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Du 1er au 7 février 2010
Le plus grand festival de mode en Afrique centrale à Douala au Cameroun.

16 créateurs de mode, 22 jeunes stylistes, des accessoiristes, des coiffeurs et des maquilleurs en provenance d'une dizaine de pays exposeront leur savoir-faire à Bonanjo, Place du Gouvernement.

Entrée gratuite pour les Shows suivants
Lundi 1er février à 18h30.. Défilé des écoles
Mardi 2 février à 19h00.. Concours des coiffeurs
Mercredi 3 février à 15h30.. Défilé des enfants
Jeudi 4 février à 19h30.. Concours des jeunes stylistes
Vendredi 5 février à 19h30.. Défilé des accessoiristes
Tous les jours...
Exposition / vente tous les jours à partir de 14h30 dans le village d'Afric-Collection, Place du Gouvernement à Bonanjo.

Samedi 6 février 2010 à 19h00 - Soirée de Gala
Défilé des créateurs et Cocktail dînatoire: 25.000 CFA
Billets en vente au stand Afric-Collection
Défilé des créateurs de mode
ANDRE (Cameroun) - B. EXOTIQ (Ghana) - JEMANN (Cameroun) - ALPHADI (Niger) - MODELA (Nigeria) - CHRYSTALIX (Cameroun) - JOSE ESSAM (RD Congo) - DIO ALI (Sénégal) - PATHE'O (Burkina Faso) - ETIENNE MARCEL (Côte d'Ivoire) - JOHN (Cameroun) - POKU ASANTE (Ghana) - GILLES TOURE (Côte d'Ivoire) - IMANE AYISSI (Cameroun) - MUSTAFA HASSANALI (Tanzanie) - TERRANGA COUTURE (Guinée)
Espace et parking sécurisé!

Dulce Camer will bring you more info of the show live from Douala!
Stay tuned
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010


LABB Magazine is a quarterly ‘coffee table’ glossy which has been created to provide a platform for upcoming talent. LABB is aimed at designers, photographers and artists from all backgrounds.

With George Tyrone Eko aka Cameroon's answer to Gok Wan as editor in chief, this glossy will feature a fabulous array of vibrant colours and fresh up-to-date fashion. It will delve deep to make the spreads come to life on the page and it will feature easy to read, minimum written editorials and outstanding fashion spreads. It is poised to become the most visually pleasing fashion bible to have ever existed!

Every issue is going to be based on a theme and as a unique way of describing the subtext of the issue, each will carry an individual issue name alongside. As a High Fashion magazine, it will break all the boundaries and challenge the norm seen in High Fashion today. It will open your eyes, free your mind and make the unthinkable become thinkable.

LABB’s unique chemistry between its tight creative team who work around the clock to deliver something extrodinary is what makes LABB different. Coming from a diverse mix of backgrounds, the LABB team have strong ethics of where they come from and where they would like to go.

Some images from the first spread below...enjoy!

Editor in Chief:
George Eko

Creative Director:
OscarAlexander Lunberg

Art Director:
Dave Piper

Features Editor:
Ozzy Shah

“Fashion, is like a science. You always want to push the limits, find something new, but it is always based on the existing. Not everyone who works in a lab wears a white jacket..." “WELCOME TO THEIR LABB!”

Issue one in all major outlets very soon! Also watch out for the launch party in London Fashion Week..the pics will follow ;-)

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Saturday, January 23, 2010


After the premier show in Miami, USA, Catwalk for Africa the yearly traveling fashion show organised by Arlette Badjeck (pictured) made a stop last December 12th in Gammarth, Tunisia.

Ayden Ramin was the master of ceremony of the night and the show featured internationally acclaimed young African designers such as Salah Barka from Tunisia, Ally Rehmtullah from Tanzania, Alain Martial Tapolo from Cameroon.

Also on the program were promising designers from the ESMOD school (Tunisia school of fashion) and an accessories brand, Tcharakoura designed by Chantal Roland from Chad.

Fashionistas and industry professionals all agreed that this was the end of the year show to attend. If you missed it, don't worry stay tuned for info about the next one!

