Tuesday, November 19, 2013


It all started in church in Cameroon for Miss Bess aka Sophie Bessem Tataw when she was barely a teen. Her music is now a reflection of her rich heritage and European influences effortlessly combining French, English and Pidgin.

Miss Bess is currently working on her upcoming EP which will see the mix of afrobeats and soulful jazz. Her ability to transcend various music genres to deliver music for the soul is the direct influence of her rich cultural heritage and source of inspiration. "Last Dance" is the first single to be released off the EP with more coming soon.

Dear DC readers, let's find out a bit about Miss Bess. Read below...

DC: In 5 words describe to us who you are as a person?
-         Miss Bess: I’m a perfectionist, friendly, a go-getter, respectful and trendy

DC: Where are you based?
Miss BessI’m based in The Netherlands popularly known as Holland (Amsterdam)

DC: What type of music do you do?
Miss Bess:  I do R&B, Afro-pop, Afro-soul with a Jazzy twist to it.

DC: Your website is coming up what should we expect on it
Miss Bess: My website is where everyone and especially my fans can see what I’m all about , get an update on my career as a young and upcoming artist and how it’s going ( shows, trips, events). Moreover, for those who’ll want to book Miss Bess, can find more information on my website. 

DC: Tell us 3 fashion/beauty items you cannot live without?
Miss Bess: 3 items:  I’ll say my lipsticks, can’t live without them, especially my MAC lipsticks. My beauty products especially facial, I’m not much of a makeup person as you can see on my Instagram pictures but I like my skin & face to be healthy, and my little alien by Thierry Mugler. My perfume, a girl has to smell good all the time.  

Now listen and download "Last Dance" here:

Produced by: Jaypaulbeatz
Artwork by: Rozina Mwanahiba

For More information, contact Miss Bess on:
Website: www.missbess.nl
Instagram: www.instagram.com/realmissbess

Stay sweet

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