Monday, December 30, 2013


Dear DC readers yesterday in Yaounde at the Hilton hotel was the premier Sonnah / Cameroon Academy Awards show which was shown live on CRTV.

The show had Twitter and Facebook in a stir as live tweets and images were posted and comments were made surrounding the visionary approach of the show and its organisers.

Winners of the night included rap star Stanley Enow, cinematographer Yibain Emile, model Valerie Ayena, actress Mbufung Seikeh and honorary awards were given to Muna Sawa himself Ben Decca and legendary TV and radio host Peter Essoka. too can catch up on the event below courtesy of Tiptop stars. Just click and watch!

The show certainly has the potential to grow...

Stay sweet

Thursday, December 26, 2013


So dear readers, how was your day? Hope it was as loving and as peaceful as ours was. As promised, here are the 12 urban videos that got us rocking and looking for our dancing shoes to shakey shakey bum bum or just watch and sing along this 2013…enjoy!!

Bushfaller by Jovi ft Eko Roosevelt

Khaki Mbere by Gasha 

Paple by Sine ft Petit Pays 

Tat’ Obasseh by Askia 

Kwasia Braha by Nabil 

Ebangha by Steveslil  

Kotopi Na Bushmeat by Spido  

C’est La Vie by Renise 

Haus Boy by Eli & C Prime ft Beezy B  

Zangalewa by JayJay 

Monika by Denzyl 

Hein Pere by Stanley Enow 

And that's it!
Stay sweet (and sober again!)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Dear DC readers and visitors, it has been a pleasant 2013 for us and today we would like to bestow upon you all the complements of the season and say a very Merry Christmas to each and every one of you.

It is certainly a time of good cheer and love but most of all it is a time to reflect on the reason for the season. We are celebrating the birth of a King who is not just any regular King…he had no blue blood, he neither lived in a fancy castle with servants galore but one thing is true, he loves each and every one of us just the way we are! Wooohoooo!!

So here at DC, we would like to continue with the festivities and bring you 12 audio tracks that has really got us rocking this 2013…if you feel us, join us and sing and dance to these hot urban tchuunes!!

Next stop on another post will be 12 videos to get your dancing shoes rocking…enjoy!

Hein Pere by Stanley Enow

Ebangha by Steveslil 

Ah No Be Small Boy by Daddyblack 

I Don’t Need Your Money by Veeby 

Molo Molo by ACE 

Blowing Ashes by Gee Reign  

The Apple by Renise 

Marabout by DJ Vybz ft Fluri Boyz 

Nanga Boko by Denzyl 

A l’Aide by Leeyo 

Bangando Star by Zayox ft Edel Koulla  

Kwasia Braha by Nabil 

Have yourselves a very merry one!
Stay sweet (and sober!)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


These days in the Camer scene the trend is to create and associate yourself with a dance, a slang or a tagline of your own. We've seen it with "Sure Mbom" from Spido, "Hein Pere" from Stanley Enow, "Nanga Boko" from Denzyl and "Bastard" from rapstar Jovi.

Today, this one is entitled "Olopyto" and it is by US based artist Vreezy Ville released yesterday. Please don't ask us what it means...just listen!

And that's it!
Stay sweet

Friday, December 20, 2013


It was a few weeks ago that we reported the Manu Dibango at 80 concert that took place at London's Barbican.

Here is another fan review for you by another culture enthusiast and proud Camer chica, Betty Atia.

"An absolutely brilliant show it was. Even at 80 Manu Dibango showed that he was still the man in charge. I personally was totally 'wowed' by how much younger he actually looked. The cherry on my cake was being given the opportunity to get up and close to Soul Makossa. I feel our nation is well represented in the world's jazz scene and I really hope that more Cameroonian jazz artists feel inspired to work as hard."

Wishing you were there too? We do too! Oh well, next time!

Stay sweet


Hello DC readers welcome to the blog. This is an awareness project which you must know about. Please read on…

The Bright Light Project is a musical approach in addressing social issues such as violence, hunger and peace across the oceans.

The project in itself has been a long journey in the making now endorsed by Annise Parker, the Mayor of Houston. Written 5 years ago in Cameroon and after 10 months of hard work of over 20 artists from across the globe, the audio/video, and website were released  Sunday December 8 2013 at Zen's Restaurant & Grill in Houston Texas. 