In the meantime, some pictures for you to see...

All pictures by Frederic de la Chapelle.

Join the Catwalk for Africa Facebook page here
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Since its creation, KiRette Couture (KC) has quickly gained a reputation for its avant garde take on shows. But when it promised to make bring its native Bamenda (a town reputed for deprivation and social conservatism) alive with music and fashion, from its own, one could be forgiven for thinking this a tall order. Well KC certainly rose to the occasion with Bamenda Rocks!

Sponsored by mobile telephone giant MTN, the historic event drew hundreds to an Ayaba-Hotel-turned-artistic-marvel thanks to creative director, Alex Quest and visual artist, M- Kal.

First on the catwalk was Nollywood star and designer, Syl Anim’s original mishmash of knit wear and elegant chic.

Next up was a kilt-clad Terence Azinwi, whose Ozwald Boateng-like tailoring and eye for detail scream promise.

Geri Losh’s nature-inspired, arty pieces paved the way for the KC’s moment. And the star of the show did not disappoint; stunning models in vivid and funky permutations of the Cameroonian Western Highlands toghu traditional dress took over the catwalk, bewitching fashion fops with every stride. Who could forget the new face of KC, David Nso’ pulse racing struts and chiselled bod!

Bring sonic sweetness to the scene were newcomer G Baye and reggae star, Divine Mokoro. True to their nature, soul men Wax and Sidney raised the roof.
“But it wasn’t all about a good time,” says KiRette Couture CEO, Kibonen Nfi.
“We wanted to give back to our community and inspire the youth to believe in themselves,” she added.

Proceeds from the Bamenda Rocks! were donated to the Our Lady of Fatima Handicap Centre, Bambili. KC also used the opportunity to promote HIV/AIDS awareness.

And what did the cocktail-sipping, smartly dressed guests think as they mingled at the after party? “Best,” “classy” and “wonderful,” are among numerous acclamations that escaped many a lip.

Thanks to Kelen Ndzelen for her contribution to this report.

Check out some long awaited pics of the night...

The reception

The people

KiRette Couture

Syl Anim

Terence Azinwi

Geri Losh

And that my friends, is it!!
Watch out for Bamenda Rocks! 2010 this December.

Stay tuned for more pictures of another catwalk show!
We bring you all the gist!

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Friday, January 22, 2010


We have all seen the devastation caused by the earthquake that hit Haiti, a poor nation in the island of Hispaniola.

Countries around the world have pitched in to send rescue teams to Haiti following the catastrophic earthquake, which flattened buildings and killed tens of thousands, leaving countless others homeless.

Some Cameroonians around the world have taken it upon themselves to put their effort too for Haiti. A Cameroonian UN representative by the name of Laura Fultang is actually at the fore front assisting with the relief efforts going on.

Amabel Niba, editor of African Vibes Magazine set up the 1000 Africans for Haiti cause with all proceeds going to the Red Cross. To join, please go here Join, contribute and make a difference. YES WE CAN!

Denzyl, the most talked about afrobeat newcomer is joining his efforts too. He will be donating all proceeds from the single "So Long - a tribute to Haiti" from his debut album entitled "So Long" to the cause. Sneek peek of the album right here.

In France, a collection of artists joined forces to create a heartfelt track/video "Un geste pour Haiti". This collection also featured Camer artists such as Manu Dibango, Les Nubians etc
Watch the video right here

Do what you can, contribute and together let's put our efforts for Haiti.
Picture courtesy of the guardian online.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Click below to listen to exclusive new tracks and interview with Lopa Kothari, recorded live at BBC Maida Vale studios and broadcast on BBC Radio 3’s brilliant “World on 3” last Friday 15th.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Hey peeps, hope you are all still very excited by the attitude and fighter's spirit the lions showed today during their match against Zambia. Alot needs to be changed going forward but they showed us that they are still capable of winning this tournament...We can only say Allez Les Lions!!

Moving on, here's a little track by a promising young artist by the name of Kelly B. What way to start a new week than to do it in music!
Without further ado, here goes...enjoy!

