Monday, February 28, 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...listen up! If you are in the habit of writing down a list of albums to get int he year then please omit not the soon to be launched "The one & The Many" by none other than the prince of Sawa Blues; Mr Muntu Valdo!

For the last three years Muntu has been wowing audiences across the globe with his innate musicality, generous sincerity and ingeniously creative manipulation of technology. He has toured all over the world, from Paris to Douala, Womad UK to Mexico, London Jazz Festival to Singapore and back. He has played alongside some of the biggest names of African music new and old, such as Staff Benda Bilili, Ali Farka Touré, Keziah Jones, Tony Allen, Richard Bona and Manu Dibango (who was instrumental in encouraging Muntu to go ahead with this latest project), and has forged exciting new collaborations with the likes of cult folk visionary Alasdair Roberts and Damon Albarn’s Africa Express.

With this new album, Muntu Valdo seems to have reached a rite of passage. His desire to explore and understand his place within the complex evolution of peoples, processes & music throughout time and space has given him a magic formula. A formula crafted and delivered in the form of “The One & The Many”. All ten tracks pay testimony to Muntu’s faith in the power of the individual to harness the power of the many, with all the writing, playing, singing, arranging, producing and recording completed in its entirety by his hand alone.

With “The One & The Many”, Muntu Valdo wills us to stand up and unleash the power of the many inside each and every one of us. A touchingly honest new album, Muntu Valdo has successfully pulled together a rich diversity of elements and environments, commanding us to recognise an artist deeply rooted in the riches of his culture whilst striving for modernity, open to and pushing towards the future.

The album drops on 11th April 2011 so be warned!!

For live dates, please see below.
(supporting Ladysmith Black Mambazo)

Thursday 19th May, IPSWICH Regent 01473 433100

Saturday 21st May, ST ALBANS Arena 01727 844488

Monday 23rd May, LONDON Barbican 020 7638 8891

Tuesday 24th May, OXFORD New Theatre 0844 847 1585

Wednesday 25th May, BRISTOL Colston Hall 0117 922 3686

Thursday 26th May, TRURO Hall for Cornwall 01872 262466

Friday 27th May, FAREHAM Ferneham Hall 01329 231942

Sunday 29th May, CHELTENHAM Town Hall 01242 227979

Monday 30th May, HAY Festival (SOLD OUT) 0870 990 1299

Tuesday 31st May, READING Hexagon 0118 960 6060

Thursday 2nd June, BIRMINGHAM Symphony Hall 0121 780 3333

Friday 3rd June, NOTTINGHAM Royal Concert Hall 0115 989 5555

Saturday 4th June, MANCHESTER Bridgewater Hall 0161 907 9000

Sunday 5th June, GATESHEAD The Sage Gateshead 0191 443 4661

Monday 6th June, ABERDEEN Music Hall 01224 641 122

Tuesday 8th June, GLASGOW Royal Concert Hall 0141 353 8000

Wednesday 9th June, PRESTON Guild Hall 0845 344 2012

Thursday 10th June, LEEDS Town Hall 0113 224 3801

12th June, MILTON KEYNES Theatre 0844 871 7652

Monday 13th June, YORK Barbican 0844 854 2757

Wednesday 15th June, CRAWLEY Hawth 01293 553636

Thursday 16th June, BRIGHTON Dome 01273 709709

Friday 17th June, BEXHILL ON SEA De La Warr Pavilion 01424 229 111

Saturday 18th June, CAMBRIDGE Corn Exchange 01223 357851

Sunday 19th June, NORWICH Theatre Royal 01603 630000

Tuesday 21st June ABERYSTWYTH Arts Centre 01970 623232

Email contact: John @ AirMTM:

This is leisure-ology at its best!
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The wave of revolution and change has been blowing aggressively and passionately, spluttering its “never before seen” venom on its way. It kicked off in Tunisia last month where President Ben Ali was successfully ousted from power after a 23 year iron-fisted rule.

