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So we procrastinated so many times about starting work on this list before the year ended so it would be up as usual just after midnight but we failed!! We failed this time because we had so many other things to juggle and only spent yesterday working on all the 50 names and bios.

We would like to thank all those who took the time to send in their nominations, we ended up with so many names so much so that we had to in the end choose the 50 we believed have shown progress last year and are bound to give us even more of themselves this 2014.

And to the talents below, many thanks for working so hard and showing up strong. Many thanks for flying the green red yellow flag and we pray you all continue in this light.

Happy Reading!


Mbufung Seikeh – a University of Buea graduate with a Bachelor in Linguistics. She worked with the UB theatre for three years before embarking on screen acting by 2008. Ninah's Dowry was her big role that came next with its own challenges enabling her to understand the acting field. So far she has won 6 best actress awards for the film. Not bad eh!

Yibain Emile-Aime Chah – Douala based Yibain aka Ancestor is also a product of the University of Buea. A native from Fundong a small commune near Bamenda, he has worked on films including award winning Ninah’s Dowry and yet to be released VIRI. He also won an award for best cinematographer during the Sonnah Awards a few days ago. Keep up the great work!

Alenne Menget – Alenne Menget is a name you will hear so often around the entertainment and film production scene in Cameroon. He is a distinguished actor who recently won an award at the Sonnah Awards as well as the founder of ATS Production. A production company that focuses on exposing socially conscious issues in Cameroon. We salute you!

Nkanya Nkwai – Nkanya is a name you need to know of for his revolutionary vision and foresight will be recognised and will cause a shake up in the Cameroon Film Industry. Nkanya has extensive experience as an actor as well as a writer and film producer.

Stephanie Fonachi – Bestowed with beauty and also the talent that is needed in her profession, Stephanie has the potential to become one of the top actresses in Cameroon. Catch her early 2014 in the film VIRI.

Agbor Gilbert Ebot – he is one of the lead men in developing the face of the Cameroon Film Industry into an industry that is recognised and one which adequately represents and sells the Cameroon culture. As a producer, his films include FAR & Pink Poison.

Akim Macauley – Film producer cum Sonnah Award lead man Akim has just proved that determination and the right vision is the key to changing things for the better in the Cameroon entertainment industry. The Sonnah Awards, the first to be held at the Hilton hotel and the first English awards to be shown live on CRTV caused quite a stir 2 days ago. We are hopeful for change with such initiatives and minds like Akims. Wishing you luck.

Francoise Ellong – The film W.A.K.A caused a stir last year at the Cannes Film Festival and it has not even been released yet! Shot by director Francoise with a cast that includes Patricia Bakalack, Lucie Memba and Celine Fotso it shows the lengths at which a mother will go in order to raise her child. We hope to be able to support the release.

Amy Banda – Amy is a TV presenter at Spectrum TV aka STV who is greatly interested in issues that affect the society as well as promoting culture. Through her Good Morning Cameroon slot and Voice Of the Voiceless, Amy seeks to get answers to local issues. Thank you for caring!

Fidjil – A Camer entertainment promoter, Fidjil has worked at RTM and is a presenter at Equinoxe Radio TV where he promotes culture and entertainment through his Urban’iz show.

Brice Albin – The Cameroon entertainment scene is moving in the right direction because of the dedication and passion of radio hosts such as Brice. His show Generation 2.0 at Nostalgie FM promotes local and international based Cameroonian artists and culture pushers. He is also currently a correspondent at Radio France Internationale.

Dzekashu MacViban of Bakwa Magazine – he is a poet-turned-writer-turned-editor-turned-curator-turned-photographer-turned-freelance journalist who writes/edits at Bakwa magazine online; a platform for art, culture, film, fashion and photography with contributors from around the world. Kudos bro!

Adeline Sede Kamga of Fabafriq – Fabafriq Magazine has only gone from strength to strength from when it was created a few years back till present through the sheer determination and cut throat skills of business savvy, wife and mother Adeline Kamga. If we say we do not expect to see more from this lady and her magazine, then we will be lying. She certainly has it!

