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So the music campaign here on DC is aimed at bringing you 25 of the hottest and newest talents causing waves in the Camer music scene. So far we have showed you Denzyl, Naomi, Blassta, Valentine, Walta, Grace, Wax, X Maleya etc

We have more to bring to you so keep coming back for more!

Today the sixteenth day to Christmas, DC hereby brings to you...

Name: Fidelis Sangtum (aka Pazzo) and Nelson Tum (aka Nellison) aka Scratch Recordz execs

Ages: Young people!

Location: Yaounde, Cameroon

Label Name: Scratch Recordz Entertainment

Contact: Tel: 00237 96363937 & 00237 94659195

DC: Hello Pazzo and Nellison, thanks for talking to DC. Talk to us about Scratch Recordz your label. Which type of music do you represent and why the name Scratch?
SR: First of all we would like to say that it’s an honour to talk to DC! Scratch Recordz represents hip hop music, not just the music part but hip hop life ie the dance part of it, the music and the cultural part of hip hop. The concept behind the name “scratch” simply refers to the fact that we went back to the base of things, from the beginning.

DC: What were the reasons that pushed you into starting a label?
SR: The reason is Love... it is for the love of music, the love of talent spotting and the love of succeeding in this industry especially in Cameroon. We are 2 very talented people, with Pazzo as a singer and sound engineer who has worked with many artists including Denzyl and Nellison as the number one man being a rapper, song writer and computer maniac we hope to achieve great things, make a difference and change the world.

DC: Are you also behind the music production for your artists?
SR: Yes, we are behind the production of all of our artists.

DC: How do you know when a track is perfect?
SR: To come up with a good product for market these days it needs time, hard work and patience. So rest assured that if you see or hear anything that concerns Scratch Recordz, it will be close to perfection!

DC: Which artists would you say influence you?
Pazzo: I would say Ryan Leslie is my number one as a sound engineer, R Kelly as a singer and Jay-Z in terms of success.
Nellison: Sean Combs (P-Diddy) influences me the most in terms of his love the music and what he does. For this reason, it is my love for hip-hop that makes me love those who love it and want to help them achieve their dreams in the show biz world.

DC: Which artists would you love to work with?
SR: We are in search of talents and we will work with anyone that is talented and suits our taste.

DC: What do you hope for in 2010 as a record label?
SR: Scratch Recordz calls it the “taking over year”. We are preparing very hard as well as skilfully for the explosion. Our project starts unfolding in 2010, where we plan on having the best RnB, Rap fusion albums in the music industry. Our mission is to change the nature of the game especially in Cameroon; we are planning on taking it to an international level this year!

DC: How do you plan on spending Christmas?
Nellison: I plan on spending the Christmas and New Year with my family and friends which is what I do every year.
Pazzo: I do not have anything planned for this Christmas period especially when 2010 is just around the corner; I will be in the studio cooking it!

Here is a hot track by a hot artist named Denzyl. The video and track were the brainchild of none other than Scratch Recordz...


Hot hot hot!
They have a talent who DC is looking forward to talking out in the new year cos she is HOT, yes on FIRE!
See you tomorrow!

Stay sweet

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