Slowly and surely this wind has continued in its path reaching Egypt, Algeria, Libya and even in the Middle East, reaching Bahrain, Yemen etc

In the West/Central region of Africa, Cameroonians at home and abroad have caught on onto this wind of change and peaceful demonstrations have been planned in the cities of Douala and Yaoundé today. According to some sources, these cities are now littered with police presence.

More on the demonstrations here

Let’s see how this pans out. We pray it is not as bloody as in Libya.
Let the Revolution begin…


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, DC brings to you a multinational video featuring a blazing collabo with Denzyl and Onezeal, both from Cameroon on a track by the South African artist, Adolf.

Produced by an Angolan called Orlando aka O Magic, “Can’t take it away” is a track that promotes the idea that whatever is written in the stars for you, no one can take it away. The video was shot in Johannesburg, directed and produced by Go Ape productions and supported by DJ Waxxy of Channel O.

An official track by Adolf, you will soon be able to watch this live on MTV Base, Channel O and Trace TV.

Denzyl is still a solo artist looking to launch his album internationally soon. He wrote the chorus, the pre-chorus, the first verse as well as co wrote the second verse of this track.

In our opinion, his verse made this entire track come to life! Well done Denzyl!
Catch the video below.

Hope you enjoyed it!
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Friday, February 18, 2011


There are so many people within the Cameroonian communities at home and abroad who are doing in our opinion fabulous things to bring about change to many lives in the community. These people are in our opinion unsung heroes whose voices and actions need to be heard and seen.

Change Corner is a new initiative here at DC where we will be shouting about the change programmes and charity initiatives happening within Cameroon. These stories should be the push you'll need to think about ways in which you can also participate and promote the change you want to see thus providing for a better life for someone else. This is our PPP (Participate, Promote, Provide).

Today we will be focusing on a fabulous, funny and chic lady who we have come to admire for what she puts herself through inorder to achieve her goals.

Below is our interview. Happy Reading y'all

DC: Hello Suzanne, many thanks for accepting to talk to us.
SE: I love Dulce Camer and I also love talking so of course it’s ok darling! Thanks again for including me on your top 50 Cameroonians to watch in 2011 list.

DC: Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
SE: My name is Suzanne “Africa” Engo but most people call me Africa. I meditate every day for an hour and I love ndole “sans viande” (no meat) and plaintain with haricot so so much! Shout out to Mokolo market! You said a little NAH eh eh weké HAHAHHA!!!

DC: If your friends were to describe you in 3 words, what would they say?
SE: African, philanthropic, vegan

DC: You are very keen on “change”. What would it take to “change” Cameroon in your opinion?
SE: I think true change begins within us. So if there is something that you feel needs to be changed start with yourself first. If you feel the country is dirty start with cleaning your house and then your village. I think that we need to stop looking to the government to solve all of our problems I think that we need to try to help ourselves too.

DC: We would like to congratulate you on your work in Cameroon that is bringing about change to some children’s lives. Please tell us about this project.
SE: I am the founding member of an organisation called “African Action on Aids” We send Aids orphans (with a particular focus on orphan girls) to school. We want these African girls to be stable, to feel secure and to grow to have financial security so they don’t make mistakes that may lead them to be at risk for things such as HIV/AIDS. No self-worth, no health, no security is a dangerous state to be in. We don’t want them to be in trouble so we are all over their lives, their studies, their villages, their HIV status, their hands... making sure they wash them so they don’t get cholera. We’re like a friendly war on these girls’ lives.

DC: What initially pushed you to say enough is enough, I ought to do something?
SE: My mother told me to do it when I was a kid. Mother knows best and it became my life. Be careful what you tell your child because we listen to everything!

DC: Tell us about the Africa 101 charity run you did. What made you start this?
SE: “Africa 101” for me meant getting back to the basics. To love Africa, I had to love myself first. The whole project will be a movie called “I Love Africa” in which you’ll be able to watch the whole journey.

