Monday, December 14, 2009


So far DC has brought to you several talents, from Steveslil to Walta, Denzyl to Naomi, Blassta to Grace.

Today, the fourteenth day to Christmas, DC hereby brings to you the biggest and hottest group in the music scene at the moment...

Name: Roger Samnick, Auguste Rim and Haitem Zaiter (Hais for short) aka X Maleya

Age: Old enough!

Location: Yaoundé, Cameroon

Label: Alize Equateur


DC: Hey, thanks for talking to DC. First of all what does X Maleya stand for?
X Maleya: "X" represents the different members in the group and "Maleya" means advice in the Douala language.

DC: Describe to us your sound.
X Maleya: Our sound is very diverse representing the different characters in the band. There is Afropop, Pop Country as well as RnB.

DC: What encouraged you guys towards music?
X Maleya: We started out 12 years ago just for fun and then we decided to take it really seriously a few years ago because we were very passionate about it.

DC: What does the track "Yelele" talk about?
X Maleya: It talks about the Cameroonian culture, how rich it is. There are over 250 languages and we wanted to show this diversity as well as our pride.

DC: How did X Maleya meet?
X Maleya: We met 12 years ago through a mutual friend at a cocktail party and we started talking and we saw that we all shared the same passion for music.

DC: What inspires you guys to write songs?
X Maleya: Its daily life, the things we are living, what we see around us, the good things and the bad things etc

DC: Which artists influence your music?
X Maleya: Artists such as Michael Jackson, Eboa Lottin, Richard Bona and many more have influenced us.

DC: And which would you love to collaborate with?
X Maleya: We would love to work with people like Manu Dibango, Youssou N’dour. Any artists who touches the heart and who uses a lot of melody.

DC: What do you hope for in 2010?
X Maleya: We hope to share our Yelele album with the rest of the world as well as work on the third.

DC: How do you guys hope to spend Christmas?
X Maleya: We are not going to spend that much time with our families because we are all booked up!

Without further ado, DC brings to you the video to their current single "NDOLO" (Love in Douala language)

Hot hot hot talent!
DC totally loves these guys and cannot wait to get the opportunity to see them live!
Hope you enjoyed them, come back tomorrow for more..

Stay sweet

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