Wednesday, December 9, 2009


A brand new day and a brand new talent showcase here on DC.

If you didn't know, we have challenged ourselves to bring you 25 fresh and hot new talents causing waves in the Camer music scene. These artists not only have great talent but also bags of enthusiasm, a determined spirit and a positive mind. Give them a few years, and they will make history!

Today the ninth day to Christmas, DC brings to you...

Name: Michelle Tabot

Age: 24

Location: NYC, NY

Label: Unsigned


DC: Hello Michelle, thanks for talking to DC. Describe to us your sound.
Michelle: My sound is real RnB Soul like the way Whitney and Mariah sing. I sing mostly about relationships, meeting someone and being in love as well as things that happen in everyday life and women empowerment.

DC: Which artists would you say influence your music?
Michelle: Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Whitney Houston.

DC: If your friends were to describe you in 4 adjectives what would they choose?
Michelle: Erm (she laughs), Musical, Creative, Go getter and Compassionate.

DC: Apart from music, what else are you passionate about?
Michelle: Beside music, my family and friends are very important to me.

DC: Which artists would you love to work with?
Michelle: I had always wanted to work with Luther Vandross before he died. I would love to collaborate with Stevie Wonder and Neyo.

DC: The track on your MySpace entitled Weak, what does it talk about?
Michelle: The track is about being in love with someone you love so much that every time you see them you get a brand new feeling that leaves you weak.

DC: Who wrote the song?
Michelle: I did and I write all my own songs. I like to also be in the production of my music.

DC: Do you think it is important for musicians to write their own songs?
Michelle: I do think it is because then your music is more real and you can relate to it better because it is personal to you.

DC: What do you hope for in 2010?
Michelle: I hope to be signed and I am currently working on a demo album now with some excellent producers.

DC: How do you plan on spending Christmas?
Michelle: I plan on spending it with my family in the DC area and I plan to eat eat eat!!

To listen to Michelle's track entitled "Weak", please go here

You need to definitely watch this space...DC will be bringing you the scoop and the latest news on Michelle Tabot.

See you tomorrow
Stay sweet

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