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Paul Biya, Chantal Biya and members of their entourage holidayed in La Baule, a vast playground of the rich and famous which claims to meet your every expectation.

Situated in the heart of the Côte d'Amour on a magnificent bay, the seaside resort warmly welcomes visitors all year round and invites you to share its art of living wholeheartedly.

The region and its residents are used to playing host to VIP's which usually consists of very wealthy individuals and heads of states and Paul Biya was no exception.

After receiving a heartfelt welcome from the mayor of the town, Popol and Chantou with the 15 members of their delegation checked themselves into the above luxury 5 star, 43 bedroomed Hotel at a cost of EUR 42,000 per day and nearly EUR 1,000,000 for their 3 weeks stay. According to one website, this is even more than Sarkozy, Bush and Obama's holiday expenses put together.

Now, what do you think about this when there are people in Cameroon who work but don't get paid? How does Paul Biya justify spending nearly £ 1,000,000 on holiday and this is just on accommodation?

More on the story here:

What do you think?

Friday, August 28, 2009


After 7 weeks of running this campaign on DC, this week now brings it to an end!
By running this campaign we hoped to take you down memory lane so that memories of childhood or adulthood past can be unlocked and brought back to the present.

We wanted to evoke an emotion, be it sadness or happiness and we just wanted you to reminisce of your time in Pays when you were carefree and jolly!

To most Cameroonians, the Makossa music means a lot and you only need to see them on the dancefloor to understand what I mean. From the gestures on their faces to the way they place their hands and body, you will realise that this genre of music is much more than rythmn and lyrics.

In recent years, the passion and quality that old musicians of this music genre portrayed has diminished a fair bit nevertheless we now see many Cameroonian artists creating a melange of Makossa with other music genres such as soul, bossa nova, jazz etc.

As Ngum Ngafor puts it, Makossa started off as a ground breaking genre. Its melodic rhythm and fluid nature eased its path into the fusion styles we see with people such as Richard Bona and Henri Dikongue - you can say the same for mako-zouk and the faster soukous influenced sounds. The sad thing is that quality has diminished over time, Makossa's evolution seems to be arrested because of a combination of factors - government neglect of the arts and poor focus on quality by some musicians. What makossa needs is a rejuvenation that will revive old memories and pique the interest of a younger generation.

Indeed we hope something is done to keep our sound alive!

Today we are going to entertain you with a selection of videos from the year 2000 and over. Put on your dancing shoes and get on the dance floor and show us what you got! is friday and for those in the UK, it is a long weekend of rest, rest, rest!

If you loved this campaign, keep your eyes and ears on Dulce Camer....we always have something cooking!
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Hello fellow peeps, BEFFTA (Black Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Television and Arts) awards is a distinctly special awards ceremony honouring the best personalities in the black community in the UK and globally.

Beffta awards is the first of its kind rewarding outstanding achievements and contributions from Africans and Caribbeans in entertainment, fashion, film, television and arts.

This international prestigious ceremony celebrates an all round accomplishments of the community in entertainment and showbiz.

The nominations for the awards which is to take place in October is out and it has 3 of our Cameroonian countrymen!

In the fashion Category:-
  • KiRette Couture is a nominee for Best Female Designer.
  • George Eko is nominated in the Best Hair Stylist list.
  • George Eko is nominated in the Best Make up Consultation list.

In the Art Category:-

  • Alex Quest is nominated in the Best Spoken Word Artist / Poet list.

Voting will be announced soon on their website. Please go here for more information and to see the list of others nominated

Camers doing big things!
Please support them by voting.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Strike a pose and get en vogue on Dulce Camer because for the next coming weeks, we will be having fashion themed features to coincide with the upcoming fashion showcase at the Shoreditch Studios here in London hosted by Camer Couture.

Being the official blog sponsor of this event, DC will be having the scoop and gossip on all that is going on backstage so rest assured we will be handing out some treats ;-))

To kick start this fashion theme is a fabulous and multitalented make-up artist cum beauty photographer by the name of Mario Epanya.

Mario Robert Epanya is a Cameroonian born photographer based in Paris whose predisposition in figurative painting enabled him to breeze his way into the French fashion industry and gaining the mother of all assignments, recreating VOGUE AFRICA!

Dulce Camer caught up with this young man who is causing waves with this ground breaking initiative.

Here below is the interview. Happy Reading y'all!

With the late Guinean born, French based supermodel Katoucha Niane. A muse of Yves Saint Laurent.

DC: Vogue Africa, what do you aim to achieve with this initiative?
ME: Well Vogue is more than a magazine, for me it is an institution. Putting together the word Vogue and AFRICA made this interview possible today and personally Vogue can bring to light the black creativity so with an African edition of Vogue all the black African communities worlwide can have their own space to promote themselves.

DC: How did you manage to get yourself this ground breaking assignment?
ME: I just listened to and followed my heart!

DC: How did you become a makeup assistant in several shows in France?
ME: It was not easy, I kept calling hair & makeup agents like every three months to let them know that I was around and wanted to work and I called up some photographers too who can also be very helpful given their contacts.

