Friday, December 9, 2011


Good morning DC peeps, it's me again with another post! This time I would need your help please. I am currently searching for interested writers/contributors for the blog.

What is Dulce Camer about?
Dulce Camer is an online portal for all things Cameroonian. Since 2008, our blog has been going strong showcasing Cameroonian talents worldwide through interview features, campaign posts (the annual Dulce Camer Top 50, being our most popular), with the aim of educating, inspiring, motivating and encouraging other Cameroonians and non Cameroonians alike to believe that nothing is impossible to achieve as long as there is a will, a hard working spirit and the determination to succeed.

We are currently looking for writers to contribute to the blog so if you:

·         Love to write
·         Are proud of your Cameroonian roots
·         Are tech literate
·         Have some spare time
·         Know about the happenings in your Cameroonian community
·         Are Anglophone or Francophone

Then Dulce Camer needs YOU!!

Email us a short reply (no more than 150 words) in French or English about why you want to write for us. Also include what you do in life and what inspires you daily.

Send email to Cynthia at:

Thank you!

Stay sweet

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