Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Imane Ayissi is no doubt Cameroon's biggest and most valuable fashion export. Arriving in Paris in the 90's and starting out as a dancer and a model, this lover of fabrics has slowly tailored himself a strong reputation as a reputable fashion designer not to be reckoned with amongst the black crowd and the fashion circles in Europe and beyond.

He recently unveiled his new collection full of elegant and glamourous slinky red carpet and haute couture pieces. He recreated a befitting setting to showcase his beautiful timeless pieces.

Here are some of the pictures from the event below.

Catch an interview that Imane gave to DC by clicking here.
Also watch a clip from the above show here.

Pictures by Marc Richez
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hello blog land, hope you are all doing great!
So summer is here, the colours are vibrant, deep and in full bloom!
We caught up with Anrette Ngafor, one half of KiRette* to find out about their new collection entitled Bloom!

DC: Where did the inspiration for the new collection come from?
Anrette: The inspiration for the collection comes from flowers as I wanted to capture the freshness of plants in this collection.

DC: So what should the KiRette customer expect from this collection and how would they feel wearing the pieces?
Anrette: KiRette customers should expert wearing a creation that is unique, blooming and soft to the body with the choice of fabric we have used.

DC: What is you are Kibs' favourite of the collection?
Anrette: Seriously, I think as we carry on designing every collection seems to get better and we keep picking favourite pieces from each collection.

DC: What has been your best seller piece from it so far?
Anrette: The best seller for this collection as been the pink floral print dress which has been bought and worn by a couple of celebs must women like the way it makes them look sexy without revealing too much.

DC: What is the price range for this collection?
Anrette: The price range on the Bloom collection starts from £25 to over £250 pounds.

DC: KiRette at the moment targets the high income earners but would you be coming up with a range that would suit the low to medium income earners?
Anrette: KiRette definitely targets the high income earners because our products are mostly handcrafted, unique and we only use high quality fabrics but on the other hand we have began producing items with our African prints which are a lower price range and aimed at the customers who want an affordable piece of KiRette in their closets.

DC: What next for KiRette this year?
Anrette: We have alot up our sleeves for the year. We are still working on pushing our sales for the new collection and we have just recently gotten a new stockist in the USA. So customers in the USA and Canada contact Brigitte Tapp on Facebook or on her cell on 202-253-2385 or by e-mail: Our customer can always check our FB page as our website will be coming life and active shortly.

Some of the pictures from the collection as below, enjoy!

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*Please note that KiRette Couture is now known as KiRette.

Stay fab people!