Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Helloooo people, thanks for coming to the blog today! If you didn't know and you happened to stumble onto the blog today know that we are currently running a Christmas theme which will bring you 25 of the hottest and newest Camer musicians doing their thang around the globe!

Each day you will be introduced to a new talent, so come back quick!

Yesterday we had DENZYL doing his thang with his new single "You stole my love away" well today...

...on the second day to Christmas, DC brings to you...

Name: Valentine Muma

Age: 22

Location: Essex, UK

Label: Unsigned

Contact: 07539 307 450

DC: Hello Valentine, thanks for talking to DC. Tell us what your sound is all about.
Valentine: Erm, my sound is quite soulful. I would say it is quite different but I have been compared to R Kelly because of my vocals.

DC: What artists would you say influence your music?
Valentine: One of the artists is R Kelly. My biggest inspiration is Michael Jackson, Usher is another, Whitney Houston as well as Brandy and Omarion.

DC: Who is Valentine, the person?
Valentine: I am a singer songwriter and street dancer. I am a loveable person, smiley and cheerful, easygoing and a chatterbox! I believe God comes first before anything else. I am all about preaching love and its importance. The main happiness in life is based on love.

DC: Why did you go into music?
Valentine: I went into music because I have always been drawn to it from a young age. I started with dancing and then moved to singing.

DC: Which artists would you love to work with?
Valentine: I would love to work with R Kelly and Usher.

DC: Talk to us about your new single. What is the title and what is it about?
Valentine: The single is called “Angel in my Dream”. It is a poetic love song, with an easy melody. It explains that there is always a special person sent to you by God and sometimes our dreams could reflect our desires in reality.

DC: Who wrote the song?
Valentine: I wrote this song and I do write all of my songs.

DC: Do you think it is important for musicians to write their own songs?
Valentine: It is definitely important because of royalties! A songwriter will make more money from a song they wrote than you the singer who sings the song.

DC: What do you hope for in 2010?
Valentine: I want a lot more exposure to my music next year so I intend on going onto the X Factor to give myself that exposure.

DC: How do you plan on spending Christmas?
Valentine: Eating and drinking a lot with my family!

What's your verdict on this young brotha?
He def has the talent in our opinion.
Well come back tomorrow and be informed!
Stay sweet

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