In a press conference, the CEO of Franco Records Mr. Franco Bonghan defined the short and long term goals of the project in a one hour Q & A session. 

To find out more about this project go here:-

Hope you enjoy it and do spread the word.

Stay sweet

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


It is almost that time of the year again where we bring you 50 individuals who have caught our attention throughout the year because of their outstanding contribution in their own little or grand way to the development of the Green Red Yellow flag.

So while we prepare our list which will be introduced midnight December 31st / 1st Jan, we would like for you too dear readers to contribute by sending us the names, contact details and a short info of individuals who you think we absolutely must include based on the category below.

Kindly send all information to or tweet @Brownschuga on Twitter by 6pm Friday 27th December 2013.


  • Media & Film
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Arts & Photography
  • Music
  • Business & Tech
  • Social Activism
  • Profession
  • Sports

Left out a category we should cover? Tell us!!

So off we go team Dulce Camer!

Stay sweet

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Only a few days and there is so much to report about...pheeeww there is certainly no rest these days for a Camer blogger and the Camer talents are not joking!!

Oh well, we certainly love the buzz and today, here is what is new. Watch and listen...

This one is for the "Family", for he only sings for the "Family" so while we await the "BASTARD" video shot in the heart of Mabanda, Douala, here is a new audio track entitled "Family" by Jovi LeMonstre aka Don 4 Kwat released yesterday. Enjoy!!

This one, we just heard it now and the beat totally caught our attention. We are increasingly building up an encouraging amount of hot beats right outta 237 itself. This is great for our music industry so thumbs up to all of the music makers. This one is called "Made In Cameroon" by Melcube. Enjoy!

We do not know much about this artist but apparently she is Yaounde based and her name is Krucial Kate. This one is entitled "Gone". Enjoy!

He is a new talent we just discovered last week at an event here in London. He is a talent who is certainly very proud of his Camer heritage. We love to see this pride especially in talents so young. This one is entitled "Eba" and the talent is Bizu Nino. Enjoy!

Gasha is a name you cannot ignore. She certainly has the talent and the music and videos so far have been consistent. What does the future hold for this amazing talent? Only time and her strategy will tell. "This Is Life" by Gasha...enjoy!

The Mboa Urban Music Tape Vol 1 enabled the public to discover new talents which included Zayox and his "Bangando Star" track featuring the very talented Edel Koulla. The video shot by Ndukong aka February 16th Pictures was released early December. Here it is...enjoy!

Okay so that is enough for your listening and dancing pleasure for today!!
The diversity in Camer music is great right?

Stay sweet

Friday, December 13, 2013


Keep your eyes peeled on Cameroon's very own supermodel Ms Naoumie Ekiko as she keeps flying the green red yellow colours of our country higher and higher.

Only a few weeks back we reported that New York based Naoumie was also a face of cosmetic brand Cover Girl and now we are proud to say the sister is in one of the world's most recognised artist's video clip with the Queen B herself!

Naoumie is seen to play one of the pageant girls representing the "Compton" area in Beyonce's video for new single "Pretty Hurts".

Take a look below for your self.

Watch the preview video below:

Camer obosso!
Stay sweet

Saturday, December 7, 2013


After “Don’t 4get Me” and “Confirm”, Kwasia Braha (Watta) is the dancey follow up track that attempts to please both the "lyricist" and the "dancist” with a controversial twist and a fun, satirical video to match released today.

Kwasia Braha; meaning “fool come here” in Twi an Akan language spoken in Ghana - is once more another powerful lyrical track from Nabil portraying three verses of uniquely and articulately aligned all pidgin lyrics with humouristic metaphors and reality inspired imageries where Nabil shows why he is unique.

The video is a comical attempt to showcase the bad behaviour from those unpleasant “haters” equipping you with a one sentence response back at them…”Kwasia Braha Bring Me Some Watta”.

The video features guest appearances from legendary Cameroonian comedian/actor/radio host Fingon Tralala who puts up a wonderful display of a Kwasia and also displays some great dance moves, Deejay Omar Eppz, the best African DJ around Belgium and the hottest dance group LA N6.