Paola Audrey Ndengue & Laura Eboa Songe of Fashizblack – Paola and Laura have been ever so consistent. Since the creation of our Dulce Camer Top 50, these 2 young Paris based Camer sistas and their Fashizblack magazine have always made the list and it is widely due to their consistent development in the right places. What do you say to 2 women who manage to get superstar singer Kelly Rowland on a front page cover and furthermore it is her first front page in a French magazine…kudos and more grease right? Keep it coming sistas!

Jackee Mbus of Afroziky – an ardent promoter of Cameroon and African entertainment and culture, US based Miss Jackee Mbus works hard yo! Thank you girl and keep it up!


Reneta Ndisang of Afroshic Clothing – If ever we need to personify persistence, it will come in the shape of Reneta Ndisang the very young designer behind the Afroshic brand. She has steadily but persistently worked her brand into a level that we can no longer ignore. Most of the very best red carpet moments in Cameroon last year have all been with her designs so we say keep up the great work Reneta and keep working hard.

Kibonen Nfi of Kibonen NY – Fresh from the Mercedes Benz African runway in South Africa and from winning best design brand at the Sonnah Awards a few days ago, Kibonen NY is a brand deeply rooted in promoting the grassland culture through her Toghu inspired prints and pieces. We continually expect her to fly the flag high!

Anrette Ngafor of Liiber London – Ladies & gentlemen…London based Liiber London combines sights, sounds, shades and shapes that bubble in its hip hop birthplace of London to create limited edition pieces. Once they are gone, they are gone! Catch the brand showcasing at one of the most renowned fashion platform in London called Pure London this 2014.

Alain Martial Tapolo of Martial Tapolo – How can we describe an haute couture piece that takes into consideration every single detail and is made to fit perfectly on a woman’s body? You need to take a close look at the attached image for yourself. Elegant. Creative. Talented and just pure amazing is all we say about him! Thank you for repping Camer Alain!

Rostand Junior Mvie of FrenchKind – US Based Rostand aka Rostou is one of the brain behind the French Kind creative lifestyle brand which includes clothing, videography, arts management and photography with the main ideology of be free, be different, be yourself. Their clothing line is typically African/Cameroon inspired. Young brothers getting it...kudos!

Simply Cyn of Addicted to Etsy – NYC based Cynthia is a fashion enthusiast and blogger who started blogging 4 years ago to promote all her findings from Etsy while she planned her wedding. Fast forward today and on her blog is where you will find all the things she loves which includes fashion, travel, food. We love you too J

Sandra Ekukole of Bih Youty – Oh Lord we thank you for Yaoundé based Sandra and her Bih Youty initiative. This young sister has completely turned the makeup world upside down in Cameroon for she is the first to completely understand that wearing makeup one does not have to look like a clown! For all your makeup application needs for events, weddings, shoots – she is your woman!

Ward*Robe @ Studio 25 by ModeMaison PR – whether you want a memorable red carpet moment or you want to look chic in your music video or you simply just want to dare to be different in your styling, visit this rental/styling showroom in Bonamoussadi, Douala where you can rent high street, African inspired and luxury items at an affordable plan. See you there!

CARM Store – A beautifully interiored space with an added bonus of a high end clientele and an emphasis on the customer, we present you CARM store in Bonapriso a first of its kind in Cameroon owned by a young sister who prefers to remain anonymous!

Naoumie Ekiko – from representing internationally renowned Cover Girl cosmetics to appearing in international superstar Beyonce’s video “Pretty Hurts”, NYC based Naoumie is fast becoming Cameroon’s supermodel. Keep your eyes on her!


Em'kal Eyongakpa - Drawing on dreams and observations, Eyongakpa approaches the experienced and the unknown through an almost ritual use of repetition and transformation. He works with photography, video, sculpture, text and sound. His interwoven installations tend to obscure the boundaries between employed media. He has extensive experience which includes exhibitions in Brazil, Italy, France, Nigeria, Germany to name a few.

Shiri Achu – An architect by profession, an artist by passion. Shiri Achu’s art comes from everyday, unsurprising yet unexpectedly vivid moments, times, places and objects. She seeks to capture the spirit of her subjects and make them come alive through form, colour, texture and tone. She draws insight from her travels; from natural moments captured in Africa to still objects, from the human form to the human in action. She has exhibited in London, Barcelona, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Washington DC, Champaign, Las Vegas and Douala to name a few.