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Watch out for the new album entitled Adrenaline by Xavier Lagaf, a Paris based artist tutored by the maestro himself, Petit Pays.

His album will be hitting the stores in the beginning of February in France and on the 10th of February in Cameroon.

He will be doing a nationwide promo tour in Cameroon so catch him if you can!

DC as usual will be catching up with him for a chat as well as bring you the tour dates.

Watch this space!
Want a taste of his music? Here's a sneak peek!

Something for your weekend!
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Monday, January 11, 2010


So here we are, a new month in a new year in the start of a new decade!

2010 seems to be a year of new beginnings, new achievements and new ventures. Whatever 2010 represents to you don't hesitate to make a start in following your dreams. You owe yourself that much, get up and do something!

With the controversies of the Dulce Camer 50 list behind us we move onto a new talent feature here on DC.

Alvine, a wardrobe specialist based in the Texas area speaks to us about fashion, image consultancy and her fashion range.

I love fashion, do you?
Follow her story right here.
Happy reading y'all!

DC: Hello Alvine, many thanks for talking to DC. How are you?
AA: I am doing well, thank you.

DC: If you were a colour, which would you be and why?
AA: Erm, I would be red because it is a very passionate colour and I am very passionate in all I do.

DC: The year is 2010. How do you forsee this year being to you and all your ventures?
AA: This year is what I call my setup year. So, I forsee myself continuing to be aggressive in seeking out new opportunities and expanding on existing ones to better establish my business. I know for a fact that this is a blessed year from God. That is what I claim and I am sticking to that- no matter what.

DC: Any new year's resolutions and do you keep them?
AA: I typically don't keep to them because they are forgotten around February/March. So, this year I decided to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) my resolution (US expression!). My resolution is form & focus. Basically, that means to maintain my form and keep my focus on my goals. Simple enough and I use it all the time- at the gym, with my work, and even driving.

DC: Let’s dive into some current issues first. Do you think the recession has played a part in bringing out the creativity in a lot of people?
AA: Actually I do. The recession has made people to go back to the basics and become more open minded to new things. It has also made people open up and be more creative.

DC: What is your opinion on president Obama being the first black president in the White House?
AA: I think it is a great thing because I appreciate what he stood for. I don’t see him as the first black president...I see him more as an international president because of his background. I think it is a great thing...the American mentality is taking a fresh step forwards.

DC: Why do you think he was elected in your opinion?
AA: I think his energy was just so positive in a time that America needed it. He did a great job tapping into what Americans needed.

DC: Do you think because he was elected, most of us have adopted the “yes we can” attitude from his campaign?
AA: I feel like Obama raised the bar for everybody and the story he had everyone can relate to.

DC: Ok, now back to fashion...tell us where this love of fashion came from? Your earliest memories!
AA: This love has always been there and it has been growing stronger and stronger by the minute!
From first grade, I remember not letting my mom dress me or do my hair. I wanted to do it all by myself. I also taught myself from an early age how to sew. I was always very keen on fashion from what they were wearing to how the clothes were sewn.

DC: You got a taste of corporate America and then decided to follow your passion, how did you ever make up your mind?
AA: Well you know (she laughs) was not something I really had to think about. This was my passion and I knew I had to go for it because I knew it made me happy. I just new and I trusted God.

DC: Where you not scared of the risk?
AA: No, I didn;t wake up one day to do this and I liked having the fear because it made me work hard.

DC: What did your parents say when you told them of your decision?
AA: (she laughs)...well you know how typical Cameroonian parents can be so I explained to them what my plans were and it definitely helped that they saw the drive in me. They want me to be stable and be happy. It is still a work in progress (she laughs)!

DC: So tell us exactly what you do.
AA: Basically, I am a wardrobe specialist. I not only deal with the high flyers, I also deal with everyday people. I do wardrobe consultation...tell them what to do to upgrade their style, what to donate etc. With the consultation, I try to enhance the person they already are by talking to them and understanding their style.
I also do personal shopping where I take people out to different shops and this is great because they can see how to shop and what to buy. It can take a few hours or it can be for a whole day. I also do business style workshop and this could be directed at corporate businesses.

