Sunday, January 26, 2014


From one rapper post to another and this time we have Bamenda based Bertilla aka TILLA who today released a 5 track EP with a featuring from another proud Bamenda child; Magasco.

These 5 tracks opens us up to the world of TILLA and we get to see how multi faceted and diverse she can be. Yes, she can sing, she can also rap and yes she can be a bad ass chick too!

From the mellowed down sing along club banger "Fire Bun Dem" where she introduces to us to who she is. She is TILLA the Banso chick who chills on the VIP area and drives a brand new car and if we want to know more about her, is where you will get more of her.

On the ragga influenced "Remote Control" TILLA takes us onto the dance floor where we must all show our whining skills. On "Alhadji", we see a "runs girls" hustler attitude where she is all about the money...can she really fall for that?

If you thought TILLA couldn't be a bad ass chick then "Jungle" will prove you wrong. TILLA takes it hardcore and brings it back to the "street" with a ghetto hustler attitude in this jungle which she finds herself in.

The last track "My Kingdom" with Drake influenced Magasco; TILLA proclaims her position as the "top chef" in this Camer rap kitchen. Other rapper chicks better be aware then as it seems TILLA is not about to back down easily!

We are excited to see that the female rap scene is fast developing with artists such as TILLA, Askia and Ciana - all very talented and multi faceted. It is about to become an explosive 2014 then!!

Okay so check out the EP below...happy listening!!

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Stay sweet and have a blessed Sunday