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Earlier this year, Jeune Afrique created a power list that entrenched Cameroon’s reputation as a withering gerontocracy. But Dulce Camer is flipping the script with a record of 50 change agents that we believe are crafting a new and vibrant nation. Be inspired!


Anna Ngann Yonn (Kreyann)
The creative head behind fashion label, Kreyann, Anna’s style is pure and simple. Her rich, shimmery outfits are to die for!

Alain Martial Tapolo (Alain Martial Tapolo)
Alain Martial Tapolo pursued a degree in Sociology before embarking on his favourite social phenomenon, fashion. His pieces are haute couture and very “Givenchy”. Think timeless, fairytale-like and original.

Kibonen Nfi & Anrette Ngafor (KiRette Couture)

BEFFTA award nominees, Dulce Camer readers’ favourite Cameroonian designer, innovators, grafters and downright cool chicks. Kibonen Nfi and Anrette Ngafor’s chic spin on their native Western Higlands’ toghu has propelled the traditional garb to global prominence.

Maryanne Mokoko & Stephanie Mouapie (Côté Minou)
Winners of the first ever US-based African Fashion Award, this dynamic duo’s blend of traditional African and contemporary couture is elegant and refreshing.

Mario Epanya (Photographer)
Mario Robert Epanya is a Paris-based photographer whose affinity for figurative painting enabled him to breeze his way into the French fashion industry. He plans to put an African stamp on the Vogue institution by creating Vogue Africa magazine.

George Tyrone Eko (Stylist & Designer)
Move over Gok Wan, there’s a new fashionista in town and he’s Cameroonian! George T Eko is the stylist who is making waves in mode circles. His sparkly client list includes British long jumper, Jade Johnson. With the historic Camer Couture and London Fashion Week under his belt, there’s no stopping this business and finance graduate. When he is not busy running his GTE Styling company, George can be found working on upcoming coffee table magazine, LABB.

David Nso (Model)
If David Nso had become the doctor he planned to be, we’d be booking that full check-up straightaway! But we don’t mind, because we can check him out in anything from Gucci to Sean Jean. The new face of KiRette Couture’s is also swaggering his way to Hollywood. Roles in NBC series, Kings, Ugly Betty and the upcoming Sex and the City II ensure a bright future. Oh and did we mention he was voted Africa’s Sexiest Man 2009 by Jamati Online readers!

Naoumie Ekiko (Model)
An up-and-coming US-based model, Naoumie’s CV boasts a Keracare campaign. She has also graced the cover of Essence magazine.


X Maleya
Auguste, Roger & Hais are new rage on the Cameroonian music scene. With hits, Yelele, Bouge and Ndolo their status as the nation’s number one group is sealed.

Nabil Fongod
Co-owner of record label and clothing line, Third World Survivor, Nabil is a proactive and passionate hip-hop star with the right attitude to making it as one of Cameroon’s top exports.

What has not been said about Denzyl Ambe! A rising urban music star, his first single U stole my love away from debut album, E don blow captivated audiences across the globe. Bigger things await him!

Michelle Tabot
This sista’s soulful sound is reminiscent of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Her voice is amazing and her talent, immense. Watch out for that new album.

Debra Debs
Amazing voice plus relaxed and a free spirit equals success. Debra Bilikha aka Debra Debs has the formula. A Jazz, Soul, RnB and hip-hop fusion artist, she was born to make it!

Sidney Tum
Winner of Africa Star 2008, Sidney is one of the most talked about newcomers in Cameroonian music circles. With a smooth voice and mesmeric stage presence, he is destined for greater heights.

Recording artist, record label exec, music producer and human rights activist, Wax is 100% focused and very passionate in all he does. Go Waxy go!

Blick Bassy
Soft, velvety sounds from Blick Bassy’s first international release, Léman (mirror) brought out the sexiness in his native Bassa language. With business skills to match those sharp looks, this former Macase member runs BB prod, the label which gave us hip-hop luminaries such as Koppo and Les Rap-Conteurs. We predict world domination for this assiko/jazz/ bossa nova/soul brotha!

