Friday, December 25, 2009


So here we are the 25th of December, Christmas day to y'all. I hope you have eaten, drank, and are now merry and I hope santa was very kind too...

Today also marks an end to our 25 day music campaign - 25 equals 25. The aim for this campaign was to bring to the forefron the newest and hottest talents causing waves within the Camer music scene at home and abroad. We wanted to also show you how this music has evolved and has become more diversified.

We have brought to you talents namely; Denzyl, Naomi Achu, Blassta, X Maleya, Wax, Sidney Tum, Rap-Conteurs 3, Grace Forlu, Walta Blackson, Les Nubians, Danielle Eog, William Ekamby, Teek Nanga, Ra-Syn, Steveslil Njang, Michelle Tabot, Anita Etta, Nabil4real, DJ Lewat, Debra Debs, Scratch Recordz, Mbandi, Eddy Besong andValentine.

Today the 25th day, Christmas day, DC hereby brings to you the 25th talent...

Gaston Abe aka Valsero

Location: Yaounde, Cameroon

Label: Indie

Genre: Rap

Valsero is a prominent rapper causing waves in the Camer music scene not only for his immense talent but his political stance as well.

One of seven children, Valsero has always been passionate about music and it was not until 1990 that he took this passion further by trying to forge a name for himself within the music scene.

After gaining his degree in the Higher School of Post & Telecommunications in Buea and Yaounde and realising the lack of jobs available for the youths out there, Valsero decided to go back to the passion he had put on hold for his education.

Valsero decided to use his music as a means to make known to the government the feelings of the younger Cameroonian generation. His first solo album “Politikement Instable” a criticism of the Biya government was banned from being played on state owned Medias but this only fuelled more interests which public owned Medias picked up on.

His first 2 singles of this album “Lettre au Président” and “Réponds” are from the heart and they reveal his deep frustration at the government for not listening or replying to the cries of the youths.

Will the Biya government take note? Without further ado, here are the videos..Enjoy!

"Prési arrête ça, c’est ça ton travail...les peuples n’en peuvent plus, les jeunes en ont marre..." President Biya, we plead with you to do something to remove our youths from la galène.

Hope you have all had a fantastic day thus far.
Thanks for the support you have shown throughout this campaign.
Merry Christmas y'all!
Stay sweet

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Anonymous said...

Good start, Ndmukong Suh is a big miss, Felix Leshey, the CAMSA-USA president guy for his Fall Bush program and books for Cameroon is also a big miss. Keep up the good Work, everything starts somewhere.