Sunday, November 6, 2016


Hello everyone, so much is going on within our entertainment industry that makes catching up on blog stories one has to be on an athlete’s speed…pheew! We do not write stories that often however, we continuously share content on our Facebook Page so ensure you follow our page to keep up with us!

There is a definite boom in quality music releases and visuals and here we are presenting you with a list of our MUST WATCH 6 videos released in the last month. Sit back, kick off your shoes and relax with us as we take you through in no particular order…

1. Nabil4real ft DJ Pazzo - This is Africa TIA
Released 2 days ago, #ThisIsAfricaTIA is a concept born to showcase Africa from a positive and realistic perspective. It's a concept that recognises and celebrates Africa's rich cultural heritage. Watch it below...

2. Numerica - Laisse Moi T'aimer feat. Dynastie Le Tigre

When the gardener and the driver try to win the love of the master’s wife, this happens! Released on October 28. Watch it below...

3. FLURI Boyz - Jamais Vu ft. LOCKO
What lengths can love go? Watch this piece released October 7!

4. Olgha - Stand Strong
After a three-year hiatus, she’s decided to put the knowledge and experience garnered through the years into a new song titled “Stand Strong”. This piece released 4 days ago is a soul/afro-pop blend with lyrics that portray strength and resilience in the face of all obstacles. Keep watching!

5. Montess - Love Witta Gun Man
Released October 20, these visuals in HD will make you re-live an LA Summer!

6. Stanley Enow - Follow Me (Oh Nana)
The African Women’s Cup of Nation (AWCON) is about to kick off from November 19-December 3 2016 in Cameroon and what better timing to get this out! If you know Stanley Enow, you know he thrives on versatility and follows no set rules. Watch this, there are lots of things which will surprise you! Released October 28.

And you, what are some of the music releases you have loved in the last month? Leave your comments below and join us on Facebook.

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Ngumabi said...

I love this collection. These talents keep making me more proud as a Cameroonian. I really enjoyed:
Nabil4real ft DJ Pazzo - This is Africa TIA
FLURI Boyz - Jamais Vu ft. LOCKO
Stanley Enow - Follow Me (Oh Nana)

Thanks for the collection. I had a great time going through them.

M3p3 Trending Songs said...

This one is strong! Wizkid's Song on DJ More Music NG