Thursday, October 31, 2013


Paris based Fashizblack is fast becoming the go to magazine for the youthful trendy urban fashionista across the world since launching in print back in January 2012. Available in French and English, with up to date editorials, consistent African fashion insights, beauty tips and cultural reviews, the magazine has everything you may need to keep your seasonal wardrobes updated.

Founded by 3 young Cameroonian entrepreneurs, this media brand is gaining more and more worldwide reputation. After throwing a chic anniversary party in Paris in association with Absolut Vodka and Vlisco among other brands, Fashizblack was featured in the October issue of Forbes Afrique as one of the most influential players in African fashion.

Co-founders Laura Eboa Songue (Managing Director), Paola Audrey Ndengue (Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director) and Patrick Privat (IT Director) keep raising the bar and showing us why we should keep our eyes peeled on this magazine with a front cover feature of  Grammy award winning international superstar Kelly Rowland on the November/December 2013 issue.

It was an exciting project for the Fashizblack girls and they had this to say "She's always game when it comes to fashion and that's why we loved working with her so much" said Laura who supervised the production of the story. Paola Audrey added "Her honesty and amazing personality while answering our questions was a MUST"

The issue will be out in stores in France on November 8th and will be available internationally at their stockists 2 weeks later.

While waiting to pick up your copy, check out the behind the scenes of the shoot below...

Check out  the front cover image below as well as tweets and Facebook update screenshots from Ms Kelly herself!! How cool :)

To find a stockist, go here

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That's it from us. We are extremely proud of these girls and can't wait to grab our copy!
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Saturday, October 26, 2013


Hello DC peeps, so today we have a few new happenings in music to report to you. Everyday, there is always a new discovery made!

We kick off with this inspiring christian track and video by a new young artist called Crispy. The track is entitled "Haterproof" and also features another upcoming RnB artist called Edi MJR. The video was shot by Dr Nkeng Stephens. Check it below.

This young female artist is a new discovery to us and we must say that we are very much taken by her! She seems so energetic, lively, fun and so into her music. Her sound is good and we also love the simplicity of the video which makes you focus on her more. Naughty, but certainly nice!! Again shot by Dr Nkeng Stephens. Her name is Zamenkie, the track "I Dey" Check it below

Last but certainly not least, Makossa Afropop artist Denzyl is releasing his much awaited follow up single to Monika entitled "NangaBoko" on November 1st so stay tuned! We have heard the track and it is DOPE!! The track is a witty melange of Makossa and upbeat afro pop with an excellent production by Mr Melody aka Mr Elad. Watch out for the latter, he is an amazing artist and producer - a rare gem in our industry.

That's it for today. Hope you enjoyed the music!
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Sunday, October 20, 2013


New Bell Music's first lady and the current reigning queen of Cameroon urban music; Reniss recently released the brand spanking video to "C'est La Vie" a catchy yet uplifting christian inspired song with a repetitive chorus in French giving this track a Cameroon in miniature feeling with its multi lingual influences.

The video itself shot in Yaounde by renowned director Ndukong Bertrand aka February 16th Pictures
places much emphasis on showcasing to the public her dancing skills.

The video also features young Camer celebs such as Celine Victoria Fotso of Je Wanda Magazine and Tito Valery; radio and tv host and founder of IDEA Ltd.

Watch the video below

The track was written by Reniss and Le Monstre and produced by Le Monstre.
Reniss recently released a 6 track EP entitled Afrikan Luv. Download it by visiting:

Follow Reniss on Twitter: @Reniss88

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Hello DC readers, hope the weekend is taking shape wherever you are reading from in the world.

So today, we have a quick post to bring to your attention for those who missed it and for those who would like to watch it again...the buzzing Camer hip hopper and Mr Hein Pere - Stanley Enow hung out last night with a couple of bloggers, media peeps and fans on Google Plus in association with the online site and Cyberlink.

At the Cyberlink office

The hangout sessions entitled Rock Dat Web is a kick off series of hangouts with rising Camer urban artists - whereby the fans can get to know the artists a bit more in an informal friendly setting.

The moderator for the night Daniele Nono

#StayHigh was the hashtag for the night and although this was later brought up as having a negative drug related connotation, Stanley made it clear that his Stay High and On Est High Pere tag lines are there to encourage the youths like himself to RISE UP, believe, hope and be positive in whatever they were doing. He also advised his fans to stay away from drugs.

