Thursday, February 23, 2012


Saint Valentine’s Day has come and gone bringing with it a time for all the lovers to show off their love and commitment to one another. During this time, South African based Lolhiphop Records executive Wax Dey drew on this perfect opportunity to drop a new track; “Will you be my wifey”. The video is now ready for viewing and so we caught up with the man to find out more.
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DC: Love is in the air in this video, are you singing to someone in particular?

Wax Dey: Yeah, I'm singing to all lovers and couples in particular. The theme evokes a (hopefully) good memory for married couples, and a prospect for others who aren't. But above all, the song is just about appreciating the one you love.

DC: Where was the video shot? Who came up with the video concept?

Wax Dey: The video was shot in Sandton, Johannesburg. My friend who features in the song and video, TBo Touch (shoutout!) is an ambassador for Signature Hotels, so we decided to use one of their hotels where we usually hang out; Moloko. I came up with the concept, and the idea was to suggest to couples romantic ways to propose - and also get them thinking about finding their own unique ways to do so. So we had a chat and decided to use the scrabble game, the fortune cookie and the petal bath...

We chose the video girl, Nkuli because she is admired by lots of young South Africans. She’s represented South Africa in the last Big Brother Africa House, and was voted by the public as South Africa's second sexiest woman (Sowetan Live 2012 Mzansi's sexiest Calendar). She's also part of Lolhiphop Records family so we do a lot of ish together!

DC: We particularly loved the flowers in the bath thang...tell us more about this scene.

Wax Dey: You're actually seeing the edited version of this scene. It was actually a full romantic petal bath scene, and we acted it ALL out. But finally, we decided to cut it to the basics and leave it more romantic than raunchy, lol! For the right price, I could sell the real cut to DC! Blindfold, proposal with petals on the bathroom floor, then petal bath while I make a cupid in the bath... Yeah, I too wanna propose like dat!

DC: Is Wax Dey seeing someone? Who's the special lady?!

Wax Dey: I'm a guy... There's always someone in the picture. Right now I'm fortunate to have a smart, beautiful, sexy and good woman. Don't ask me who it is. What if she's reading, and I call another name?

DC: Lol! Ok noted! We see that you are now called Wax Dey, what's up with the name change?

Wax Dey: Hm, 'Wax' was a bit too common and I needed something more unique to build my brand on. I wanted something more affirmative of what I am. Lots of white dudes pronounce my real name 'Nde' as 'Dey'... And "Wax Dey" in pidgin happens to indicate that 'Wax is the man' or 'Wax is the ish'... And I believe that, so I went for the name change. I'm a rare breed of artist, and often I think I don't get enough credit for my contribution to music, music development and the music industry as a whole. So the new name is both a statement and a prediction of my auspicious status in the industry. I know one day, Cameroon and Africa will look back and feel blest to have produced a person, record exec, and a musician of my calibre.

DC: So will there be a new album soon?

Wax Dey: Yeah, my new album 'Cum laude' will be released in Cameroon in April and Nigeria in May. I'm currently in Cameroon and Nigeria making arrangements for that. However, the release in South Africa will only happen towards the end of the year because this song 'Will you be my wifey' is the first single of my boy TBO Touch's compilation album, and I want to let the album do it's magic before releasing mine. Touch is a special kinda DJ and businessman. He's the first African to get a show on Hot 97 New York, a TV host, MC, you name it!... And when he said let's do this, I knew it was the right thing to do.

DC: What about tours? Any confirmed?

Wax Dey: I'm doing the Jambo Groove tour with CANAL 2 in Cameroon this April and then Dontom and I are heading to the US in May for a Lolhiphop explosion. Watch this space people...!!

So there you have it and without further ado, check out the romantic video below!

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Monday, February 6, 2012


Hello DC folks!! Hope you all had a great weekend.
Thought I'd share some Camer hiphop big tchuune!!


Young Cameroonians are really upping their game!
We love it and we will continue to do our best to shout about these people!

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Sunday, February 5, 2012


There are a few fashion events coming up around a few cities in Cameroon. Judging by the flyers, these events are a must attend.

There's Lambo La Tiki, a fashion event organised by fashion designer Rodrig Tchatcho which proudly represents the Kaba Ngondo fashion phenomenon. The event will take place in Bonanjo, Douala and seems to sit alongside the annual Afric Collection event. Go check it out!!

Lambo La Tiki makes famous the Kaba Ngondo

There's also the Gossip fashion event, a premier fashion event of its kind aiming to reunite fashion, art and comedy at the CNPS hall in Buea. It is an event put together by up and coming designer Reneta Ndisang in conjunction with entertainment portal NexDim Empire. The simple but chic flyer below was sponsored by a rising creative head, Eric Tak. Make sure you attend!!

The Gossip flyer created by Eric Tak
So there you have it!
Stay tuned for more info on the happenings in and around Cameroon and the diaspora here on DC.

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So the US pop scene has Lady Gaga and in Cameroon we have Lady Ponce, just as well as that is where the similarities begin!

Just like Lady Gaga, Lady Ponce is slowly creating an image and a reputation for herself as Cameroon's number one female singer.
Lady Ponce on location for the video "Cherie Coco"
Image edited by MissJackee

Not content with that, Lady Ponce just like Gaga is also adding the accolade of an avant garde trendsetter to her list. Her image is daring and seems to be in tune with some of the mainstream fashion trends (check out her version of the heel less shoes made famous by Lady Gaga's endorsement of Noritaka Tatehana shoes. Check out the mami wata hair too!). Her videos are very different from the usual "stiff" and made at home Cameroonian music videos. They are shot on location and the final product is of a higher quality and creativity than most. Even her makeup is looking okay!

In short, Lady Ponce is branding herself to be unlike any other artist we have in Cameroon. DC says bravo to her team (President Tchop Tchop et al) for understanding the concept of branding and marketing. We are now expecting a whole lot from the rising artist!!

DC wishes you well Lady Ponce!!

Check out the video of her new track Cherie Coco below

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Detroit Lions defensive tackle, Ndamukong Suh who plays on the NFL and who is considered to be the most feared defensive linemen in the league (according to an American Sports magazine) posted this picture of himself in London's Trafalgar Square.

The big man who stands at 6ft 4ins and weighs 21 stones is in town to celebrate NFL UK's Super Bash presented by Chrysler UK - the biggest Super Bowl party outside of Indianapolis.

Ndamukong Suh is an ambassador for Chrysler.

That's it folks!
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Thursday, February 2, 2012


When we first heard Steveslil's "Panjo" track, we couldn't stop singing and dancing to it. It is such a banging summer track with all the ingredients to get you rocking on the dancefloor.

So while we await an official video to drop, here's a short extract of the studio session. Check out Steveslil's dance moves....hilarious!!

See you soon!
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