Friday, December 11, 2009


On this eleventh day to Christmas, DC brings to you...

Name: Grace Forlu

Age: 21

Location: Maryland, USA

Label: Indie

Contact: or on Facebook: Grace Forlu

DC: Hello Grace, kindly tell us what your music is all about.
Grace: I am mostly into gospel, reggae and worship songs. I sing about God, about life and songs that encourage and motivate people to get closer to God.

DC: Who are your musical influences?
Grace: My musical influences will be Cece Winans and vocally it will have to be Whitney Houston.

DC: If you were to choose a well known song to cover, which would you choose and why?
Grace: Erm, I would choose “Mercy said no” by Cece Winans. I would choose that song because I have been in a position where I did not deserve God’s mercy and that song has helped me to be more thankful for the mercies that God has shown me.

DC: What qualities do you need to succeed in the music industry in your opinion?
Grace: In the Christian music industry you need good vocals. You need to be able to carry your audience and minister to them. You need to understand that it is not just a competition but you need to remember that you are doing God’s work.

DC: Apart from singing, what else do you do?
Grace: I co own a healthcare business agency with my mum and I am also a student studying business administration.

DC: Which artists would you love to work with?
Grace: Erm, I have had the privilege to work with Cece Winans! But I would also love to work with Yolanda Adams, Donald Lawrence etc.

DC: What do you hope for in 2010?
Grace: I hope for greater things, more ministration. I have been booked for next year already so I will be touring the US and maybe London. I hope to release a second album and I hope to be able to meet the people I have always wanted to meet.

DC: And how do you intend on spending Christmas?
Grace: I am going to be spending it with my family and friends, staying indoors and sharing gifts and partying!!
Below is a cover track originally sung by Mary Mary

DC hopes to bring you details of her second album next year.
So stay tuned and come back tomorrow!
Stay sweet


Anonymous said...

Got to love Grace. Everytime she sings, it moves my spirit.Mara Brown-Smith.

Anonymous said...

Grace why all the ERMS? hahaha. I love you lots. thanks for referring me here. You are awesome lil sis.

Patrick Jones.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm here with Patrick and so I checked it out. Cool Grace, but you didn't mention some people i thought you would.I know you are not Stuck on Cece. lol. Great things coming your way girl. Great great things.

Big up to you for sharing the stage with Cece. Love you Gurl.

Sydney Jones.

Anonymous said...

Gracie, ingwish abish lapinso yderanog mukenlasonpwedo avimprishyu. Suley nom prondrash.

Love you lots.
Dave Kosakowski.

J.J (from Indiana) said...

Hi there. I read through this because Grace referred me and I noticed the line that said "It is not just a competition" and i thought to myself, is she really saying that doing gospel music is a competition. I called her and she says you made a mistake. She didn't say it's not just, she said it's not a competition. So, can you please edit that?

Btw, Grace you are my Queen. :-) Love you a gazillion baby girl.

Janet said...

Mom you are gifted and highly anointed by God. Keep seeking him and you'll go further than you ever expected. Love you bunches.

Kevin said...

My Love you are wonderful. Such an amazing person. If there be any other interview on here let me know. You know I got your back baby. I'll support you all the way. You answered interestingly though. lol. Love You girl.