Magasco: honesty, humility and beauty.

DC: Lineloba is about...?
Magasco: Lol!! It’s aKommispronunciation for LandRover and as a Komnative, I grew up with people from other tribes mocking our accent  when we try to speak pidgin so I kept myself in a typically Komman’s position promising the best things in life to his girl on the condition that she prays for him. So it goes like this:line loba go di loin na for sine sinemeaningLandrover go di run na fo sand sandin Cameroonian pidgin English. Simply put what I‘m saying is if I make it, life is going to be smooth for me and my girl.

DC:  Name 2 people you would like to do a music collabo with!
Magasco: Definitely the dream is already coming true with Jovi but I would love to collaborate too with John Legend and Drake.

DC: Home is?
Magasco: Bamenda.

DC: Where would you like to be in 2 years?
Magasco: I dream to be amongst the greatest artists the world has ever seen.
DC: Tell us something you have never shared before!
Magasco: I’d love to act one day.

DC: The best thing about Cameroon is...?
Magasco:  Life is easy and very affordable.

So if you haven't seen the new video, well check it out below...c'est trop fly!! Enjoy!!

Nice one Magasco and the Mumak Records family for doing it and doing it very well! Looking forward to many more of your artists, tracks and videos.

Hope you enjoyed our interview. Catch you again here on Dulce Camer as we continue to expose Cameroon and its many talents!

Join Magasco on Facebook here.

That's it!
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


From Elle.be website
The fashion police are out again in full force, so yes beware! This time they are policing around the territory of the Belgian screens looking for celebrities to arrest....well not really!

The show captioned Fashion Express is made up of 5 commentators all equipped with experience/knowledge of the fashion industry.

Amongst this group is our very own super talented Camer designer sister, Louise Assomo founder of the eponymous womenswear brand based in Brussels.

The show is on Star TV, everyday from 7.40pm except Wednesdays and weekends. The show includes 2 commentators and an invited guest per episode discussing silhouettes, style, fashion and everything else in between.

So tune in, and watch our sister at work!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


We've seen Usher do it, we've seen Chris Brown do it, we've even seen Jason Derulo attempt it.

Now let's see how Valentine can move it!

On his newest video to his new self penned single "Usual" which is about the experience of approaching someone you like for the very first time, this RnB brotha shows us why he has got moves more than Jagger!

Check out his new video below shot in a warehouse in East London in anticipation for his album entitled "Unbreakable".

Join him on Facebook here.

The track was produced by a producer from Norway.

Ok so that's it from us...we're about to hit the floor and bust some Valentine moves!

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Friday, May 11, 2012



Image by MTNCameroon on Twitter

The venue was all set to go for telecom giant MTN Cameroon's official celebratory award ceremony for national workers to receive various medals for long tenure and dedication at work.

Image by CIO of MTNCameroon on Twitter

The ceremony was kicked open with a speech by Labour Minister, Joseph Owono.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Yefon is a movie about the the journey of an African woman fighting against laws. It's a movie of love, hope, treason and friendship. A film where two friends from opposite worlds fight against all odds to change their lives, and in doing so , they change the world around them.

The main character, Yefon is a smart and beautiful African girl with a passionate heart and big dreams of a better future but in the world that she lives in is governed by a traditional male regime that sees women as the inferior gender.

In this darkness, Yefon sees a bright light, Nancy, an American woman escaping from a traumatic past. In her, Yefon finds a confidante, but everything goes south when Yefon is framed and sentenced to death, now Nancy must do everything to save her friend's life.

Will she succeed?

Check out the promo video below

The movie is written by LA based Cameroonian actress and New York Film Academy alumni; Sahndra Fondufe. The film is scheduled for release in Autumn 2013 by African Pictures International, INC.

Check out their Facebook page here. Their website here.

Until next time,
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


And the renaissance in the Camer music milieu continues...

Check this out!!

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Monday, May 7, 2012


The creative renaissance amongst young Cameroonians is explosive and it certainly shows.  

ADJANI is one of the most exciting and intriguing emerging expressionist artists of his generation prefering his work to be described as ''EXPRESSADJANISM'' simply because of the circumstances that have inspired and that still inspire him. 

His paintings are mostly autobiographical. He tells amazing mind buggling stories in probably the most incredible and 'deep' pictures ever painted in recent times. 

Adjani draws inspiration from varied subjects, ranging from socio-cultural, to political, economical, religious, enviromental, and anything that catches his fancy.

He works with a diverse range of media such as; strong primary acrylic colours, oil, pens, ink, oil pastel, pencils on canvas, wood, boards, and preferably ''found media''. These gives his work originality and a unique striking view that catches the eyes instantly. Most of Adjani's fans often say that ''it is almost impossible to ignore the energy and vibration radiated from his paintings in their life forms''. Adjani is a daring and energetic artist, a character trait which is conspicuously consistent in most, if not all of his works. 

