Thursday, December 10, 2009


Welcome to DC, today we bring to you another hot talent.

On the tenth day to Christmas, DC brings to you...

Name: Walta Blackson

Age: 36

Location: Maryland, USA

Label: signed to Blackson Records

Contact: 001 301 792 6806.

DC: Hello Walta, give us an insight into your music.
Walta: My music is more of a blend of my African roots and my Western influences such as RnB and Hip Hop. My sound is gospel because I feel God gave me the voice and the only way to thank him back is to sing his praises. I sing about love, the struggles in life, day to day living and what people go through.

DC: Who are your musical influences?
Walta: Micheal Jackson, Whitney Houston, Kirk Franklin

DC: What pushed you into music?
Walta: Oh well, I started music as a child with my dad’s encouragement. It was more a gift from birth.

DC: What else are you passionate about?
Walta: I am passionate about films, I write and I am currently doing a short film. I am passionate about Karate too where I have a black belt and I am also passionate about what I am doing in school which is International Relations. I am heading towards a PHD where I will be focusing on conflict management and resolution.

DC: What qualities are needed to succeed in the music industry in your opinion?
Walta: In my opinion it is mixed, good timing and luck put together with good writing skills and message and good production.

DC: Which artists would you love to collaborate with?
Walta: I would love to work with Jay Z, Whitney Houston, Kirk Franklin and Akon.

DC: Tell us about Blackson Records
Walta: It is an initial idea I came up with
in 2004 after my first album came out. It really started out of the frustration of releasing my album.

DC: Any other artists signed onto this label yet apart from yourself?
Walta: I have an artist called Young Ezy who does Hip Hop RnB and another Divine C who does Gospel.

DC: Are you hoping to sign more artists?
Walta: Yes I definitely hope to sign more people onto this label.

DC: How are your albums doing?
Walta: Both albums are doing very well, thank you.

DC: What do you hope for in 2010?
Walta: I want to finish my PHD and establish some kind of political route in Cameroon. I feel the political scene needs young, dynamic and professional people. With regards to my music, I will be releasing a new album as well as a new movie called “Married to an African” which I wrote and directed. It will feature Naomi Achu, Mbanga Rita, Divine C, Daisy Enoh.

DC: How do you plan on spending Christmas?
Walta: I will spend Christmas with my family here in Maryland.
So here is a little something for you...enjoy!!

Hope to see you tomorrow!
Stay sweet

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