Bertrand Eloundou
A terrific percussionist and crooner, Bertrand Eloundou’s jazzy bikusti style is a thrilling reminder of the genre’s dynamism. Dulce Camer has already bought his still-to-be-made album (lol)!

Emkal is the definition of art. This wordsmith/ musician/ photographer/ philosopher’s conscious and rooted style makes you stop and think.

Abe Gaston (aka Valsero)
The most controversial hip-hop artist in Cameroon, Valsero’s politically charged lyrics awaken the conscience. The prolific rapper also fights corruption with Swiss-based organisation, ACDIC. A tall order? Well he did take on the president!


Bernice Angoh Lakota
Bernice Angoh expresses warmth and emotion with enviable ease. Her first book, Lemonade Street, is an inspirational collection of poems. Bernice’s second offering, When a woman loves a man, is due out soon. When she is not busy writing, the über healthy wife and mother dabbles in business and photography.

Viola Allo
Nigeria has Chimamanda Adichie, we have Viola Allo. This immensely talented scribbler is as uncompromising as she is funny and food loving. Check out her widely acclaimed poem, A Cameroonian Husband in the Diaspora and more works at
DC predicts big awards soon enough.


Bebe Zahara Benet
Nea Marshall’s alter ego, Bebe Zahara Benet unleashes our nation’s unbounded side. An accomplished model, musician and Rupaul’s drag race winner, he has big plans for tackling the HIV/AIDS crisis in Cameroon.

Alex “Quest” Bede
A category defying artist, BEFFTA nominee Alex “Quest” Bede’s impressive portfolio includes an art directorship at Camer Couture 2009. He also co-wrote the script for Blick Bassy’s Maria video.

Shiri Achu
The eternal optimist, Shiri Achu’s art is inspired by unsurprising yet vivid moments, times, places and objects. We have no doubt she will draw her way to the world’s top galleries.


Shaznay Okawa
A model and actress already making her name in the Nollywood film industry, Shaznay has worked with top dogs such as Van Vicker, Jim Iyke, and Desmond Elliott. Warning: your screen might just blow up from too much Shaznay hotness!

DJ Lewat
A passionate and determined music connoisseur, DJ Lewat is fast becoming the most sought after record spinner on the Cameroonian party scene and beyond.

Soraya Sone
One-fifth of the talented makers of Camer Couture 2009, Soraya Sone’s eye for detail, strong organisation skills and artistic instinct make her a rising star on the events management and entertainment scenes.

Liz Oton
A bubbly co-owner of US-based events company, Fete Atelier, Liz Oton’s creativity and matchless flair breathe class into every occasion.

As de Coeur (Connexion FM)
His heady brew of global music and controversial topics keeps listeners hooked. Don’t miss As de Coeur on every Thursday from 8pm-9.30pm.


Paola Ndengue (Fashizblack)
Fashizblack is an online fashion magazine in a league of its own. No challenge is too high for its lady boss, Paola Ndengue’s killer heels.

Sophy Aiida
Unique, chic, fierce, talented, beautiful, passionate, determined, open-minded and destined for success, Sophy Aiida is an actress and broadcaster doing great things in New York.

Tito Valery
When it comes to culture and music, Tito Valery’s got the vibe. The 27-year-old pin-up is a star presenter at the Douala-based Spectrum TV.

Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo
This young environmental science graduate’s passion for social justice is infectious. Whether on her spellbinding TV programme, The Z Show, or running HIV awareness and women’s rights campaigns, Zoneziwoh inspires.

Fonka Mutta
A news reporter, who is making headlines of his own, Fonka Mutta is the youngest ever news anchor on Cameroonian state television (CRTV). He is currently our man at leading news agency, Reuters.

Dibussi Tande
No one does political commentary like Dibussi Tande. His razor-sharp, witty and on point analyses make Dibussi’s Scribbles from the Den blog a reference point. And that has not escaped the BBC. Check out his other love, Pala Pala magazine at:


Albert & Julie Ndjee
“Spice up your life,” may be a hit tune by a platform-clad girl band but Julie Ndjee and husband, Albert live the expression. With a million dollar business in Ultimate Seasonings LLC and several exciting culinary projects in the pot, we can’t wait to find out what they are cooking.