The track was produced by Majestro "the beat maker" a young talented Belgian producer of African origin, composed by Nabil and mastered by Stephano.

We already told you to be on the lookout for this banging new video right? So here it is…! Watch and share the link please.

How do you like his dance moves?!

Follow him on Twitter: @CallmeNabstar
Like his Facebook Page:

Stay sweet


We are not aware of the full details yet but yesterday it seems a section of the Ministry of Public Health building in Yaoundé was on fire.

Judging by the lack of proper maintenance services, age and IT equipment facilities in these buildings, we are not surprised of such an incident taking place.

We hope no one was hurt. If you have more information about this, kindly leave a comment and share it with us.

Stay sweet

Friday, December 6, 2013


As Belgium based rapper Nabil aka Nabstar prepares his comeback fully into the music scene, this year has seen him actively release tracks and videos for his EP My Tory Part 1. Kwasia Braha is the dancey new track with a controversial twist also to be featured in this EP with its video scheduled for release on Saturday 7th December 2013.

In anticipation of the release, here are 15 Fun Facts associated with the audio/video.

1. Kwasia Braha the title of the song is in “Twi” which forms part of the Akan languages spoken in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Benin. What does it mean you ask? See next fact!
2. Kwasia is a fool, a plank, an idiot and in this song a “hater”. Bra-Ha means come here. So Kwasia Braha means Fool/hater, come here!
3. You are cautioned to take Kwasia Braha with a large dose of humour. Although controversial, Kwasia Braha gimme some watta is what you should tell those people who hate for no reason. They need to give you some water to cool down your hotness ;)
4. Kwasia Braha was produced by Majestro "the beat maker" a young talented Belgian producer of African origin.
5. Kwasia Braha was composed by Nabil and mastered by Stephano, a brilliant sound engineer.
6. You will be able to celeb spot a few known faces in the Kwasia Braha video which includes legendary Cameroonian comedian/actor/radio host Fingon Tralala. He puts up a wonderful performance of that of a Kwasia. We recommend you spot his dancing moves which are pretty good!
7. The celeb spotting continues...Deejay Omar Eppz who appears in the video also hosted the behind the scenes for 9jTV (The most active and omnipresent Media in Central Europe).
8. On the Kwasia Braha video, you will find appearances from 3rd World Survivor protégé Nasomi who is a Dutch based Cameroonian artist with an upcoming single and a powerful voice & Lil D another 3rd World Survivor protégé getting ready to sing his way to the top! WATCH OUT FOR THEM!
9. Catch the hottest most prominent urban dance group in Belgium LA N6 in the Kwasia Braha video. With almost 200,000 views on YouTube you see they are hot! Sizzling hot and they are Nabil’s official dancers too.
10. It is easy to look very good when you are Nabil aka Nabstar but oh yes we must confess there was also a styling team for the Kwasia Braha video! Nabil was dressed by upcoming Belgian based designer Sanhela Teky. MakeUp was done by Grace Yankee and the coordination by Harmony and Ely of HASWELY.
11. The original text to Kwasia Braha was "I am getting hotter hotter bring me some watta" but was changed to “Kwasia Braha gimme some watta” with a little help from a Ghanaian friend.
12. Kwasia Braha is once more another powerful lyrical track from Nabstar portraying three verses of uniquely and articulately aligned ALL PIDGIN lyrics with metaphors, humour, and reality inspired imageries where Nabil shows why he is unique.
13. After "Don't 4get Me" and "Confirm" "Kwasia Braha" brings out a 3rd Personality not yet seen in Nabil.
14. Kwasia Braha is dedicated to the late great graffiti artist in Cameroon called MERIC who was one of Nabil’s business partners in show business back in 2005. He was a friend, a brother and an inspiration to Nabil whom he hereby crowns a street legend.
15. Kwasia Braha is an original track that cannot be labeled or categorised under a particular genre, It attempts to please both the "lyricist" and the "dancist.”

And that concludes the 15 Fun Facts for Kwasia Braha video to be released this Saturday 07 December 2013.

Listen, download and share the audio here:

Stay tuned.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Extraordinary, relentless, doubtless, hopeful, fiercely dignified, highly educated and much much more...oh what a person!