His fans were so not wrong in their judgement of his work...check out some of the paintings he exhibited at the Royal Opera Gallery in London last month.

What's your opinion?
Go to his website here.
Join him on Facebook here.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012


There is a name that is currently being talked about amongst young Cameroonians who are especially into the entertainment and music industry.

If for some reason, you are not aware, that name is JOVI. Yes, mark that name and surely we'd advise you to never forget that name because this rap artist has one thing he is working towards and that is for NO ONE to ever forget his name nor his existence EVER!

We sure love the confidence because homeboy has it going on. His swag + his know how, for us = success.

Track after track, he surely does not fail to deliver and he surely continues to fuel interest and intrigue amongst the public. Well, we need not talk any further because DC is already a JOVI groupie and yes, we are here to shout about him. We want more people to know that he is here to change the face of Camer music. Cameroon obosso!

Without further ado...check out the interview he gave us after stealing a few minutes away from his busy schedule. Our interview will also showcase some of  his tracks that are our fav!! Enjoy!

Happy Reading y'all

DC: Hello JOVI, many thanks for accepting to be interviewed on Dulce Camer.
JOVI: Pleasure is mine!

DC: First up! Where did the name “JOVI” come from?
JOVI: Derivative of the wordjoh weewhich means “touch you” in the Wimbum dialect precisely with a Kungi accent.

DC: How would you describe your life at the moment?
JOVI: Focused

DC: Tell us your story...how did your singing career start?
JOVI: I grew up listening to music, fell in love with it and here I am.

DC: What is it about the showbiz world that made you want to be a part of it?
JOVI: The Recognition, money and immortality ....you know it’s like a legacy.

DC: How supportive have your parents and family been to you?
JOVI: Very supportive.

DC: What about close friends?
JOVI: Very supportive too.

DC: Let’s talk “Don 4 Kwat”. What does this title mean and what’s the song about?
JOVI: It's a song of empowerment telling people you can be whatever you want to be irrespective of what people say. Live a happy life to please yourself rather please others and displease yourself.

DC: Ok. So what were your thoughts to the public’s reaction to this song and video?
JOVI: It was obvious because they were designed for that reaction. You know that shock value effect! People love the unusual so I give them that.

DC: Following this up with “Pitie”, what message where you trying to put forward to your public and competition?
JOVI: That I have come to stay period. That a Camer artist can be competitive internationally and also be very consistent with their branding at the same time.

DC: So H.I.V (Humanity Is Vanishing) is the title of your upcoming album which we cannot wait to buy. First of all, any date set for the launch yet?
JOVI: The album should be out sometime midyear on iTunes and other online stores.
DC: Tell us a little bit about the album without giving it all away!
JOVI: Cameroon at its finest!

DC: You recently met up with T’Mah, Konvict/BUvision A&R man. Judging from the video that is circulating about your meeting, he sure loved what you got. So what’s the deal? 
JOVI: The deal is in the kitchen. We are cooking up something! Koki nova done, leave it in the pot!

DC: Okay, so we are looking forward to that Koki with hungry eyes and ears!! Where do you aim to be in your music career by next year?
JOVI: I want to grab awards and get that international recognition that will put my country Cameroon on the map.

DC: Apart from the music, what else does JOVI do?
JOVI: I am an entrepreneur. I am a co-owner of MUMAK Records, alongside my partner Jules Nya (CEO & A&R). We sign and produce young talented Camer artists so watch out for Renise, Magasco and Elad.

DC: Tell us something you have never shared before!
JOVI: I have five girlfriends lol just joking!! I have a phobia for fake people.

DC: Don’t we all? Fakeness hating that is! Finally, what is your view on the Cameroon music industry? What are your tips for improvement?
JOVI: I think we are gradually gaining consciousness. Cameroon was the ''sleeping giant'' but now we are ''running things small small''. We need more professionalism, consistency and team work. Above all, our artists need to incorporate a business angle to their musical careers that's where many of us have failed so far.

We co-sign that response!! Thank you JOVI!!

So if you have not seen the new video for "Pitie", here you are!

We hope you enjoyed our interview. Please spread the word about our platform Dulce Camer. We are here to promote and shout about Cameroon and its beautiful talents! Don't forget to tell your friends to tell their friends about JOVI. Kongossa Camer style!!

You can join JOVI on Facebook here.

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Paola and her team are not playing! Ever since they launched the print issue of Fashizblack magazine this year, it has been going from strength to strength and from cool cover to cool cover!!

We wish them well and continue to hope it grows and grows.
Join them on Facebook here.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Here we are again unveiling another gem well nestled in the Highlands of "BDA". Magasco, an emerging rap artist snapped up by the most talked about record label in Cameroon right now, Mumak Records is definitely a talent to watch. He has just dropped an audio version of "Line Loba", the first single of his upcoming album "Bamenda Boi".
The track is produced by Scratch Record's DJ Pazzo. Check it out below...

Can't wait for the album!
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