Well, this is the story. In five years I gained 120 pounds landing me in 2006 at a staggering 250 pounds with no energy! Ever since age six I had been like an energiser bunny, that young kid who went around the UN, around peoples’ offices, schools, TV stations, celebrities, yelling and dancing and making people care about Africa and other causes and as soon as I added 120 pounds, I became very very slow. Depressed and obese, I lost my activism and that had to change. So I made a declaration that I was going to lose at least 100 pounds and run from NY to Chicago and I was going to raise awareness about AIDS in Africa so that I wasn’t too focused on what size my jeans were but the size of my dreams which is to have a world free of HIV. I am HIV negative and but I consider myself to have the face of AIDS.

Doing this run, I also promoted solutions that I felt make a difference for the real Africa such as HipHop mogul Russell Simmons’ Diamond Empowerment (, musician Bono and Bobby Shrivers’ Join Red ( and my family MTVs’ Staying Alive ( as well as my charity AAA ( I have now run in 3 continents since that original run in the States.

I changed my life completely and I’m not shy to say I’m proud of myself.

DC: Well done girl! DC is sure proud of you too! Now, what keeps you going, longing to accomplish things?
SE: Meditation, the faces of these African children I make promises to and well my mother who tells me to still continue. Like I said mother knows best! Also, I would like for my daughter to be able to say one day “my mother did it”. You know legacy stuff! I know my mother can say my grandmother Suzanne Tjega did it so I would like to keep this trend going!

DC: Cool! What advice would you give to someone out there who has it in their heart to do something to positively contribute in Cameroon?
SE: Like Nike says. JUST DO IT!

DC: What else are you passionate about in life?
SE: I am very passionate about the vegan / raw food diet and the benefits it has on my attitude, my peaceful, compassionate and kind outlook on life. I’m really into making sure the Oprah Winfrey Network stays on the Air because Oprah Winfrey is an amazing woman. I lost weight using her Best Life Diet scheme and I elect myself her African ambassador making sure she keeps on going. We have to support our leaders and I am behind her like a silent partner! Did you know Ms Winfrey is of Cameroonian descent? Bamileke? I am also passionate about my dog Tesoro.

DC: You are also the president of the “Girl Behind the Camera Productions”. Tell us more about this venture.
SE: The Girl Behind the Camera is a production company committed to producing and promoting cause related media initiatives, programmes and members of the entertainment and sports industries committed to making a difference.

DC: To conclude, what is your life’s philosophy?
SE: To change the world, first you must change yourself. Be the example of what an African girl can be when she is empowered. To me this is so fierce so keep watching because I’ll show you! Stay tuned, I’m just getting warmed up and I eat veggies now so I have the energy to do this!

Some pictures of our girl...

DC feels this on the red carpet look!!

We love you too!!

DC: That's it! Thank you!!
SE: Ok girl I’m proud of you and the DC blog. Keep doing it ma sista and knock on my door anytime it is open to Dulce Camer!!! I am very grateful you took the time to shed light on me, I notice and I appreciate that very much. I have an attitude of gratitude towards you.
Thank you!

Be the change you want to see!
Stay sweet

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Neil Alden Armstrong did it for the Americans by being the first man to walk on the moon. Guess who was the first chimp to be launched in outer space and where he came from?

Ok, ok so the name might be a lil bit tricky but I am sure you can guess his country of origin! Yes, yes, CAMEROON!

Ham the Chimp or Ham the Astrochimp (DC prefers this name better!!) was the first chimpanzee launched into outer space in the American space program. Ham's name is an acronym for the lab that prepared him for his historic mission - the Holloman Aerospace Medical Center located in New Mexico.

Ham (pictured) was born in July 1956 in Cameroon before he was captured by animal trappers (bad, bad people, lol!!) and sent to Rare Bird Farm in Miami, Florida where he was later purchased by the United States Air Force and brought to the Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico in1959.

Ham's mission was completed on January 31 1961 aboard the MR-2 launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida. His flight lasted 16 minutes and 39 seconds long.

