Monday, October 3, 2016


« The #Team237Mag is designed to celebrate and promote young Cameroonians working towards making Cameroon a better place by believing in themselves and creating jobs out of their passion. »

Introducing the #team237mag! A magazine inspired by the young generation of hard working Cameroonians who in every way are defying the odds and creating opportunities for themselves.

As Cameroonians we are faced with so many challenges that set us back as our leaders are doing very little to help the young Cameroonian with a dream. But even with all the constraints these youths are breaking grounds and flying the flag high in every field.

The mission of the magazine founders is to give young Cameroonians a magazine that is all about them, to inspire them to believe in the beauty of their dreams, to work hard and to learn from young entrepreneurs who are already established within the industries and to get them to join in the growth of the country in a fun and entertaining manner. This while also promoting and safeguarding our culture by giving the entertainment industry a push through music, movies, fashion and photography.

Can't wait to delve in DCers! The launch date is October 19th at the London Complex Bar in Buea. All info on flyer.

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