Thursday, December 3, 2009


Welcome to the Dulce Camer blog also known as DC!

We are currently running a Christmas campaign here on DC where we will bring to you 25 of the newest and hottest movers and shakers in the Camer music scene.

So far we have shown you Denzyl a Buea based Afrobeat musician and Valentine, an Essex based soul singer.

Well today, we move over to the land of haute couture and glamour...did I say Paris?!
Also we are going to have our first Franglais* interview on DC!! Well, le Cameroun est bilingue n'est-ce pas?!

On the third day to christmas, DC brings to you...

Name: Kanga Chevalier aka Blassta

Age: 24

Location: Paris, France

Label: Unsigned

Contact: or Facebook: Blassta Officiel.

DC: Bonjour mister, d’abord pourquoi as tu choisi le nom "Blassta"?
Blassta: When I was young, my mother thought I was very active and she adopted the English word “to blast” representing my explosive character and that is how Blassta became my nickname.

DC : Parle-nous de ta musique. A quoi s’agit-elle?
Blassta: My music talks about daily life, books, what I see on TV and that is where my ideas for songs come from. I also talk about love, sex, God and good things and bad things about life.

DC: Quels artistes ont influencés ta musique?
Blassta: I used to listen to a lot of American rap when I was growing up so artists like Tupac, Ice Cube influenced me. Nowadays I listen to the melody and I have gone back to my roots and artists such as Petit Pays, Eboa Lottin, Kotto Bass, Papa Wemba and Werrason influence me.

DC: Parle-nous un peu de ton caractère? Qui est Blassta?
Blassta: Blassta is an artist who is simple, loves people and has a huge passion for words and music.

DC: Quelles sont des raisons qui ton poussées vers la musique?
Blassta: I loved music from a young age when I was back in Cameroon. When I got to France, I became very interested in poetry and then I met some guy who did French/American rap and that’s how it all started and I started to write my own lyrics and with encouragement, here I am today.

DC: Ton album est intitulé "Diamant dans la boue", pourquoi ce titre?
Blassta: Diamant dans la boue is a sarcastic title. Basically I have always lived in the outskirts (banlieue) of Paris and this is where most financially disadvantaged people live and I used this title to show that there are nice things too in the banlieues.
Diamant (diamond)...reflects the positivity in the outskirts
La Boue (in mud)...what the people from the exterior see

DC: Quel est ton espoir pour 2010?
Blassta: My priority is to release my album and to meet more trust worthy people who will help further my career.

DC: Et comment vas-tu passer la journée de Noël
Blassta: I don’t know want I’ll be doing but it will be with my family.

Enjoy the track below entitled "Se Battre"

*Franglais means French mixed with English!
Kamer hip hop, love itaaaaaa!!!
Let's support this young peeps doing their thang and doing it very well!

Stay sweet

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