Ham lived for a further 17 years after the flight and died on January 19, 1983 at the great old age of 26! His grave can be found at the New Mexico Museum of Space History in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

What a life, what an adventure!!
Thank you Ham!
(All info from Wikipedia)

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Monday, February 7, 2011


He is undoubtedly at present the sexiest music artist within the Cameroonian music scene and if you saw him in the "Maria" video then I am sure you'll also agree that Blick Bassy has got IT!

It was 2009 that we caught up with him here on DC (Click here) where he serenaded us with rich melodic tunes from his debut album Léman but guess what? Yes you guessed it! Blick Bassy is about to drop his second solo album entitled "Hongo calling".

Wanna be teased? Click here.

We at DC are throughly teased lol!!
Watch out for another chat with the man soon!
Watch the Maria video below.

Stay sweet

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Welcome to the DC talent podium. This time, we bring to you a self taught character who is just as daring and highly energetic as his art pieces and whose persona is evoked in some of his paintings.

As someone who does not like ''limitations'', Adjani draws his inspiration from a wide range of natural phenomena to express his freedom. When he is not splashing colours, he doubles as a model and we made no mistake to include him in our Top 50 talents to watch out for in 2011.

Happy Reading y’all!!

DC: Hi Adjani, how are you?
Adjani: I’m good, thank you!

DC: If you were a cartoon character, which would you be and why?
Adjani: How did you know I’m into cartoons?! Well I do like my cartoons and there are many characters that I’ve enjoyed watching over the years! But because I’m a 100% product of the wild, a child of the tropical rain forest, extremely adventurous, and come from a family that practices agriculture, and love animals, it’s got to be Tarzan! Leaving the “sex bit aside”, the setting and adventurous nature of it has always had an intriguing “octopussy” grip on me that’s rivalled by none!

DC: Oh wow! I am totally taken aback with your response above! Well done. So, what is your favourite colour? Why?
Adjani: Thank you! As an artist, colours do come naturally to me. However, my favourite colour would depend on the domain! For painting, it’s got to be white and for fashion, it’s definitely black! The versatility of these colours definitely ticks all the right boxes for me!

DC: How did the whole painting thing start? Tell us more!
Adjani: I can remember being interested in drawing and colouring with crayons at a very early age! I was always excited once I had completed a drawing, and would always place it on the walls and doors of the living room and my bedroom! But that was only when my dad was not around! He thought I was spending all my time drawing instead of studying, so obviously, he didn’t encourage it! I sent him some money for Christmas, and guess where it came from? From a painting that I sold! However, my mum always bought me drawing books which I kept a secret! I wish I could find some of them today!
Anyway, I continued drawing especially landscape and archaeological artefacts right through my university days. But I actually completed my first painting in “water colour” only in 2008 when my girlfriend saw my sketch book and thought they could make nice paintings! She bought me some water colours and as they say, the “rest is history”!

DC: Why painting? What was it about painting that suddenly gripped you so?
Adjani: Freedom, freedom, freedom! I like the freedom of doing just whatever I want to do and making my own rules as I go along without any distraction, opinions, or instructions! With a brush, a canvas and some paint, I attain that all the time! It’s also not just something I enjoy doing, it’s therapeutic, very much so!

DC: Let’s talk about your inspiration for your paintings. Where does this come from?
Adjani: Oh, that’s interesting! Talking about inspiration, that’s one of my favourite words! And guess what, I’m opportune to be endowed with varied sources from which I could tap that from! The environment, religion, and human behaviour provide me with an enormous source of boundless inspiration! In essence, it would take a lifetime to exploit a quarter of it! That said the most interesting thing is that I’m amazingly capable to turn negativity into positivity and thus an inspiration! I’m constantly being inspired by negative and stereotypical individuals! Anything could be an inspiration to me and nothing is a waste!
Someone once asked me, “how come you are such a good artist and you say you are from Kamer”.......I was like, what? I knew he had good intentions but I didn’t like his approach and body language, so I replied that some of the earliest art were found in the pyramids in Egypt. Hieroglyphics is art in its own right and the wearing of earrings by males, tattoo painting and body piercing were not western customs either. In fact, an average male Maasai from Kenya wear up to 10 bangles on each ear! They are semi-nomadic, most of them are illiterate, and have never watched TV! He left quietly, and I thought, good riddance! A week later, I did a contemporary portrait of a Maasai, and it was outstanding!