Let's not talk much, watch it below

Follow Stanley on Twitter: @StanleyEnow
Like his Page on Facebook here
Follow his PR: @ModeMaisonPR

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Kumba raised, New York based model Naoumie Ekiko is a name we recommend you keep your eyes on in the fabtastic world of modelling.

With her chocolate brown skin and a face that can pull off so many diverse looks and styles, it is no wonder that this hard working model who is seen jetting around the world for her modelling jobs has finally bagged herself a high profile brand in the form of Cover Girl makeup. Yes you heard it right!!

Cover Girl makeup is an American cosmetics brand founded in Maryland and acquired by giants Proctor & Gamble in 1989. The brand has built its popularity and "cover girl" status by using high profile models seen on front covers of magazines to wear their products.

Naoumie joins Rihanna, Janelle Monae, Pink, Queen Latifah, Sofia Vergara, Tyra Banks and a list of others who have been associated with this reputable brand.

Check out her ad campaign below

 Her other modelling ad shots from various jobs below...

How amazing is she?! Our very own Supermodel!!!
Go Naoumie go!!!
All images from her account.
Check her webiste here:

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Sunday, October 13, 2013


Mister Daddy Black as he often refers to himself is certainly no small boy for he has been around the Camer music scene for some years now. We first heard his unforgettable strong vocals back in 2010 at the Scratch Recordz Studios in Bastos, Yaounde where he serenaded our ears and won us over with the few tracks he was recording.

Fast forward a few years later and Daddy Black is ready to unleash his baby in the form of his songs to the wider public.

A few weeks ago "Mami Nyanga"; a Makossa RnB fusion track about the admiration of how an urban girl communicates with her body on the dance floor, was officially released as his first single.

Last week, he further released "Ah No Be Small Boy". A well worked, lyrical content filled with creative engineered instruments that make this RnB song subtly tinged with reggae and afro beats a definite contender for one of the best tracks of 2013.

The message passed in "Ah No Be Small Boy" is nothing far from real for it paints the picture of love and materialism very vividly that you do not need to listen between the lines to understand that some women are only there when the going is good!

With such great tracks and very creative retro posters in association with February 16th Pictures, Mister Daddy Black has one thing on his mind - to set himself apart from the rest and to let his music do the talking for him. Without further ado, listen to the tracks below. We hope you enjoy them like we did!

We can't wait for his videos!

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Thursday, October 10, 2013


"Whatever you can do, that you should do" and this our own small quote is so true for this great Samaritan in Cameroon. His name is Georges Bwelle.

Dr. Georges Bwelle and his team of volunteers have performed 700 free surgeries in the past year. Image from CNN
Georges Bwelle went into the medical field not to make lots of money and live a comfortable life, he did not go into the medical field to gain a reputation for himself, rather he went into the field because he saw his own father suffer and subsequently die for lack of trained medical doctors offering appropriate surgery procedures. That was his simple motivation and today, well today, he is providing an amazing service!

Today, Georges Bwelle is making news and could become a CNN Hero if we vote for him. He became a doctor himself, working as a vascular surgeon in Yaounde's Central Hospital. And he started a nonprofit organisation, ASCOVIME that travels into rural areas on weekends to provide free medical care. Since 2008, him and his group of volunteers have helped nearly 32,000 people.

Image from CNN
Please lets all join hands and make Georges a worthy hero. You can vote as many times as you can. Please, please, please spread the word and lets get voting. He so deserves it!

Read and vote for him here

His organisation website:

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Monday, October 7, 2013


A few days ago, we posted about the Muntu Valdo mini concert held in London in association with the London African Music Festival. If you missed it, go here.

Today we want to take you back to the event, get yourself a comfortable seat, kick off your shoes, relax your feet and we hope you have a nice cuppa tea or drink of your choice...


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Sunday, October 6, 2013


A very creative video...check! Undisputed amount of talent...check! Unforgettable entrance...check! Well this is just Gasha, the very soulful vocal jazz/blues/folk artist who recently released her official debut song and video "Kaki Mbere" a few days ago.

When a girl sees the man that she wants, how far will she go to get his attention? This Yaounde based artist, tells you what she will do in her rustic non conventional video shot by Steven's...You know how us girls are eh ;-)

Check it below!

What is your verdict? Positive we hear?! Lol! Back in 2012, we recommended her as a talent to put on your watch list. Read the post here.

That concludes our post today. We have more new 237 music coming your way soon!
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