Tito Valery – It seems the name on every Cameroonian’s lips when it comes to all things culture is TITO VALERY. This perfectly bilingual Yaoundé based TV/Radio presenter and currently a BBC Worldservice Art Hour correspondent cum photographer has a natural knack and flare when it comes to culture.


Gasha – voice check, unique talent check – Gasha backed by Steven’s and DJ Pazzo is proving to be the best comeback female artist of the year with 2 consistent music tracks and videos. What does 2014 hold for her? We hope only great things!

Askia – she raps and she sings and also seems to have this feisty but personable personality about her and we believe she is capable of giving us much more. We also saw something in her "Tat' Obasseh" video shot by Adrenaline Studios which we must congratulate her for - she actually changes outfits!! Thank you for understanding that the image side of this entertainment business is crucial!! Keep your eyes on Askia.

Fluri Boyz – This duo are a HUGE talent in our books and we believe we have not even seen anything from them yet. We are watching you Fluri Boyz!!

Stanley Enow – Ekieeeeh!! What can we say about Stanley Enowwwww that has not already been said or heard? The number one urban male artist in Cameroon and abroad who recently won 2 awards at the Sonnah Awards show a few days ago and who also sang at the Presidency getting Mama Chantou to pose with an On Est High Pere tee shirt…he did this only with one song…Hein Pere!! We hope you have heard it oh? Lest we will call you a Martian! Kudos to Stanley, because of his phenomenon we see many artists working hard to raise the bar. That is a job well done.

Bertrand Ndukong of Feb 16th Pic – This dude has proven himself in this 2013 so whatever everyone thought before, he has shown he is a contender and a very reputable music video director and photographer who shot videos including Jovi's "Bushfaller", Reniss' "C'est La Vie" and Zayox's "Bangandostar".

Shamak Allaharamadji of Brain by MakConcept – although his customer relation and service standards are poor, Shamak still remains one of the best and most sought after music video directors in Cameroon. His work includes "Bom Bom Bom" by Museba which he won an award for and also "Hein Pere" by Stanley Enow, the most watched music video by a Cameroon based artist.

Adah of aMusic – One of the biggest revelation for us in terms of music video directing and producing has to go to Adah of aMusic. If the teaser to “Afe Nkap” by Ngoma which dropped the other day is anything to go by, then 2014 is about to be crazily exciting and rewarding for this singer cum music producer/director.

DJ Pazzo – This music producer has STEPPED up and answered his name several times this year. He seems to have a creative flare for producing great quality tunes. Here is to 2014 DJ Pazzo!

Mr Elad – As he prepares to fully get into the music industry this 2014, the expectation is high but we know Elad is very capable of meeting and exceeding the expectations placed on him. As a producer he is outstanding, as an artist, he is outstanding and he also has the added bonus of being able to play instruments. Watch out oh people when Shiver the new single drops…!

Spido – Il a quel tete meme? But c'est Sure Mbom with Spido, real name Herve Tchoumba a proud Mabanda resident in Douala. Spido is fast becoming a prominent figure in the 237 music scene, seen as a rapper representing the voice of the youths of the streets which he identifies himself with. His energy and love for what he does is eminent and can be seen especially when he is on stage performing. Give us more Spido!!

Debra Debs – the variety in the Camer music scene is great and this is where Debra Debs comes in with her mellow soulful heart touching lyrics and an unforgettable voice. Check out her new album LifeCycles to see why she won the best urban female award at Sonnah Awards a few days ago. She also has a few things under her sleeves this coming year! Watch out for her.

Daddyblack – Don’t call him a small boy because a small boy he aint. If you have heard Daddy black’s “Ah No Be Small Boy” then you will surely recognise that this talent is one we need to put on our watchlist.

No Hitz No Recordz – There are currently so many record labels and music studios within the Camer scene that makes no sense however one which is setting itself apart from the rest with a professional approach has to be none other than Buea based No Hitz No Recordz led by Prince Enobi and his team of 2 sound engineers, 3 producers including Phill Bill Beatz who is apparently one of the best in Cameroon. From what we have heard come out from this studio, we see great potential.