DC: What motivates you?
Adjani: Life! Just being here, healthy and with a lot of potential is amazingly motivational because I know many people who in many perspectives, are less fortunate than myself! In Jan 2000, I gave a young waitress a tip of 500Frs CFA in Bamenda, and the whole family started addressing me “Nih”! I was motivationally elated!

DC: Let’s discuss the themes that are recurrent in your painting? What are they and why these themes?
Adjani: As you can see, I paint in different styles with varied themes ranging from aesthetics, adventure, betrayal, healing, hope and the surreal! The reason I do all of these instead of concentrating on one style is based on “marketability”! Some are highly marketable than others, thus attracts a consistent flow of income with which I feed my main interest which I will be concentrating on in the near future! But, before you ask, what that is, I should warn you that I wouldn’t be letting the “cat out of the bag” just yet!

DC: Okay, so I’ll keep “schtum” on asking then. What is your goal in life?
Adjani: I’m so fortunate to have discovered why I exist! I’m not here just to “eat, drink, party and sleep”! I’m here to support, inspire and motivate as many people as possible, in any way that I can! Staying healthy, fit and financially viable would always remain top on my agenda and compliments the essence of my existence. That is seconded only by the urge to give my daughter a strong foundation and a good start in life. I like doing charitable work because it is a great forum from which I could make a difference, and the satisfaction derived from it is priceless! I would like to open a massive gallery in Yaoundé and Douala in the future and promote arts in Cameroon.

DC: What else are you passionate about?
Adjani: I’m passionate about football and I support Chelsea! Notwithstanding, table tennis, fitness, food, wine, design, music, dancing, poems, writing, fashion, travelling, adventure and pushing my daughter in her buggy are some of the things I do with passion! I’ve got an amazing family back home which I’m also so passionate about!

DC: To have had a showing at the Saatchi gallery is not an easy venture. How did this collaboration come about?
Adjani: Yes I presently exhibit in Saatchi online Gallery! I found the website online and registered after visiting the main gallery in Sloane Square. Then I sent some of my works to them for approval and that was done in less than an hour! Awesome!

DC: Awesome indeed. Where else in the world would you like to show?
Adjani: I have exhibited in Abingdon, and Battersea, London! I have been invited to exhibit in Magdalene House in Oxford Science Park, Oxford, and I have now got some connections in Geneva, Switzerland! However, I’ve got my eyes on New York, California, Paris and Rome! I would actually like to own my own gallery in California, one day, that’s highly probable! I’ve got “stateside on my mind”!

DC: Which famous person in the world would you like for him/her to own an Adjani Klinsmann painting? Why?
Adjani: uh......, that’s a tricky one! Let me see! Uh...., it’s got to be Angelina Jolie, yes definitely Angelina! She terrific!

DC: To conclude, what tips would you give to a budding painter?
Adjani: Patience, patience, more patience and persistence! Resilience in the face of adversity is paramount! These are indispensable for any sort of recognition! But to be successful, they have to look successful, talk successful and walk successful! However, swagger is one thing, the skills to match it is everything!

A display below of Adjani at work and some of his paintings

Adjani at work
Theologian's corner

Personality trait

Castigation of the redeemer

The son of man



Urban sunset

Beautiful stingray

Overcoming adversity

The guardmans and his dog

Contact details
Website: under construction but you can find his works at Saatchi gallery online
Tel: 07931 887 389
Facebook page: Adjani Klinsmann
Twitter: adjanitrendz

Hope you enjoyed our interview. Don't forget to follow your dreams and come back again soon!
Stay sweet