Saturday, December 18, 2010


Sexy South African-based Cameroonian soul singer and producer, Nde Ndifonka aka Wax has released a new and exciting urban album entitled, ‘Reloaded’. The album subtly lashes back at his critics and also reveals the romantic side to this renowned social activist.

Originally scheduled for release in May, this fourteen track album blends R&B with elements of house and dance and has already produced three hit songs, including ‘Miss Real, Mr. Regular’, a groovy ballad that continues to grow across the country since it was first embraced by METRO FM and YFM. 

Two new tracks have also taken off on the airwaves – ‘Candy Girl’ and ‘Rainbow’ offer ‘house-heads’ something to jive to while savouring smooth, romantic lyrics effortlessly delivered by a succinct love story-teller. 

Recorded in Cape Town and Johannesburg, the album boasts an array of talented musicians and producers, including Omen, Rowick Deep, TP, Azure Green, Blackwolf (Nigeria), Kaez Ngoreta (Zimbabwe) and Eccentrix. Canada-based and Zimbabwe-born Nyasha was able to produce one track, ‘Bring back love’, thanks to electronic file-sharing technology.

However, the soul and acoustic flavour for which Wax is known is not lost in the album, and his persona perhaps comes through strongest on “Thursday” where he showcases his dexterity as a pianist, guitarist, arranger and engineer.

Besides the song ‘Keep on’ which addresses the reservations of his critics about his musical path and personal exploits, the album bears a love-bound theme, a subliminal reflection of the transition Wax has undergone over the past couple of years from a reserved playwright and social activist to a firebrand entertainer, record label owner, and growing public figure.

“I wanted to expose more of my softer side; the sweet-talking, effortlessly charming, helpless romantic – vulnerable and predating at the same time, ready to give and ready to receive – sometimes shy, but perennially addicted to love. The songs are not just about love – they are an incision into the aspirations, realities, and emotional peaks and dips of every lover.” States Wax.

Wax recently headlined South Africa’s Africa Day concert broadcasted live on SABC2 and was a winner of the Gauteng Songs Competition. In May this year, he was named by American magazine, LADYBRILLE , as Man of the Month for his use of music to spread social awareness. Last month he  also joined international NGO, Save the Children to launch a Music Therapy programme for children in South Africa, and he has this December joined forces with the United Nations to combat xenophobia through urban music. His growing appeal to new audiences has come with new challenges in meeting the demands for songs that not only have an international appeal, but also local relevance in urban South Africa.

He will be promoting the album in Cameroon this festive period as well as travelling to Ghana and Namibia next year for more promotion. For a bit of Wax experience, catch him on tour in South Africa! 

Check out the sample song for Candy Girl below.

The album is available to buy in stores countrywide in South Africa. For US and European fans, grab your copies at (mp3 and CD)

Follow Wax on Twitter: @WaxNde

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