Clovis Asong (Athletics)
Our very own Usain Bolt, Clovis is the wonder kid who, only after one training session, slashed more than a second off the British under 15s record in the 400m race. He is also skilled at javelin, shot put, hurdles, long and high jump. Roll on 2016 Olympics!!

Françoise & Elizabeth Abanda (Tennis)
At just 12 and 15 years old, tennis hopefuls, Françoise and Elizabeth are dubbed Cameroon's answer to the William sisters. Elizabeth, the elder, has won several titles and ranks tenth on the Canadian under 18s list. Françoise, whose playing style draws comparisons with Serena Williams’, is strong, aggressive and fiercely determined.

Inongo Dalle Agbormbai (American Football)
Cameroon’s got game! And it is thanks to talents like Inongo Agbormbai, an offensive and defensive player for the John F Kennedy Cavalier team in Maryland, USA. His resilience, passion and a strong team attitude make for bigger wins.

Nehemie Etchu (American Football)
Nehemu Etchu is a nose tackle player for the Allen Eagles. The team ranks number one in Texas and is third in the US league. Hot chocolate running around a field? We’ll drink to that!


Melanie Ngangen
This tenacious mother-of-two was barely able to speak English when she moved to the UK in 2001. She beat language barriers to gain a nursing diploma and now heads Ensemble, a Manchester-based organisation aimed at promoting social cohesion and African values.

Juliet Kisob
A tireless community activist, Juliet Kisob never misses an opportunity to showcase Cameroon. She recently won an African and African Caribbean Achievement award and a gong for Best Radio Programme (Eava FM) from Leicestershire City Council.


Lucien Dissake
It is all about change and Lucien Dissake is a founding member. New movement, Un Autre Cameroun en 2011 seeks to do just what it says on the tin. Can we build a new Cameroon? Yes we can!


Celine Edimesumbe Loader
Multiple award winner, Celine Edimesumbe Loader aspires. From quitting her highflying post at Microsoft to founding Aspire magazine (Britain’s first publication for women of African descent) things can only get better for the executive producer of hit reality TV show, Dragon’s Den Nigeria.

Mambe C Nanje
He is under 25, ferociously ambitious and has a vision for Africa. IT entrepreneur and CEO of AfroVisionGroup, Mambe Nanje made Upgrade Magazine’s list of Cameroon’s most promising Anglophones. Let’s take that up a notch shall we? He inspires the nation and beyond.

Ashu Tabetando (Zorzy)
Zorzy’s smooth style belies a hardnosed businessman. The go-getting law graduate runs UK-based Zorzi Entertainment Ltd and U8 Recordz in Cameroon. He produced the movie, Find Her, Keep Her with award-winning comedian, Kojo.

Phebe Etchu
A fearless entrepreneur-in-the-making, Phebe Etchu strives to transform Cameroonian culinary culture with her unmistakable sense of innovation and style. Watch out Martha Stewart!


Kathleen Ndongmo
Her straight stalking and sharp style on the African Apprentice television programme made Kathleen Ndongmo a household name across the continent. These days, she flexes her business analyst muscles at Bank PHB, Nigeria.

Norman Taku
A pioneer with an unmatched love for the law, Norman Taku introduced Cameroonian law students to Moot Court competitions. The South Africa-based lawyer promotes human rights across the continent.


Ngu Atanga
Ngu Atanga’s focus and all-round brilliance propelled him to law school at Oxford University. With a glittery career on the horizon, he raises the bar for our young ones.

So, there you go the long awaited hot list for 2010!!
What do you think?
Please note that this is our choice for 2010 and although it may not have someone you think ought to be there we believe that what these 50 individuals are doing whether small ought to be recommended and encouraged.
Please send us names of people you think we may have left out and we will include in our file towards the 2011 list.
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Bebe Zahara Benet photo credit - Terry Hastings.

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