Tuesday, December 15, 2009


On this day the fifteenth day to Christmas, DC brings to you...

Name: Nde Ndifonka aka Wax

Age: Old enough!

Location: South Africa/Cameroon

Label: Lolhiphop Records

Contact: http://www.waxexperience.com/

Genre: Soul, World

DC: Hey Wax, thanks for talking to DC again. How has the year 2009 been to you thus far?
Wax: Good, it’s taught me that 2010 will be a tough year, because I need to take things to another level, and it keeps getting more challenging and more exciting.

DC: What was the inspiration behind the Congossa track and video?
Wax:I recorded the song because people kept saying I’m arrogant and things like that. I’m a talented, progressive, and modest but very confident young man, and this song is telling Cameroonians and Africans to let others strive and be elated of their achievements. People always want to put you down – for example, Africans think musicians should be people who live off their ‘farotement’. That’s crap! But that also goes for all walks of life. When you are down, people laugh at you instead of helping you. When you succeed, people say funny things about you instead of trying to emulate you. This is messed up! People need to get off their butts and find better things to do than talk about people. For Wax, this is just the beginning and I will enjoy every success because I know I will work my butt off for it. And I hope people can learn to live like that.
The video was opportunistic – I came across some old friends in Buea and decided to do some work together. It was a real treat, unlike going out to get drunk!

DC: Do you think it is essential for a musician to write their own songs?
Wax: No.

DC: Which artists would you love to collaborate with?
Wax: Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Asa.

DC: Is there a formula to succeeding in the music industry in your opinion?
Wax: No. There is no formula for succeeding at anything. There are essential ingredients though, such as hardwork and perseverance. Everyone has their own unique strengths and opportunities, and should concentrateon those.

DC: What do you hope for in 2010?
Wax: A lot of money!

DC: How do you intend to spend Christmas?
Wax: Chilling with my family. It’s long since we had a family reunion andI hardly get to connect with my sibings.

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See you tomorrow for more talent.
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