Monday, March 25, 2013


"Kumba Market"; the highly anticipated follow up single by the hottest HipHop/Afropop artist in Cameroon is OUT!! Think Drake mixed with John Legend and sprinkle that with the Cameroon twang and got it, swaggallicious Magasco aka Bamenda Boi!! The guy's talent is right there for all to see, amazing voice and dope rapping skills to match. What a killer combination!

The track is an infectious blend of the everyday boy girl relationship, beautifully put together by Magasco's bossom buddy, music producer of Scratch Records - Dijay Pazzo.It is so true that when an artist has a major connection with his producer, their music creation is explosive!!

Check out the track below which also pays hommage to one of the busiest markets in one of the most popular towns in Cameroon and let's just say it is a must download for your ipods and MP3s!! You've been warned!

Download here

The MuMaK family is alive and kicking!! Watch out for these guys mehn because they are big players in the Camer Music scene. Kudos to their CEO and manager Jules Nya.

If you missed the #5LiveWithMagasco interactive Q & A sessions held last weekend on Facebook, you can catch the questions and answers on the MuMaK Page here.

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Friday, March 15, 2013


Seriously the BTR clan, they shut down the town everywhere they go cos they run the town and man they don't clown! Qui veut dire autrement?!

If you don't yet know about the upcoming Buea based label BlackTriangle aka BTR then you better get to know. Led under the guidance of brand guru William Takor (featured on our Top 50 2013 list), young talents such as Arre, Ace, Ojonery are turning upside down the status quo in the Cameroon music scene. They are clearly making an entrance through the way they have decided to present their brand image and it is certainly getting them noticed especially by us. We are definitely their number one fan!!

So today, their first track on their BlackFriday releases was finally released to the public and again Twitter and Facebook was washed up with Dipokolo hashtags and images. The song produced by another artist Deecy featuring BTR's Arre and Ace is an infectious, fun, youthful party banger which we predict to be on the DJs' playlist in clubs as well as at house parties across Cameroon and beyond and guess what? They've just added a word to the Camer slang book....everybody, c'mon let's Dipokolo eh oh!!! We have had it on replay since we were sent the track.

We don't want to hold you up any longer so without further ado....check out some promo images below and listen to the track. Enjoy!

Ace & Arre

Arre & Ace

We love this cheeky number!

You talkin' to us? We BTR baabyy!

Ace, Arre & Deecy
Listen to song here:

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Have a funtastic weekend and in fact...dipokolo eh oh!!
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Afropop maestro Denzyl has dropped a teaser of his upcoming single Monika, a song which fuses the old school style Makossa with a new school touch to give the track a modern and edgy sound.

The teaser has been making rounds online today since its release and you too can get to listen by clicking on the links below. Enjoy!!

Listen here:

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The MuMaK boys are at it again and this time their lead artist, HipHop/Afropop ladies' man Magasco aka Bamenda Boi is BACK again with a stunning single entitled "Kumba Market".

The single and the video have been scheduled for release by MuMaK in a matter of weeks but before that, the label has just revealed what the single cover art will look like.

The pic below, shot in the heart of Kumba Market one of the busiest local markets in Cameroon gives us a gateway into what the song is all about. DC has had the pleasure of sampling the track and we cannot wait for it to be released to the public!

Magasco, a major celebrity in his North West region is undoubtedly a promising charismatic artist who is a leader in the Cameroon urban music scene.

The upcoming single is a follow up to his number one track "Lineloba" released last year. If you have not yet seen the video, sample it below.

We want more of him...
Stay tuned!

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Saturday, March 9, 2013


Soul sista, Debra Debs is heading over to Cameroon this coming week to show them what she's made off.

Her Camer showcase kicks off with a couple of TV interviews on CRTV on Monday 11th (Monday Show), Thursday 14th (Hello) and Friday 15th (Vendredi Show). Don't forget to tune in!

If you are free on Saturday 16th, run down to La Taniere in Bastos, Yaounde and catch her performance. You sure won't regret it because our sister has got a voiceeeee!! Tell your friends to tell their friends. There'll be no excuses for missing her show for it is also absolutely FREE! So there!

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Hello DC readers, a happy international womens day to all our female readers. It's great to be celebrated!!

So here we are, we are not yet done with the videos we made of some of our talents on the Dulce Camer talents to watch in 2013 and therefore today we have a talent we want to celebrate...

Ihuoma Mambo Atanga is an up and coming filmmaker based in NY who is very much involved in forwarding the African message to the rest of the world.

She's behind True Story Nollywood, a documentary which recently premiered at New York's Anthology Film Archives examined the educated opnions, gossip, lies and truths behind the evolution and authenticity of Nollywood stories from the perspective of industry connoisseurs.

Check out what she has to say below...

Dulce Camer : Holiday Wishes and New Beginnings. from TSN on Vimeo.

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Monday, March 4, 2013


Camer's king of afropop Denzyl is dropping his new single entitled Monika on the 15th of March. The new track is said to be a fusion of the old skool with the new - call it Makossa remixed for the 21st century audience!!
We can't wait...

Stay tuned for more...
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Friday, March 1, 2013


Helloooooooo Dulce Camer readers! Happy new month, we want to wish you all the very best and for all those who have something in mind to do, take this new day as a chance to move it and move up. Get your dreams moving and don't forget to keep dreaming!!

Last month was Valentine's day, we hope that love rained in every heart of all our readers. We also want to use this opportunity to bring you this new single from R'n'B and Soul singer and our Camer sister Vanessa Payge currently based in Paris & USA. Her Valentine's day single we so cannot get out of our heads and it sure fills us up with continuous love as we play and replay! Caution: listen with moderation for it is addictive!!! You have been warned!

This one is for the guys but girls, let's watch which sure ticks our guy's fancy...Femme - Enfant or Infirmiere?! Watch the video below...

Love it like we do? Get your copy here 
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That's it folks! Support, support!!
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