DC: Is working within fashion a man know man? Do you have to be socially connected?
ME: Oh most definitely yes! and especially in France you have to know the right people just being talented is not enough for sure!

DC: How did you quickly rise to the top of your game considering you only started last year?
ME: Hmm, on the top? I don't think so just yet as I only started last year. Nevertheless, I have been working in the fashion industry for almost 20 years now so I already had a vision of what I wanted to do as a portfolio. Working hard for 20 hours per 7 days a week during all these years has enabled me to make this vision a reality.

DC: What does the future hold for Mario Epanya?
ME: Only God knows!

Cameroon's very own supermodel, Marion Gako

DC: Tell us a bit about yourself, where in Cameroon you grew up and how your experiences in life have helped you be who you are today.
ME: I was born and bred in Douala, in the Littoral province and I lived there until 2000 when I moved to France. I must say I am a workaholic, my experiences taught me to be this way. Work is the only thing I know!

DC: What do you think of the wealth of talents emerging from Cameroon? We have beauty photographers, fashion designers, fashion stylists, jewellery designers, portrait artists, sculptors, musicians, hip hop artists etc
ME: Cameroon is a great country full of intelligent and creative people and I think that what these emerging talents are doing is all great.
DC: In 4 words, what does Cameroon represent to you?
ME: Childhood, Family, Africa & Pain.

DC: Has your family always been supportive in all you are doing?
ME: Oh yes, without my family where would I be?!
DC: What about your fellow Cameroonians, do they support you?
ME: Yes they do especially a very good friend of mine, one of the most beautiful girls in the world, the cameroonian model Marion Gako, has been very supportive. We have known each other for a long time now and she's always been there when I needed her.

DC: We see the way Nigeria and Ghana have developed socially, creatively and economically, do you think Cameroon can get to this stage too?
ME: Yes indeed we can. Years ago culture was not the priority in cameroon, but now I see the movement being undertaken by lots of Cameroonians to change things and mentalities and to show that it's a real business and an industry where cameroon must be part of.
DC: What in your opinion do we have to do?
ME: It takes all Cameroonians united and together to make everything possible. I know it will take time to make some people understand that to become powerful we must stand together as one like we do when the national team, the indomitable lions play football.

DC: If you were not in the fashion industry business, what else would you have loved to do?
ME: Gossh, I would have loved to be a doctor to save lives as I have so much admiration for those who have the courage to face the sufferings of humanity and conduct researches to fight diseases. In my opinion, that's honorable and that is why I want to put an end to the vanity in the fashion industry and use this VOGUE AFRICA to help those in need in Africa as well as to promote its history, its entrepreneurial skills, its fashion, its communites etc

Great initiative and creativity no? I can't wait to see the finished product!
To find out more on Mario Epanya, check out his website
Join his Vogue Africa fan group on Facebook which has over 2,500 enthusiasts....join in and keep it expanding!
Keep an eye on the Camer Couture fashion showcase and join them on facebook
Their website is :
Don't forget to keep checking the DC blog because we have lots planned for you for the the next coming weeks ;-))
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Monday, August 24, 2009


It is that time of the year again when the Sasse Old Boys' Association put on their annual convention here in the UK.

This time, all roads will lead to the Darlaston All Active Club, Willenhall Road, Walsall WS10 8JG on the 12th of September 2009 from 11.30am.

The activities planned will range from a general meeting to a sports and barbecue event followed by the gala in the evening from 8.30pm. Dress code, FORMAL please!

Entertainment on the night will be provided by Ms Debs aka Missfollowme (check her myspace, what a talent!) and her 4 piece band plus you will be musically serenaded by DJ Lewat allowing you to bust your moves on the dance floor!

Grab your £10 tickets (plus a £1.50 booking fee) or pay £20 at the door and get your groove on!
A list of ticket agents is available online at
It's gon' be a party y'all!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Elegant, no?
What do you think?
Pictures - Yenci Kiss
Model - Anna @ IMM
Make-up - Beatrice Stich
From Louise Assomo
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Friday, August 21, 2009


The DC Bring back Makossa campaign has taken you on a musical journey through the years. I hope thus far we have managed to evoke one or two buried memories!

We have one more week before this campaign comes to an end but until then, this week focuses on the early 90's and here below are some artists and videos which reigned during this period.

This is it for this week, watch out for our finale next week!
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Carnival Spirit! The prelude is brought to you by the ever creative and forward thinking Ms Shiri Achu.

A FREE 2 day event which aims to portray a collaborative cultural melange of works ranging from Art (Paintings) by Shiri Achu to fashion items & accessories provided by N'damus bags and MissPoutyPout to a variety of textile items and Art by Flairdesignrhyme, is planned for you.

So come down to Acquire Arts, 155 Battersea Park Road, London SW8 4BU on the 24th and 25th of August 2009 from 6.30pm to 1am both nights to experience an unexpectedly different type of affair!

Remember to put on your dancing shoes and bring a great attitude as you get ready to mingle, appreciate and buy various pieces. Music will be provided by DJ Tzu Greybeards & DJ Kenny Sykes.

