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Hello dear visitors and readers of the Dulce Camer blog. We have been running a Christmas music campaign that kick started on the 1st of December running until the 25th of December.

Our aim is to showcase the newest and hottest artists making a name for themselves within the Cameroonian music scene. We also wanted to show you how the Cameroonian music scene is evolving with new artists being influenced by their surroundings as well as their musical taste buds.

The music language in Cameroon has even evolved as well from the typical "Douala" and pidgin "Franglais" to languages like Bassa to standard English, French and Spanish etc

Today the twentieth day to Christmas, DC hereby brings to you...

Name: DJ Lewat

Age: Mature!

Location: London, UK


DC: Hey Mr DJ, thanks for talking to DC. First of all tell us why you chose the name Lewat?DJ Lewat: It’s funny, Lewat was actually a nickname given to me by 2 of my friends who saw me in front of a hotel called Hotel Lewat in Douala and they assumed I had slept there so they nicknamed me that from thenceforth.

DC: What were the reasons that pushed you into music?DJ Lewat: Erm, I think it is my love for it really. I love listening to it and I listen to it every day and that is why I got into the DJing business.

DC: Which artists do you look up to?
DJ Lewat: Growing up I listened to a wide range of artists and genres. My favourite Cameroonian musician to date is Petit Pays and the reason is that he has reinvented himself over the years to suit the modern times. I also love Missy Elliot, Youssour N’dour, Lokua Kanza, Jay Z, Richard Bona etc

DC: What do you think of the Cameroonian music scene at the moment?DJ Lewat: I think it has come a long way. It has reinvented itself and there are new and upcoming artists who are not yet popular but doing just the right things. An example is X Maleya with the track “Yelele” which is a great track. Artists also like Blick Bassy, Kilian Ateh, Etienne Mbappe, Denzyl, Debra Debs etc. The Cameroonian music scene is looking to get better and we are pinning for these artists to be successful and popularly known outside of Cameroon.

DC: So what type of crowd and functions do you cater for?DJ Lewat: I cater for a varied crowd and varied functions. I started my DJing in a bar in London called Barracuda and there we had mostly white crowds so I am open minded but typically I play to African crowds with the genres such as Raggae, Bashment/Dancehall, Hip Hop and RnB, Coupe Decale, Ndombolo, Garage, Funky House and Makossa being popular.

DC: How do you get yourself prepared musically before a function and how do you know which songs to choose?
DJ Lewat: When I am booked for an event, I have some questions I ask first to understand what type of event it would be, what crowd they’ll be expecting and what type of venue it is and then I decide on what music to bring along. Another thing I do is to show them my playlist and advice them on what genres they should be going for.

DC: Would you say you are a DJ who pleases the crowd?
DJ Lewat: I would say I do but as a DJ one thing I have come to realise is that you will never please the entire crowd! There are always people wanting to listen to old things while the rest would want the contemporary stuff!

DC: What about releasing compilation CD’s and mixed tapes, is that something you would do?DJ Lewat: Erm yeah, I am actually working on a mixed tape together with Debra Debs which will showcase my music taste and influences and I hope to release it next year.

DC: What do you hope for in 2010?
DJ Lewat: The challenges of 2009 have been so many so I am looking forward to 2010. I hope to kick start my career with a permanent job as well as have a permanent gig in a night club.

DC: How will you cope with doing both?
DJ Lewat: One is my career and the other my passion so I hope to keep the DJing going in the weekends with a permanent spot allowing me to focus on my career in the week.

DC: How do you intend to spend Christmas?
DJ Lewat: I will be sending it with a couple of friends in Birmingham which is part of our tradition as most of us have not got families over here.

Hope you enjoyed reading what DJ Lewat had to say.
To keep yourself informed on his whereabouts, check out his website.
Also check it out for some of his fav killa tracks.

Good day and see you tomorrow!
Stay sweet

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