Tata "Madiba" Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela has died today 5th December 2013 around 8.50pm South African time in his home surrounded by his family.

We all knew this day would come however our heart aches, it aches so bad to even take this news in but we are thankful. Thankful for the life he chose to live. He lead by example with humility and peace being at the core of his person. 

We would like to end the post with this quote...

“During my lifetime I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.” Nelson Mandela

You will forever be an inspiration. You will forever be our hero. We love you Tata Madiba.

Sleep tight

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


It was only last Tuesday that the Afro/World Jazz loving and Cameroonian communities in London were buzzing with a certain high energy of expectation and anxiety as legendary "Soul Makossa" king and proud Team 237 hero Manu Dibango was due to perform at the Barbican.

We were unable to attend but don't fret, say, have we got news for you?! Yes we have!! We asked a few attendees to give us their impression of the show and here is our first review below by writer, culture enthusiast Ngum Ngafor.

Happy Reading...


Not even the madness of Transport For London could come between me and my date of the year! After unnerving negotiations around delayed train lines, I got to London's Barbican concert hall in time for Muntu Valdo's amazing opening performance for the legendary Manu Dibango's 80 birthday gig.

If you haven't seen Muntu yet, think one man bad with the command of a wicked ensemble. Some have even compared him to Bob Dylan! I can see how. He was bringing down that harmonica folkiness down with a unique Duala quintessence and the audience drenched in it! There was even time for a humorous demo on real time loop recording.

Muntu offered several delights from albums “Gods and Devils” and “The One and the Many” but 'Dimala' (we will go) remains the most lingering. And what do you know? It's the track that first caught Manu Dibango's attention.

For a mega star, Papa Manu seems hardly hot on airs. In fact, with a 9-piece- band in tow, he stepped onto the stage with the cool of a man walking into his living room.
Opening salvo "Douala Serenade" was clearly a statement of intent and we fell for it. "Soir Au Village" may have opened magic doors into the simple delights of rural life. But this wasn't going to be just another groovy, sit down affair!

From makossa to funk, jazz, bendskin, reggae and classic rhumba, Manu had his audience rump shaking and foot stumping. There was even some outright crazy dancing too lol! But the highlight of the night for me had to be Manu's performance of 70's mega hit "Big Blow" with British Jazz great Courteney Pine. L-a-w-d! The sax talk between them was an exquisite assault on every single sense!

Deciding the setlist for a Manu concert must be a nightmare so while I'd have liked to hear favourites like “Kango” and “Okoh”, I won't hold their absence against anyone and what's more? With its unmistakable stutter and evergreen sound, another wicked arrangement of "Soul Makossa" was just the closing high we needed.

Energetic, playful and way beyond seasoned, one gets a feeling Manu Dibango has not just mellowed with age but that he also stopped thinking of music as work decades ago. And did I mention he looks F-I-T!

Yes you just did!! Pheewww...what a review!! Takes us back to centre stage doesn't it?
Many thanks to Ngum for her thoughts. Follow her on Twitter @NgumNgafor

Stay sweet


Camer based artist Sine seems to have a lot to celebrate and be thankful for this year after achieving to do what many Camer artists only dream of doing in their career time which is to sing for a very high powered official such as Hillary Clinton former America's First Lady and runner up presidential candidate. Sine just accomplished that and also did it in New York, New York!

He also recently released the video to 'Paplé' a slang term for 'crazy' which showed an excellent collaboration between him and Petit Pays depicting a beautiful melange of the old and the new, Makossa and Afrobeat.

What a way to close off the year we say and we hope to see more from him in 2014. Check out his 'Victory' sign as he chills in downtown Times Square in NYC.

Camer obosso...right?!

That's it!
Stay sweet

Saturday, November 30, 2013


Hello and welcome to another DC post. Today we are talking rapstar du kwat SPIDO and his new video for his new track Sûre Mbom shot by Ndukong Bertrand aka February 16th Pictures.

Spido is fast becoming a prominent figure in the 237 music scene, seen as a rapper representing the voice of the youths of the streets. His energy and love for what he does is eminent and can be seen especially when he is on stage performing.