Eurykah Fon Ndumu of Asheris Event Planning – This is the boss lady of all boss ladies. We admire this lady, wife, mother because she is so passionate in what she does. Maryland based Asheris event can plan, coordinate and execute all your events needs with the same diligence and perfection, helping you to keep the cost to your desired budget. They were instrumental in the overall organisation of the premier Sonnah Awards in Yaoundé a few days ago, in assisting Rev Al Sharpton launch/sign his book “The Rejected Stone” in the Maryland area and also plan and organise a party for Cash Money Records Boss and Lil Wayne’s girls. Hats off to you boss lady!

Churchill Mambe Nanje – Buea is fast becoming the Silicon Valley of Cameroon and it all kicked off with this young business savvy techy coder visionnaire called Mambe who runs AfroVision Group and is also behind Njorku a search engine for African jobseekers. Mambe has been featured on Forbes, Aljazeera USA and Reuters. And they thought he was nuts when he went into coding!! This is our billionaire Tech guy in the making...mark our words!

Braunhilda Ngum Atangeur – is a Computer Network & Security Expert currently project managing at ITG Store Consulting and is the founder of newly launched Voreitter Consulting. A firm that provides consulting services, IT training, software development and security audits as well as mentor young girls in Bamenda. Young, female and ambitious...we love that!

Rebecca Enonchong – She is the founder and CEO of AppsTech, a global provider of enterprise application solutions serving clients in more than 50 countries. The company has had a footprint in Cameroon and Africa for over 10 years. Enonchong is also a mentor and advisor to several Africa-based technology start-ups and sits on the board of VC4Africa, an online community dedicated to entrepreneurs and investors building companies in Africa. She was selected as one of the 2013 WIE Africa power women in the business and technology category.


Olivia Mukam – Olivia continues to work hard behind the Harambe platform, an organisation that inspires a generation of young leaders and entrepreneurs who see problems as opportunities in need of solutions.

Denis & Lenora Foundation - The foundation was established to catalyse Africa’s economic transformation by focusing on social entrepreneurship, science and technology, innovation, public health and progressive policies that create economic opportunities for all. The foundation works in partnership with local governments, policy makers, private enterprises, civil society organisations as well as development partners to expand the resources available to entrepreneurs, farmers, and small business owners in addition to improving individual livelihoods.


Nicoline Ambe – This former law professor is a Motivational Speaker and Parent Mentor. “My primary mission is to help parents prepare their children at home to become high achievers in school”. Her contributions in this area are drawn directly from 17 years of teaching and interacting experiences with students and parents showing parents simple but effective strategies that they can immediately implement at home to help their children excel in school and prepare for a successful future in college and beyond through 3 key steps – Prepare, Position and Pursue.


Charles-Hubert Itandje – Born in Paris, Cameroon international goalkeeper with extensive experience that includes a stint at Liverpool Football Club currently on loan to Turkish side Konyaspor in the Super Lig was an instrumental factor during the World Cup qualifiers for Cameroon. We also hope he will stand taller during our 2014 Brazilian experience.

Vincent AboubakarFrom Cotonsport Garoua to Lorient in the French League 1, striker Vincent Aboubakar is proving to be a great signing for the team scoring 11 goals and becoming 3rd in the scoring chart in the league. We hope he is just as fruitful for the national team in Brazil 2014!

And that makes our 50 talents for this year. Feel free to leave your comments and if you have any names you would like to send for us to watch and consider for our next list, email us at

Happy New Year!!

Stay sweet and ambitious


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Absolutely YESSSSSSSS for Stephanie Fonachi,who won`t want to watch a beauty with talents all day.Our very own Nadia Buari.

Unknown said...

Yessssss!!! I'm so excited for Mr Elad & Mambe.

Unknown said...

That's cool #237 We going up..... ASKIA ASKIA loving u so badly and STANLEY ENOW......

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Hello , bravo pour l'initiative mais je suis un peu confuse , sur quels facteurs vous basez-vous ? faut t-il vivre au cameroun ? Des personnes évidentes manquent à ce classement et c'est incompréhensible ....
Media : Céline Fotso qu'on ne présente plus
Photo : Orphée Noubissi qui fait des choses extraordinaires
Media : Graziela Tchak's qui est quand même journaliste présentatrice sur Africa 24 ...Et la liste est bien longue , donc quels sont les facteurs pris en compte ... Merci pour votre réponse

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Massa where is Jovi ?

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Lower sixth man ,i go calaba remix check it on google