Sunday, January 12, 2014


Hello friends and lovers of team 237, we are in insomnia land tonight as sleep has decided to go on a sudden vacay but what better way to spend it than to do a quick blog post about something new, something we believe you need to hear and see!

This something new and exciting is Daphne, a Buea based artist under No Hitz No Recordz - a label and studio also nestled in Molyko, Buea ran by Prince Enobi and his proteges of well equipped professionals.

Daphne just released a track and video for "Get There" which seems to be her first introducing her to the urban Camer scene. The track, an optimistic personal journey to get to her chosen destination with a video shot and put together by Dr Nkeng Stephens aka Flames of Any Kind Beats.

This nature inspired video also has the simplest captures of everyday life with aesthetic visuals that is very pleasing to the eyes and draws your attention to focus on the surroundings.

The video reveals another revolution on the fashion side as Daphne is seen to change outfits 4 times! We cannot stress enough how important the image side of this music business is and we are happy to see artists who are slowly making the change.

Daphne, we sincerely hope and wish that you do get there and we also expect to see and hear more from you this 2014! Big up!!

Without further ado, watch the video below...this is Daphne with the track/video for "Get There"...enjoy!!

And that's it from us! Isn't this diversity in the Camer urban scene great?! Yes it is!! 
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Stay sweet

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Anonymous said...

Always knew Daphne was a star and she just stamped her;great song,simple but precise concept and video shot.Congrats,Kamer obosso