DC: Was it then easy financially to set up your image consultancy business?
AA: Erm, it was easy financially because I had planned and saved for it. If I hadn’t done that, it would have been very challenging.

DC: How did you get clients?
AA: I started out with friends and family and word of mouth and I also advertised at my friend’s boutique. I also appeared on an early morning talk show and this helped me. When I am out and about, I make sure I am very put together and I always attempt to wear an item of clothing that will attract people to me so that they can come and talk to me.

DC: So, which well known celebrities would you love to style and why?
AA: Wow...okay! Rhianna, because she seems very open to style and what she goes for. I would also love to style Robert Pattison of Twilight and I feel like there is a lot you can do with him because he seems very versatile. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, they are adventurous too. I would also add Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama as well as Kanye West!!

DC: What is your must have item (s) of the season and why?
AA: Uhhh, anything gold. Gold accents on various items...on dresses...the bold shoulder dresses and jackets. I must warn that this is not for everybody though. To me this look is so strong and empowering and if you are shy or want to be someone else..this is the look to go for.

DC: Tell us about your fashion range...what is the concept?
AA: Erm, my first line was created in Cameroon and it was not planned but I found being in Cameroon at that very inspiring. It was a line where the average woman could wear and I was trying to push the idea of having American designs with African prints. It was an everyday line.

DC: How did you come up with the designs?
AA: I was in Cameroon for over a month so I had a lot of time. Whilst there I had some of my magazines and I took inspiration from there as well as from the vibrancy of the city I was staying in. The main idea was comfortability.

DC: Where are your garments made?
AA: They were designed and made in Cameroon.

DC: Where do you source fabrics?
AA: My goal is to do everything in Cameroon, from purchasing of fabrics to the sewing of the clothes.

DC: Where do you get your inspiration from?
AA: In life, I get my inspiration from my family. My brother and sister are both very dedicated and hardworking. In terms of fashion, it is from everything. I literally see everything in fashion and people always laugh when I say this!!

DC: Which fashion designers do you look up to?
AA: Erm, I really enjoy 3.1 Phillip Lim (an Asian American designer). I love his collection, it was breathtaking. Ozwald Boateng, I love the fitting of his suit and they way they look. Lanvin, I love the way he plays with volume especially in the spring/summer 2009 collection.

DC: If you were to be stranded on a desert island and you were allowed one fashion item, what would it be and why?
AA: My oversize hand bag (she laughs). Because I can stuff things into it!

DC: What is the key to success in your view?
AA: In my opinion, 3 things – believing in yourself, in what you know and never quit. If something does not work out the first time, reinvent yourself and start again. The third is giving glory to God for all successes and failures because it is all in His plan. To me, these 3 things are vital.

DC: And the key to making it in the fashion industry?
AA: The exact same things above! The fashion industry constantly changes so you have to always reinvent yourself.

DC: Before we wrap up, how can potential clients reading this interview get in contact with you or buy your fashion range?
AA: Well, they can call me on: 001 832 723 2108 or they can email me: or they can text me or visit the website: and fill out the form on the website which gets emailed to me. I try to respond as soon as possible. They can also find me on Facebook: Alvine Ayim Catapult Couture

DC: By the way, why did you choose the name Catapult Couture?
AA: Catapult means to uplift, to upgrade so when you put that together with Couture which means one of a basically means I am uplifting the one of a kind you, which goes well with my clients.

DC: And that Alvine, is a wrap! Thanks again for the chat.
AA: Thank you!

See some Catapult images below!

Catapult Couture Designs

The Fashion Workshop

The Charity Fundraiser

The Engagement/Wedding Photo Shoot

The Fashion Photo Shoot

The Boutique Display

DC: Dulce Camer
AA: Alvine Ayim

And that my peeps is her story. If you know of anyone doing anything which needs to be heard of please contact us here on Dulce Camer and we will write about it. We are here to promote and showcase all talents from Cameroon, USE US!!

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