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Saturday November 27th saw the CNPS at Buea, being brought to a standstill by the Tia-MacRen spotlight fashion show which also hosted a number of local fashion designers such as Touch of  Dilisious, LG Mbeng, Messanga Clothing, Peggyline and more. 

It all started on the 20th of March 2010 in Buea. Initiated by three friends; Tia, Macbailey and Reneta, who shared the same ideas in fashion designing they decided to share these artistic ideas with the entire world and thus the Tia-MacRen fashion label was born!

Dulce Camer caught up with the Tia-MacRen girls to find out what they are made off.
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DC: Who are the people behind the Tia-MacRen label and what are their responsibilites?
TM: The people behind the lable are:
Winnie Khamal Macbailey: Founder and CEO
Reneta Ndisang-co founder: Founder and Public relations officer and Sales agent
Enjoh Eunice: Creative assistant
Leroy Sanyi: Marketing and advertising agent
Susan Ngende: Consultant.

DC:Who is the Tia-MacRen customer?
TM: The everyday woman is our customer and we are targeting people from the ages of 20-40

DC: What do you hope to achieve with your fashion label?
TM: We are hoping that the label will gain world wide recognition and also that people will not only talk about the label but will also wear it.

DC: Is designing something you all wanted to do?
TM: Yes!
Reneta: Designing has always been something I wanted to do from when I was a young. I always loved creative things as well as playing with colours in terms of dressing up.

Winnie: Growing up, I started using sewing machines on my own to sew my clothes. I love colours and creating new designs so designing has always been something I wanted to do from when I was a kid.

DC: Did any of you learn to design? That is go to a fashion school or did you teach yourselves?
TM: Well it is inborn and we never went to school to learn to design. It is a passion from birth and we both learn from each other.

DC: Who deos the actual sewing?
TM: Winnie and I do the sewing although I (Reneta) am still learning though! I do a little of hand sewing and we also have another tailor come in when we have a lot of orders.

DC: How do you decide which style to sew on which fabric?
TM: What we do is we bring our designs together and place them alongside the fabrics. We then look at the colours and the designs of the fabric and see how the designs we have put on paper match the colours of the fabric.

DC: Where do you buy your fabric?
TM: We buy some from Buea, Cameroon and others from other parts of the world like Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria

DC: What are your dreams?
TM: TIA-MACREN is dreaming big! The sky is more than our limit, we are hoping to grace so many runways around the world and also to teach others such as the youths of Cameroon to follow in our footsteps.

The spotlight show seemed a success and we at DC were extremely proud and impressed by the detailing these fashion debutantes unveiled at their first fashion event.
Check out the pictures below.
The Venue

Tia-MacRen designs

                                            Messanga Clothing

                                            Touch of Dilisious

                                            FBI Fashion House

DC: Where can potential customers buy your designs?
TM: We do not currently have a website so all sales can be made via our facebook page Tia-MacRen or through our blog

Hope you enjoyed it!
If you missed out on their spotlight show, catch the Tia-MacRen girls at the upcoming Bamenda Rocks II on Sunday 26th December at the Ayaba Hotel pool. More details on this show here on DC.
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