See y'all there

Thursday, August 20, 2009


What: Fashion showcase featuring catwalk shows from 6 Cameroonian designers and music and dance.

Where: The Shoreditch Studios, 37 Bateman Row, London EC2A 3HH

Time: 6pm prompt

Price: £50, £40 and £30 (You choose ;-))

Contact: 07834 321 373, 07733 735 515, 07944 043 954

Support y'all
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Mora-Marketing is happy to introduce Mora Moda, a brand new modeling agency geared at providing the necessary experience to undiscovered faces.

They have experience in introducing people into photographic, catwalk and promotional modeling.

They can also provide advise with:
- How to explode your potentials to be the best.
- The best possible modeling routes to suit you.
- How to break into the industry.
- Help with building portfolios (online & Paper).

They will also organise as much work experience as possible to enable you to gaining more exposure.
Would you like to develop a career in modelling? Why not contact Mora Moda today and see what they can do to assist you.
Catch them at the Face of Mora Moda semi final competition being held at:
Central Hall, Oldham Street, Manchester M1 1JQ.
From 6pm to 4am
Standard tickets are £15 and VIP £25. More at the door!
Buy your tickets here:
Contact: 00 44 161 223 7836 / 00 44 7868 899 074 / 00 44 7957 475 459
Support y'all!
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


With films such as "Saving Sarah", "Player no 10" and "Broken Edge" under her belt, Cameroonian Syl Anim is a budding Nollywood actress based in Nigeria currently featuring in TV series such as "The Maze" and "Mum and I".

Not content with acting only, this entrepreneur in the making has also flexed her creative muscles at jewellery designing and clothes making creating a niche for herself by the materials she has chosen to use in her products.

Here below is an interview she gave DC. Happy Reading y'all!

DC: Who is Syl Anim, describe her in 4 adjectives.
SA: Ok, erm [she laughs], I am fun loving, focused, easy going and hard working.

DC: How did you get into jewellery design?
SA: Erm, I started with crotchet clothes then later on I realised that I could make jewellery with wool and that's how i started. I taught myself and perfected it.

DC: So you didn't do any jewellery design course?
SA: No, not at all, even the crochet, no one taught me.

DC: So do you only use wool in your designs?
SA: No, I use wool, I use wood, I use beads, all sorts. My signature is with the wool.

DC: Where and how do you source out your materials?
SA: I get the wool from abroad and some from Nigeria. The ones I cannot get in Nigeria I get abroad. But I get wood and beads in Nigeria. It depends on the colour and the texture.

DC: What else do you do apart from designing?
SA: I also make clothes and bags, I am currently working on my African collection using Ankara fabric. I am also an actress in Nollywood films and I did some acting in Cameroon.

DC: So what types of tv stuff did you do in Cameroon.
SA: I did TV series, soaps and films in Cameroon. I actually started with stage acting.

DC: How encouraging have your parents been in your career choices?
SA: At the beginning they were not in support especially as I had to leave for Nigeria. Later on once my movies came out, they loved it and started encouraging me.

DC: What is your academic background?
SA: I did theatre art at school.

DC How does it feel to be a Cameroonian living in Nigeria?
SA: Erm at the beginning it was a bit difficult. It took me time to get used to the food and to immense myself in their culture but now I feel like a Nigerian. Apart from the traffic and Nepa seizing lights, everything else is ok!
DC: Are they welcoming to foreigners?
SA: They were welcoming but you know everywhere is different.
DC: Where are your jewellery designs available?
SA: Erm, right now they are with me in Nigeria and some are with my mum in Cameroon. Some are on facebook too and I am currently working on a website which will be live soon.

DC: How can one buy them?
SA: You can contact me and buy from me and if you are international, you can buy and I will post via courriers.

DC: What are your passions?
SA: I love what I do and acting.

DC: And your inspiration?
SA: God, because I believe I was born with this talent. Other designers have inspired me such as Deola Sagoe, Jewel by Lisa, Tiffany Amber, Ere Hart, Modella, Frank Oshodi etc etc Nigeria as a whole has inspired because they are very fashionable and this place has really opened and improved my creativity.

DC: What is the secret to success in your opinion?
SA: You have to be passionate, have believe and be focused to work towards it. Patience also comes into it as success does not come like that.

DC: What do you think needs to be done in Cameroon to stop the drainage of talents?
SA: Create an awareness of talents, we need to have a market for these talents. The economy in Cameroon is a major drawback and this needs to be sorted to permit people to be able to spend as they like.

DC: What is the best thing about coming from Cameroon in your opinion?
SA: Erm, the fact that we are peaceful and easy going.

DC: Africa is, complete in 4 words.
SA: [She laughs]...Africa is peaceful, hopeful, my motherland and my creativity.

Syl Anim's items are all handmade. To place your order please email Syl at
Get ordering!
Thanks for checking the blog again. Watch out for our 1 year anniversary special in the coming days.
DC: Dulce Camer
SA: Syl Anim
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