Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Soooooo DC readers and lovers, we can't tell you all how excited we are at the changes being made around the entertainment scene in Cameroon...we are too excited because we have another update for you today and we have had this song on replay abuse all day!!

Askia is a Buea based rapper/singer with a bad girl attitude signed under Sieni Brothers...she has no time to answer calls by the way but if you give her the music you can party with her...till dawn!! If you didn't know, she is Askia and she was born like this!

The video of the track with an unforgettable hook "Tat' Obaseh"; well put together by Adrenaline Studios is a party/dancey/upbeat well represented video that certainly does the track justice. From the dancing guy group, to the dancing mami at the end and even the dancing duel scenes between the guys and the girls at the end shows you why you cannot be seated down for this track...everyone has to be on their feet to dance...Askia did warn you lol!

What we also love about the video is that Askia actually changes outfits!! Now that is a change we want to see continue especially amongst the female artists. Please take your image seriously!!

Well take a look for yourself...remember you have been warned! Get up and dance!!

What do you think? Tat'!!! Tat'!!!

Stay sweet


Anonymous said...

Go girl lovely music !!

Anonymous said...

Who exactly is she? Never heard of her nor her music before now.