Thursday, December 9, 2010


What is the recipe for success? Hard work, self belief and determination or pure luck?

Well Naomi Achu has all 4 and more! She is not only very hard working and believes in herself but this little shy girl I once knew is also determined to succeed in her chosen career as a music artist and she is lucky to be in a place where you are free to express yourself.

A few days ago she released “I can love you like that” the first track and video of her upcoming debut album entitled “Living Testimony" which was shot in Washington DC and Maryland last month starring a host of actors including Nana Ako Kelly. The video is a celebration of love between two people and the message she’s trying to promote is that it is okay to show affection and to love to a man - husband, especially if he is a good man.

Check out the video below

Her debut album is due out in March 2011 so watch out for it here on DC!

If you'll like to catch her on tour, Naomi plans to do alot of travelling and tours next year before and after the album release at various locations in the US and also hopes to go to Nigeria and some parts of Africa sometime after.

Video Info:
All lyrics are by Naomi Achu
Instrumental & Production: Nako 1 (Hans Linonge)
Sound Engineering : Walta Blackson of Dream Recording Studios
Video was shot by Elvis of Vis Entertainment. Photographer, videographer, cinematographer and talent scout.
Make up - Michelle A. Clark (Exousia Image)
Set Design - Eurykah Fon-Nduma & Yolanda Boma (Asheri's Events)

For tour info, please check her website

Stay sweet

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Anonymous said...

She's definitely a rising star and I want to be the first to get her album. Go Naomi.