Saturday, December 12, 2009


On this twelveth day to Christmas, DC brings to you...

Name: Steven Mbu Njang aka Steveslil

Age: 23

Location: Buea & Douala, Cameroon

Label: Intercession Records LLC


DC: Hey Steveslil, thanks for talking to DC. Now talk to us about your sound.
Steveslil: My sound is RnB, Afrobeat and Hip Hop. I sing about the common issues such as love, partying/having fun as well as social issues.

DC: Why are you so passionate about music?
Steveslil: I was born into a musical family, my mother sang in a choir and my father was a composer. I was also in a choir as a lead singer as well as being in an all boys’ acapella group called “Boys on Zion”. Whilst at Uni, I was very much involved in music as well!

DC: Where you encouraged to venture into music?
Steveslil: My parents saw the talent but they didn’t take it likely. You know how our parents are; they always want us to go into the “normal” careers paths such as becoming a doctor or lawyer. However, now they are ok with it because they are seeing my progression.

DC: Which artists influence your music?
Steveslil: I would say artists such as Maxwell, Angie Stone, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson and Makossa artists.

DC: Your track entitled “I Can”, what is all about?
Steveslil: It is about having a fun romantic moment with a girl in which you aim to give to her whatever she wants. It is a love song.

DC: Which artists would you love to collaborate with?
Steveslil: I would love to collaborate with artists like Ne-yo, I love his songwriting credentials and his style. Chris Brown, Rihanna and GT are others.

DC: How is the music scene in Cameroon?
Steveslil: Well, the scene is growing it is still a baby industry but we are trying to make it shine. We don’t have a real structure like distribution outlets which is a real problem affecting artists. Getting recording deals is another issue and this has forced most artists to be indie. It needs to be developed.

DC: What do you hope for in 2010?
Steveslil: I am in the studio right now recording my album so I hope 2010 will be a great year for me as I will be releasing my album. I will also be planning to go out of the country for concerts.

DC: How do you hope to spend Christmas?
Steveslil: I am sure I will be in my village as I will be having a concert there! So I will be down in Nguti performing live!

Here below is the video for I Can. Enjoy!!

Watch out for the new album release here on DC!
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Anonymous said...

Oh boy London Uk here, I love ya style and music bro. Make am finish dat albulm make we buy. You worry!

Anonymous said...

steveslil is simply the revelation of cameroonian hip hip.i cant wait to buy tha album.i respect your talent