Saturday, November 30, 2013


Hello and welcome to another DC post. Today we are talking rapstar du kwat SPIDO and his new video for his new track Sûre Mbom shot by Ndukong Bertrand aka February 16th Pictures.

Spido is fast becoming a prominent figure in the 237 music scene, seen as a rapper representing the voice of the youths of the streets. His energy and love for what he does is eminent and can be seen especially when he is on stage performing.

Before we reveal the video, below are 5 interesting facts from both Spido and Ndukong.
  • Spido’s real name is Herve Tchoumba.
  • He is the 3rd of 8 children.
  • He did his primary and secondary education in Douala.
  • In 2010, he discovers a love for film making which pushes him to work on film projects including « Face à la glace » which sold a million copies.
  • « Sûre Mbom »  is a term used by most Cameroonian youths to mean «confidence, we are together, respect»
  • Ndukong watches a lot of Manga cartoons.
  • He loves frying pancakes.
  • He loves interacting with others but is not the party kind.
  • His flexibility and creativity enables him to make something great out of nothing finding it much easier to work with artists who are full of energy and who understand what he does.
  • When on set, he spends a lot of time setting up his lights which can be tiresome however lights are very important to set the mood of a scene so he takes his time to get it right.
So below is the video for you to enjoy!

Follow Spido on Twitter: @spido_officiel
Follow Ndukong on Twitter: @February16thPic

And that's it!
Stay sweet

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