Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Kicking off today till November 17th in Tinapa, Calabar - in the Cross River State of Nigeria is the 3rd annual Africa International Film Festival or AFRIFF.

What is AFRIFF about?
AFRIFF is a world class showcase that presents a complete immersion into the world of film making with participation from local and international filmmakers and professionals, celebrities, actors, directors, film critics, buyers, distributors, visual artists, film students, amateurs, equipment manufacturers, and international press. 

Maintaining its inaugural theme of “Africa Unites”, the vision is to raise awareness in Africa about the vast potential the entertainment industry holds and the impact it can generate in the economy.  To establish bridges for partnership with international counterparts to ensure quality, expertise and global standards access the local industry, accelerating its sustainable development. AFRIFF also aims to re-establish Africa’s significance as the original birth home of civilisation and indeed the last frontier for unique film stories and content development.

Invited celebrity guests have included Lynn Whitfield, Tchina Arnold, Rockmond Dunbar, Malcom Jamal-Warner, Giancarlo Esposito, Eriq Ebounaey, Hakeem Kae Kazeem, Agbani Darego, and Chris Aire.

The Cameroon delegation representing at this year's showcase comprise of Film Producer Agbor Gilbert Ebot, actors and actresses - Derick Musing, Ayuk Tabi Ebai, Solange Ojong, Christa Eka, Lucie Memba, Quinta Eyong, Solange Yijika and the President of the Producers Guild; Elizabeth Agu.

Despite the tight  schedule, the delegation still found time to meet Hollywood actress Lynn Whitfield (A Thin Line Between Love And Hate) as well as renowned Nollywood actress Rita Dominic. Images as per below...

Gilbert & Rita
Ayuk, Lynn, Gilbert
Lynn & Gilbert
Lucie, Quinta, Rita, Ayuk, Solange, Solange
Ayuk, Lucie, Solange, Lynn, Quinta, Solange, Elizabeth
Christa & Lynn
Lucie & Rita
Lynn & Lucie
Rita & Solange Ojong
Rita & Solange Yijika
Solange Yijika & Lynn Whitfield
Derick & Lynn
Lynn & Solange Ojong
And there goes the Cameroon film crew!!
Find out more about the event here: www.africafilmfest.org

Watch out for upcoming Cameroonian film releases including Gilbert's FAR starring  Dakore Akande and Christa Eka's BELLE.

Other films we recommend you watch include Ninah's Dowry which has won several awards and U-Turn by Ashu Egbe.

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