Before we reveal the video, below are 5 interesting facts from both Spido and Ndukong.
  • Spido’s real name is Herve Tchoumba.
  • He is the 3rd of 8 children.
  • He did his primary and secondary education in Douala.
  • In 2010, he discovers a love for film making which pushes him to work on film projects including « Face à la glace » which sold a million copies.
  • « Sûre Mbom »  is a term used by most Cameroonian youths to mean «confidence, we are together, respect»
  • Ndukong watches a lot of Manga cartoons.
  • He loves frying pancakes.
  • He loves interacting with others but is not the party kind.
  • His flexibility and creativity enables him to make something great out of nothing finding it much easier to work with artists who are full of energy and who understand what he does.
  • When on set, he spends a lot of time setting up his lights which can be tiresome however lights are very important to set the mood of a scene so he takes his time to get it right.
So below is the video for you to enjoy!

Follow Spido on Twitter: @spido_officiel
Follow Ndukong on Twitter: @February16thPic

And that's it!
Stay sweet

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Hello DC readers, another day another new post to fill you up with!!

So recently on his Facebook page, we have noticed a shift in the communication approach by our Papa Samuel Eto'o.

Over the years, Eto'o has mainly identified his brand with a rather French and Spanish approach which we found rather worrying considering le Camer est bilingue! As a talent with this very rich heritage behind him, Eto'o should've have used it as a big unique asset in is career and brand development.

Nonetheless, whether he has been encouraged by his communication team or whether it is due to the fact that he is now a Chelsky player we are happy to see his 'Anglo' side pour out.

Check out below images of some of his posts.

So there you have it, the Anglophiled Eto'o lol!! So so go before Papa!

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers from the US of A. Enjoy your feast and be thankful too.

Stay sweet

Monday, November 25, 2013


Neo Soul Afro Jazzy Debra Debs has spent the past few weeks locked up completing her debut LP which she has called "LifeCycles".

Inspired by Jill Scott, Lauren Hill, Ella Fitzgerald, D'Angelo and more, Debra Debs' 12 tracks "LifeCycles" is dubbed to be a blend of Neo Soul and 90's RnB grooves. You are asked to dive in with the track "Caught Up" and cool down with "Speechless".

The LP has been released a week early on her website where you can sample and buy the tracks which speak to your soul...just click here:

That's how Team 237 is rising!! Tell us what you think about the songs on the LP by leaving your comments below.

Follow Debra Debs on Twitter: @DebraDebs
Like her on Facebook here:

Stay sweet

Sunday, November 24, 2013


The FIMA (Festival International de la Mode Africaine) fashion event is currently going on in Niamey, Niger organised yearly by renowned designer Alphadi. 

Cameroon has had a few successes at this event and this year, the award for top African model of the year was picked up last night by our very own Amanda who was representing Cameroon.

Here she is below in denim...

Image by Paola Ndengue

We are proud of her not so!!
Follow her on Twitter: @Efathel

Stay sweet

Saturday, November 23, 2013


He is on a solo route after saying his goodbye to Black Triangle Africa so ACE is not new to the Camer music scene. After almost a year behind the scenes working on his materials, he is ready to go public and show us just what he is made of under the new umbrella of BlackGold Entertainment.

What is he bringing to our ears? An RnB track that blends subtly the classic and the contemporary rhythm and blues with carefully selected instruments and a sound that is unique to him which he has dubbed CameRnB!! We love that!

Without further ado, here below is Molo Molo the debut track from ACE. We love love it and DJ Pazzo is sure making a name and a reputation for being one of the best producers in Cameroon.

So so go before Team 237!! Enjoy!

Hope you liked it!!

Follow him on Twitter: @ItsA_C_E

Stay sweet

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Soooooo DC readers and lovers, we can't tell you all how excited we are at the changes being made around the entertainment scene in Cameroon...we are too excited because we have another update for you today and we have had this song on replay abuse all day!!

Askia is a Buea based rapper/singer with a bad girl attitude signed under Sieni Brothers...she has no time to answer calls by the way but if you give her the music you can party with her...till dawn!! If you didn't know, she is Askia and she was born like this!

