Thursday, December 24, 2009


Another day, and DC brings you another talent!

Today the twenty-fourth day to Christmas, DC brings to you a group put together by Blick Bassy...
Name: X Maleya (Auguste, Roger & Hais), Adomine(rapper), Diane, Gaelle Wondje aka Rap-Conteurs 3

Age: Young dudes!

Location: Yaounde & Douala, Cameroon

Label: BB Prod

Contact: Blick Bassy on 00336 69 59 03 18 or

DC: So what is the concept behind Rap Conteurs?
Blick: The concept behind the Rap Conteurs group is to promote Hip Hop music in Cameroon. I put the group together by mixing known and unknown young Cameroonian musicians to give them the opportunity to promote themselves. I work with MTN who are the sponsors and for each edition we choose a theme to go with it. This theme is "On bring le monde chez vous" to coincide with the world cup.

DC: Why did you decide to choose these people for the group?
Blick: I choose them because they are the best!

DC: Who does their song writing and music production?
Blick: I am their songwriter and producer.

DC: Which artists would you love for them to collaborate with?
Blick: I would love for them to collaborate with some artists in countries close to Cameroon

DC: What do you think of the Cameroon music scene?
Blick: The Cameroonian music scene is definitely on a good path because of the new generation of musicians we have coming up so I am not really worried about it.

DC: What are the hopes for RC for 2010?
Blick: I hope for this project to be bigger than what it is today.

DC: And what are your hopes for 2010 Blick?
Blick: My hope for 2010 is to perform around the world.

DC: How would you be spending Christmas?
Blick: By just playing the guitar and writing some new songs!

We will bring you the RC3 video once it is ready nevertheless, here are the videos for RC1 & RC 2. Enjoy!

Rap-Conteurs 1

Rap-Conteurs 2

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