Tuesday, December 1, 2009


It’s December, it’s the start of a new month, Christmas is nearly here and the year 2009 is nearly over!
Ohhhh weeeee!
So, we are going to celebrate here on DC [like we always do ;-))] by bringing you 25 of the newest and hottest Camer talents each day till Christmas day...do I hear a hoorahhhh?? Well, I should!!

Rather than 12 days, we are going to be counting down 25 so stay tuned and be informed about the hottest Camers talents in music ranging from young musicians to producers, DJ's to record label owners!

On the first day to Christmas DC brought to you...

Name: Ambe Tebong Neba aka DENZYL

Age: 21

Location: Buea, Cameroon

Label: Unsigned

Contact: Management team, BGC LLC on 001 888 242 1315 or http://www.barthson.biz/

DC: Denzyl, you are currently causing waves with your music. Describe to us what your music is all about.
Denzyl: Well my music is all about making people happy, excited and ready to dance. I would describe my sound as being Afrobeat, RnB and quite universal. It is a dance sound that I try to pass out a message either of reality or party.

DC: Which artists influence your music?
Denzyl: Tuface Idibia, Ryan Leslie, and any good artists.

DC: Who is Denzyl, the person?
Denzyl: I am a simple and outgoing person who loves to be around people of similar character. I love to share my ideas and I expect people to be good to each other.

DC: Why did you go into music?
Denzyl: Music is my only way of telling the whole world my emotions, feelings as well as my experiences.

DC: Which artists would you love to work with?
Denzyl: I would love to work with Tuface, HHP, Asa, Sway, Ryan Leslie and many more.

DC: You stole my love away is the new single, talk to us about the video.
Denzyl: The song is a sad song but the concept of the video is a happy one. By incorporating a dance concept, we tried to show that despite losing my heart I could still go on. It also shows that in every situation one has to be happy.

DC: What do you hope for in 2010?
Denzyl: I hope to excel with my music as well as interact with different talents worldwide.

DC: How do you plan on spending Christmas?
Denzyl: I plan on spending it with my family since as I have not been in one place long enough. I have missed them and they have missed me too.

So people, if you didn't know of or had never heard of DENZYL now YOU DO!!!
DC totally loves this young lad and totally feels his music!

Without further ado, here is the new video which was shot in an unoccupied building in the centre of Yaoundé and directed by Herman Fok....ENJOY and come back tomorrow!

Ta ta!
Stay sweet

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Anonymous said...

Denzyl has the style err one will luv.his talent is undoubtedly distinct.Bravo Master...... DENZYL