Sunday, September 19, 2010


Kreyann creator, Anna Ngann Yonn dresses dreams. Since training at the Paris-based fashion and design school, Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode, Ngann Yonn’s shimmery and elegant ready-to-wear and haute couture pieces have stunned critics at catwalk events including the Paris-based Labo Ethnik fashion event which she has  participated in 2 years in a row and  the maiden Arise Africa Fashion Week, 2009 held in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Pride magazine, Britain’s biggest selling black women’s magazine, just adores her!

She will be taking part in her first ever fashion event in the UK and is planning an exquisite and haute couture pieces to stun her audience. 

If you love pieces that are made of dreams and want an exquisite fashion event come and see!

Check out some pieces from Anna's creations below.

 See you there, Saturday 16th October at Shoreditch Studios, 29B New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EY.
Tickets are £50 for standard, £60 for second row and £75 for first row. If you want to hobnob with premier league and national team footballers, TV and media crew, High Commissioners etc then the front row tickets are for you!

Get your tickets NOW at Ticketweb via their website None will be sold at the door.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010


The CamerCouture Fashion Showcase organised by Votre Avant Garde (VAG) is fast approaching and this year they are the celebrating Africa's opulence by theming the show "African Decadent" to portray Africa’s unsurpassed beauty, its cultural richness and the way these aspects shine through fashion and art.

The show this year will continue to unveil established as well as emerging African creators to an international audience who are otherwise oblivious of their stylistic originality.

As Africa's fashion scene fast develops and is fiercely exploited by celebrities such as Solange Knowles, Kelis, Alicia Keys, Beyonce Knowles, Mel B etc so does shows such as CamerCouture who are out to breach that gap between emerging talents and the public who hunger to know more of this fashion scene.

In the coming few days, I will showcase some of the works of the designers taking part in the upcoming show to give you all a taster of what is to come on that day.
If you were at the 2009 show, be warned that you will arrive to a transformed venue! Expect lush, sexy tones of red, black and gold. From the moment you arrive, through to the catwalk show and performances, it is organised to be a one hundred percent classy experience!

There will be celebrities, fashion buyers, politicians and entrepreneurs among their diverse crowd of guests. Apart from a fabulous evening out, the show also presents an excellent networking opportunity so make sure to get yourself down there!

The designer we are going to focus today is: Alain Martial Tapolo the designer behind the Martial Tapolo brand who already draws comparisons to Givenchy. His work with unconventional fabrics such as the raffia and his flair for detailed chic that brings out the princess in every woman shot him to fame in the early 00s. From the catwalks of Paris to Douala, Cameroon, where he has a showroom, he inspires one word: “wow!”

Check out some of his pieces below!

All pictures from Alain Martial Tapolo
Credits: Ernest Collins
Join Alain on Facebook here

Tickets for the show is at:
£50 for standard
£60 for second row
£75 for first row

Prices include drinks reception, food and catwalk show charges. VIP guests will have the advantage of a “first look” at the catwalk and a one-on-one with designers. They will also enjoy an exclusive gallery lounge experience with champagne, waiters and the services of a dedicated VAG VIP wellbeing officer.

To buy your ticket, go to

See you there.
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Paola Ndengue the editor of the online Fashizblack magazine are going places! To mark their second anniversary, the fab team teamed up with uber trend setter Solange Knowles in a fabulous shoot Stateside.

See the video below.

Solange will be their cover girl for their september issue to be online today.

They have a double cover, however if you were to choose from the two which would you go for?
See below and choose!

Check out their website at
Can't wait to glance through the pages ;-)

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Sunday, September 5, 2010


It is nearly that time of the year again where Votre Avant Garde (VAG), the organisers behind the annual CamerCouture Fashion Showcase bring you their spectacular event themed on African Decadence, showcasing an array of stunning fashion pieces.

Launching last year as a portal for only promoting Cameroonian designers, this year they have gone international to include designers from an African background.

The show will feature Yemi Osunkoya of the Kosibah label, Nigeria's top high society bridal dress maker as well as Alain Martial Tapolo (Martial Tapolo), Anna Ngann Yonn (Kreyann), Olafemi Bela and Deena Dee of Deenola label and Maryanne Mokoko and Stephanie Mouapi of Cote Minou. Debra Debs will serenade the crowd with some acoustic tracks and an auction will follow to raise funds for their charity, The Rhema Grace Orphanage in Ombe, Cameroon.

Like last year, CamerCouture 2010 will be held at the Shoreditch Studios (29B New Yard Inn, London EC2A 3EY) but guests will arrive to a transformed venue. Expect lush and sexy tones of red, black and go ld. From the moment guests arrive through to the catwalk show and performance acts, it will be a one hundred percent classy experience, promised the show coordinator Soraya Sone.

Tickets cost:
Standard: £50
Second Row: £60
Front Row: £75

Prices include drinks reception, food and catwalk show charges. VIP guests will have the advantage of a "first look" at the catwalk. They will also enjoy an exclusive gallery lounge experience with champagne, waiters and the services of a dedicated VAG VIP wellbeing officer.

Oh wowwww, you definitely do not want to miss this!
Tickets will be sold via their website

For more info, contact:
Cynthia Anduhtabe @ 07834 321 373 /
Isabel Bezeng @ 07404 524 482 /
Ngum Ngafor @ 07944 043 954 /

See you there and spread the word!
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