The video of the track with an unforgettable hook "Tat' Obaseh"; well put together by Adrenaline Studios is a party/dancey/upbeat well represented video that certainly does the track justice. From the dancing guy group, to the dancing mami at the end and even the dancing duel scenes between the guys and the girls at the end shows you why you cannot be seated down for this track...everyone has to be on their feet to dance...Askia did warn you lol!

What we also love about the video is that Askia actually changes outfits!! Now that is a change we want to see continue especially amongst the female artists. Please take your image seriously!!

Well take a look for yourself...remember you have been warned! Get up and dance!!

What do you think? Tat'!!! Tat'!!!

Stay sweet


Established in 2008, Heart Angel (HA) is a high end fashion clothing brand created with a Cameroonian twist. Created by Steve, the brand HA was born out of a desire to combine fashion and art with each model of their collection a Limited Edition to make the garment as unique as the person who wears it.

Using their passion for design and an understanding of cuts and shapes with selective materials, the team plan to bring captivating concept seasonally with the mission of providing high quality garments at reasonable prices. They make each piece with an extreme attention to detail and hand executed techniques to give the customer a perfect fit.

The story behind the brand HA comes from the power to “Believe” through the garment, designs and the logo, the brand IS aimed at empowering the young generation to believe and follow their dreams. This strong belief will pave the way for the brand to become an international lifestyle brand.  
The brand is already making waves with the music celebrities across Africa and has been seen and featured on music videos of stars including Starboy Wizzy, Tuface, Wande Coal etc as well on reality TV show Secret Story in France.

The brand is also available to buy at the Stratom store (2 rue du Renard, Paris 75004) in France as well as at the Fashion Meets Music store at Westfield in Stratford, London.

Keep up the momentum Steve! Images below

The Paris Store Stratom

The Stratford Store; FMM 

Steve with Starbiy Wizzy! 

To shop HAC, visit their website here:

That's all from Camer doing big things!!
Stay sweet

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The music industry in Cameroon is slowly taking shape. The talents are many but the behind the scenes professionals are few. Founded in 2010, No Hitz No Recordz Entertainment is a recording studio and music label with a managing director, three outstanding producers, two sound engineers and four signed artists.

The reocrding studio/label hub aims produce quality music and beats for their clients and fans. With their new studio based in Molyko - Buea, they are able to do all genres of songs/audio productions from consultancy to mastering.

Check out some images of the studio below...

For more information about their services, call them on 0023775411309 or email: Join them on Facebook: or follow them on Twitter: @NHNRENT

That's it!!
Stay sweet


It all started in church in Cameroon for Miss Bess aka Sophie Bessem Tataw when she was barely a teen. Her music is now a reflection of her rich heritage and European influences effortlessly combining French, English and Pidgin.

Miss Bess is currently working on her upcoming EP which will see the mix of afrobeats and soulful jazz. Her ability to transcend various music genres to deliver music for the soul is the direct influence of her rich cultural heritage and source of inspiration. "Last Dance" is the first single to be released off the EP with more coming soon.

Dear DC readers, let's find out a bit about Miss Bess. Read below...

DC: In 5 words describe to us who you are as a person?
-         Miss Bess: I’m a perfectionist, friendly, a go-getter, respectful and trendy

DC: Where are you based?
Miss BessI’m based in The Netherlands popularly known as Holland (Amsterdam)

DC: What type of music do you do?
Miss Bess:  I do R&B, Afro-pop, Afro-soul with a Jazzy twist to it.

DC: Your website is coming up what should we expect on it
Miss Bess: My website is where everyone and especially my fans can see what I’m all about , get an update on my career as a young and upcoming artist and how it’s going ( shows, trips, events). Moreover, for those who’ll want to book Miss Bess, can find more information on my website. 

DC: Tell us 3 fashion/beauty items you cannot live without?
Miss Bess: 3 items:  I’ll say my lipsticks, can’t live without them, especially my MAC lipsticks. My beauty products especially facial, I’m not much of a makeup person as you can see on my Instagram pictures but I like my skin & face to be healthy, and my little alien by Thierry Mugler. My perfume, a girl has to smell good all the time.  

Now listen and download "Last Dance" here:

Produced by: Jaypaulbeatz
Artwork by: Rozina Mwanahiba

For More information, contact Miss Bess on:

Stay sweet